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  1. Last year, I was tentatively diagnosed with a type of dysautonomia. In a nutshell, it makes simple things complicated in that the body either over or under reacts to stimuli of all types. I'm curious as to whether this has made my reactions to tiny amounts of gluten much worse that they should...
  2. I react to anything with chicory in it. The GI reaction is similar to gluten, but I don't get the systemic reactions from chicory that I do when I have been glutened
  3. I just read a fascinating publication about the role of excess glucose and binding of the COVID-19 spike proteins to cells - it finally gave a good scientific hypothesis for why this virus is so bad in diabetics. Given the fact that celiac and diabetes are often co-morbid conditions (I have both...
  4. I had a classic gluten reaction earlier this week. The only thing new that I added to my diet was some Bob's Red Mill almond flour. Has this made anyone else sick? I am fine with almonds and almond flour/meal in other products. Still suffering from some inflammation 6 days later, so it was a...
  5. Yes, thankfully my pernicious anemia resolved as soon as I was gluten free, and I respond fine to simple sublingual b12 - something in my life that was easy!
  6. It is such a difficult risk/benefit for me to have medical procedures like an endoscopy. I have so much trouble with anesthesia of any kind.
  7. If I were guessing, I would guess that you went gluten free and your system started to heal and your immune system was recovering. Then maybe you were getting small exposures to gluten due to inexperience with the diet and you were having much stronger reactions because your immune system had started...
  8. I was diagnosed with celiac and have been gluten free since 2012. It took a year or two to figure out what that really meant. Then another couple of years to figure out no restaurants, no gluten in the house, etc, as I am extremely sensitive. Now, I only occasionally have issues if I have to travel...
  9. I know! It stinks. At least they refunded my money, and it seemed like a fun place.
  10. I never risk eating out. But I have heard great things about Twisted Root Burger being gluten free, so tonight, traveling, tired, and hungry, I decided to try it. One French fry in and not bite of burger yet, the Nima tester came back positive for gluten. I am so bummed.
  11. I eat peanut M&M's often. In the past couple of weeks, I feel like I am reacting to them with a glutening type reaction. Wonder if they had a bad batch recently...
  12. I have been mystified for about 2-3 years as to how I continue to have celiac-reactions while being fastidiously gluten free. We have a fully gluten free kitchen. The kids bring fast food into one back room of the house, eat it on paper plates, and dispose of them outside. I do not eat in restaurants...
  13. The first study linked above by knitty kitty is indeed legit! Mexican Conacyt is like our National Science Foundation - a prestigious and heavily peer-reviewed federal funding source. I react to corn and corn flour but not to tortillas and chips. I wonder if the processing (which I think includes...
  14. Ditto the ketogenic diet recommendation. My husband, who does not have celiac disease, was having odd mood swings and anxiety after his heart attack. The keto diet has made him a different person. Actually, it has returned him to his "old" self!
  15. Oh, and it's good to know that others react to glasses in restaurants, etc., and that I am not completely crazy.