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  1. I have not had any trouble with any of the flavors- I eat them every morning and sometimes during the day as a snack.
  2. I have to agree wtih Raven, anywhere that has a Wegmans near is celiac haven. I would not have had such an easy transition without that store.
  3. I know I didn't- in fact the only thing that I knew was when I read my results in the computer at work and I kept thinking wow- I wonder why? Nothing felt off.
  4. My AST, ALT and ALKphos were all elevated pre-celiac and my doctor told me we would watch them and once I was gluten free they should go back down, and 3 months into it they were all within the ranges. I have not had them tested in years now. My labs were not that high out of range either. 10-...
  5. I usually buy the Wegmans brand and its labeled as gluten free. I need my ice cream.....
  6. I cannot believe that someone would post that advice....absolutely irresponsible!
  7. Yes thanks Jess! I always enjoy your input
  8. Ok-I was not going to get involved in this thread but I did want to clear something up. I work at a hospital doing clinical trials, my trials involve cancer patients. Not all clinical trials have placebos. We have more studies which are all treatments involve drugs at either different dosing levels...
  9. I use it often and do not get ill from it. Could something else be bothering you?
  10. I have to agree the CC would be through the roof. I loved BK in my pre-celiac days. Honestly didnt know they did Taco's
  11. malodextrin is actually safe. I use this seasoning all the time. Enjoy!
  12. I have to add, I was never to a Fuddruckers before I moved to Harrisburg, there are none up in the area I came from. The first time I went even before gluten-free I was not impressed. There is always a long line to order, and I was not there during the typical dining hours, the prices weren't that...
  13. I did have a salad there a long time ago and had no ill effects....not many other choices as I saw and the staff was not very helpful in answering questions I had....
  14. I'm her friend cause she's cool!!!!!!!! And the wedding is coming soon- so happy for you!