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Diagnosed with celiac disease in 2010; diagnosed with sleep apnea 2018 with low normal BMI; A1C: 5.4

  1. If you are waking up choking on your saliva, you might consider getting evaluated for sleep apnea (when the pandemic subsides a bit).
  2. If you are curious to know your levels, you can order the test and pay for it yourself. It should be between $75 and $99. Not cheap, but it may give you piece of mind. I would think that if you were ever deficient, your doctor would order at least an annual D level, and if she or he did, then insurance...
  3. I didn't even know they were available in the US. I wouldn't have made such a big deal asking a friend to bring me some back from England, if I did. But interesting they are gluten free in the US but not England. I wonder why that is. I also never stop wondering just what exactly wheat adds to a...
  4. Note to self: read the ingredients label on foreign sweets you used to eat as a child that someone returning from said foreign country just brought to you (and who did not read the label either to forewarn you!) before scarfing down 2/3 of the tube. Translation: Smarties are not gluten free...
  5. Thank you. Can I ask a couple of questions? What is your and her understanding of how a bad glutening triggers POTS? Second, how was the POTS diagnosed, and what special precautions, if any, does she take? Thank you.
  6. Hi, and thanks for responding! Let's just say I was born (like a baby as relative once said) in the 1960s! What you're describing in the first paragraph is orthostatic hypotension, if I'm not mistaken. I don't think it's that, and the reason I say that is I had been standing already, for a while...
  7. Hi all, Yesterday morning after eating toast, the last of my breakfast, and while standing doing this and that in the kitchen, I felt my heart strongly in my chest. My rate was increasing, so I sat down and put a pulse oximeter on my finger and my HR was 155. I had to do a couple of vagal maneuvers...
  8. A week or so ago, I called and spoke to someone who indicated that they are (still) attempting to sell, but it will probably change locations. Meantime, they are continuing to sell their equipment, which I don't totally understand if they are selling the business. Plumbago
  9. Thanks! Yes, I just saw this myself, and o sure, I'll go plunk down a check tomorrow! But actually it's been a dream of mine to open a gluten-free restaurant in DC and call it Gluten Free, so there'd be no question. It's just strange because the rest of the web site is open. If it weren't for...
  10. Hi everyone, If you live in the DC or Baltimore area, do you know the story about One Dish Cuisine? After nine years with my dx of celiac disease, I was finally preparing for a weekend trip/pilgrimage there, but saw on a sidebar twitter feed on their web site, that it's closed. Does anyone know...
  11. Stress probably still can cause ulcers, as far as I understand, but from my reading online, the discussion so far is correct. H. Pylori is responsible (probably) for the majority of ulcers. However, I would keep my "no connection" (celiac disease and HP) powder dry until I do more investigating,...
  12. Regarding the greens, I actually like them, and jam a lot in my smoothie in the morning. I almost always add ginger, which helps immensely. I have tried twice to eat organ meats, and I could not muster any enthusiasm, it felt like I was eating wrought iron. I am not precise on what I’m doing, so I...
  13. Wow: more than what she calls for?! Incredible. How do you do it? I know you said lettuce, but that can take you only so far, I would think. Do you have anything to cite regarding food and eczema? I also have eczema but thought in my case it was triggered by an environmental allergen. But your arthritis...
  14. I can imagine you may be tiring of our skepticism, but one more: are you curious what this was due to? CD3 immunostain demonstrates increased intraepithelial lymphocytes throughout most of the architecturally preserved villi.
  15. Chuck, Was that a normal endoscopy you had in 2012? From another post you made at https://www.celiac.com/forums/topic/121153-six-years-after-diagnosis-2nd-endoscopy-results/?tab=comments#comment-990090 you mentioned the results which I've copied below: Duodenal mucosa with increased...