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  1. First, thanks a lot Posterboy; I got a lot of ideas from what you posted (and also your detailed blog), and have tried a number of them over the past few months. Your post wasn't too long at all, and I'm truly grateful you took the time to make it. It is both very useful and comforting, as many of...
  2. I know this is terribly late and worry people won't see it, but I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for all your advice (and the answers to my questions from CyclingLady). The links to studies provided Knitty were truly enlightening for me, as other issues I've had also involve vitamin B problems...
  3. Wow, that was fast - maybe this whole forum thing actually works. Thanks everyone. Yes, I was tested on two occasions: January 2016 (ate gluten regularly for entire life preceding this) Test: Transglutaminase antibody blood test Result: borderline value (I'll try to find...
  4. Hello, and thank you for your interest. I've never seemed to really have the time for forums, but I'm giving it a try for two reasons: first, perhaps someday it will inform someone asymptomatic considering going gluten-free that, maybe, there could be risks, and second, because I have no idea what...