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  1. Hi, To make purty sure the tests are accurate you''d need to eat gluten for 12 weeks for the blood antibodies testing and 2 weeks for the endoscopy.
  2. Hi, We are not all made exactly the same. Some peoples' immune systems are not as sensitive. Some people don't even make IgA antibodies. If you follow the news on COVID-19, you know that some people get very sick and others have no symptoms. They also think that people with type O blood...
  3. If you can't complete the gluten challenge due to symptoms, that pretty much means you shouldn't eat gluten. Regardless of any test results, if your body can't handle it then you should not eat it. I don't know of any approved testing that doesn't require a gluten challenge. There is a...
  4. The doctor is right, you would need to eat gluten for 12 weeks for the blood antibody tests, or 2 weeks for the endoscopy test. The result if you test positive is they tell you to go gluten-free. if you are willing to skip that process and tell yourself to go gluten-free, then that is fine IMHO...
  5. Some grocery stores used to do that, keep gluten-free in one area. But not so much anymore. I think CL has it right, they want to encourage buying.
  6. Hi Bonbena, Since you are low on several vitamins/minerals it is probably true that you haven't been absorbing them properly, or your usual diet just sucks! Turning that situation around may take months. While your gut is damaged the absorption of nutrients is impaired. So eating quality...
  7. Another site you can check is Labdoor. They rank vitamins according to independent tests they do. https://labdoor.com/rankings/multivitamins They are not listing gluten-free vitamins, but rank them based on quality. So you'd want to get your list of gluten-free vitamins and compare it...
  8. I don't eat nightshades and did not recover the ability to eat them. I've read before that food intolerances may resolve by themselves but not always. You could try them again after 6 months abstinence. If that doesn't work maybe try after another year. We all have to test our own bodies with...
  9. Bananas, rice, are very carby foods. Dairy has lactose sugar in it and is hard to digest with damaged villi. The carby foods are converted to sugar in the gut. That can cause bacteria to thrive or higher blood glucose or both. So maybe check your blood glucose? I know my dad had muscle cramps...
  10. Hi Kate333, I wonder if you were tested for celiac 5 years back before you started on the PPI's? It's possible you had celiac disease back then I suppose. People do go undiagnosed for years after all.
  11. Hi DFL771, Here is a link to search results for insomnia on the forum. https://www.celiac.com/search/?q=insomnia&quick=1
  12. No idea myself. i have the same reaction to oats that I do to wheat, rye and barley. So i don't eat them intentionally. One issue that come up with grain crops is potential contamination from crop rotation and transport. Some companies only use grain from dedicated fields that don't rotate with...
  13. Hi Et, Yes, nerve pain/damage can be a result of celiac. There are possible nerve issues due to malabsorption of nutrients and also possible direct attack by antibodies.
  14. Choose the forum section you want to post in, pre-diagnosis, coping with dermatitis herpetiformis etc. Click Ask us a question. Post your question. New users posts are moderated for a few days.