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  1. I had bacteria pneumonia last month in my left lung I’m a young woman in her 20s so I need to be more careful I’m still short of breathe till this day 😱 Yeah my vitamin d levels are at 5 so I definitely need more sun, thanks for the reply
  2. I read that if you have an autoimmune disorder you’re more likely to get this. I was around a lot of people been in and out the er for the past few months my immune system is weak. Because of a vitamin deficiency. I’m really nervous about this not sure if it’s true or not, has anyone else heard this?...
  3. I noticed whenever I eat anything with soy my mouth gets really itchy. Today for example my doctor told me to take supplement for vitamin d 5000 iu (its a big amount because my vitamin d levels are at 5 I read normal levels are like 30? Anyway I took the vitamin and two hours later my face is puffy...