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  1. plumbago

    Wahls Protocol anyone?

    Regarding the greens, I actually like them, and jam a lot in my smoothie in the morning. I almost always add ginger,...
  2. plumbago

    Wahls Protocol anyone?

    Wow: more than what she calls for?! Incredible. How do you do it? I know you said lettuce, but that can take you only...
  3. I can imagine you may be tiring of our skepticism, but one more: are you curious what this was due to? CD3 immunostain...
  4. Chuck, Was that a normal endoscopy you had in 2012? From another post you made at https://www.celiac.com/forums...
  5. plumbago

    Wahls Protocol anyone?

    Reason for delay in my responding is that I am just seeing this now. Terry Wahls, MD is a genius/fantastic person/insert...
  6. The liver is a blessedly regenerative organ (up to a point), but still listen to those doctors! Losing 7-10% of weight...
  7. I’m wondering if they are now wanting to work you up from a liver and pancreas angle. It struck me as a bit strange t...
  8. It must be maddening to have such vague responses. But regarding the lymphocytosis on your biopsy, according to...
  9. plumbago

    Diagnosed with sleep apnea

    I find that responders often do not listen to what is said in responses or in original posts. My magnesium levels and...
  10. For years, I've been using Kiss My Face olive oil soap (not for my face, but mostly hand washing). It is the best. It...
  11. Without a lot more information, no. Do you think it might be a hernia? What do you think it is?
  12. plumbago

    Diagnosed with sleep apnea

    Exactly. Am I not making myself clear? I mentioned the obesity in relation to the previous posters' linkages to CRP and...
  13. plumbago

    Diagnosed with sleep apnea

    The study states, "In patients with OSAS, the primary factors influencing levels of CRP were severity of OSAS and body...
  14. plumbago

    Diagnosed with sleep apnea

    Wellllll, I think I would know if my bronchioles were malfunctioning and I was clogged with mucus! There are direct...
  15. plumbago

    Diagnosed with sleep apnea

    Thanks. I did a home sleep study and was shown to have severe sleep apnea, pretty much just sleep apnea. No asthma. I...