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  1. Here is my morning: My roommate toasts a bagel (which is now a gluten free bagel, but in a toaster that hasn't always been) , I twinge a little at the smell but am fine. Two hours later, I notice my skincrawling/arthritic sensations that I get in my arms, 30 minutes later I am annoyed that my bag is too heavy and that my cell phone is not charged- bam! trigger: I smash my bag on the ground, and begin The Weeping. Big giant weeping, like a woman who has just found out that her only son has been killed. 5 minutes later- I am complete, I clean up the mess I made, and head to work, perfectly fine. It ALWAYS happens like this: smell of bakery/toaster oven/conversing with someone eating a bagel, then 2-3 hours later I get the creepycrawlies in my arms and/or the really intense weeping fit with no reason. IF I have the chance to weep fully (it's actually helpful to have a trigger event), it clears in a few minutes and I am suddenly even free of the brain fog I hadn't even noticed before. if I don't weep fully, and IF I can hold it back (like when I have to work) I will wrestle with it uncomfortably for hours until I do. But I Don't Always smash my bag on the ground....that's why I am writing today....I've gotten mad, physically a few times, but not often- But It's happened twice in the last few weeks. I'm also travelling soon...I am going to be exposed to lots of things....I won't have the safety of roommates and co-workers who have gotten used to my "episodes". A nurse in the past suggested benadryl because of its mild muscle relaxants, and I am so grateful! It helps with the arm stuff. (I have to type and all that at work so it has made my job in less jeopardy and reduced the added stress of my hand shaking when I give someone's card back, that's already enough to make one want to cry), But it doesn't prevent the weeping.....anyone have any emergency tips? My history: Depression for a very long time, discovered going gluten free about 5 years ago, it helped pull me back from chronic depression and suicidal thoughts. Went through SIBO diet, and got even better, been strict at gluten free for last two years. Ever since the SIBO diet, my gut issues are fairly negligible ( I used to experience extreme bloating) My gluten sensitivity manifests itself through emotion and the creepy crawlies only (which includes a sensitivity to touch, I can sometimes know that I have been glutened even before the emotions set in, by observing my reactions to my partners touch). In the last year I have been noticing this smell phenomenon, that seems distinct, and because of it's intensity and brevity, really noticeable. I can't sit in coffee shops anymore, I avoid group gatherings because someone might have just eaten a bagel, I can't go into the grocery store because of the bakery, ----I will start to get emotionally jagged, arms hurting, until Bam! the weeping kicks in. I don't know if I am getting more sensitive to gluten, or if it's just more noticable because I am no longer in constant mood disfunction. Does anyone have any tips for people with largely neurological symptoms? Does anyone have any tips for what to take if I smell that smell?