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  1. I used to trust the staff at the Dallas West End location (and one of the owners was often around), ended up having some bad experiences, not to mention that they've gradually walked back their gluten-free options and disavowed assurances against cross-contamination. I wouldn't feel safe eating there anymore. While we still trusted the West End location we tried one that used to be on SMU. Well, I say "tried", but, really, we walked in, asked a couple of simple questions and--based on the answers--said "no thanks" and quickly walked out. In any case, I wouldn't trust any of their st
  2. I was so saddened to see the news (on FB, as y'all have mentioned). All things considered, I think they're the best gluten-free restaurant I've ever visited and I love the fact that the location is so close to the Baltimore airport (which happens to be a destination for Southwest). I certainly hope someone continues the business and at least attempts to maintain their standards. Preferably the new owner would be someone who knows firsthand the challenges of eating gluten free.
  3. A coworker just returned from vacationing in Hawaii and brought back a box of Mauna Loa Milk Chocolate Mountains to share. Since I miss out on most of the other treats in the office, I was eager to find out if these are gluten-free. The woman I ended up talking to at Hershey customer service walked me through the process of verifying that they are. Just wanted to pass that on, since I didn't find any clear statement online. I only know for sure that this particular Mauna Loa product--the Mauna Loa Milk Chocolate Mountains--is gluten-free. I don't know either way on the others, though I s
  4. I just want to loudly second this. I was diagnosed with celiac disease almost exactly a year ago. Frankly, since I've been gluten-free, I am not sure when I specifically get "glutened" but I can tell you for sure that the cumulative impact of gluten was devastating--extreme fatigue, brain fog, cramps--and quantifiable. I showed marked improvement within a couple of weeks and wouldn't dream of taking the chance that I'd go back to how I was feeling before changing my diet--not to mention the untold consequences that I didn't notice. One of things that troubles me most on these forums is
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