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  1. Oh fudgesickles! Chuck that! @zigybean Celiac can be triggered at any point in life. If your immune system learns to attack the gluten in your diet and your small intestine lining, then you have celiac disease. Your immune system...
  2. Right, it's not just cancer. Your symptom free days won't last forever. The damage from celiac will add up and cause more and more symptoms. You are at an age where it is important to have good nutrition. Our bodies ability to absorb...
  3. GFinDC

    Getting a DX

    OK, well that's good Patrisha. The picture seems to show only IgA results. There is also an IgG test they can do. and another one called EMA. So it doesn't look like you had a complete celiac panel. There is a small percentage of...
  4. GFinDC

    Getting a DX

    I can't say for sure, but it seems like red ink is usually an indicator of something wrong. You were eating gluten before the testing right? If you weren't eating gluten for the 12 weeks prior to testing your blood the results are not...
  5. Hi Webl, The doc needs to take the skin biopsy from next to the DH lesion, not on it. The gastro would do an endoscopy, not a colonoscopy. If it comes to that. But if you are diagnosed with DH via skin biopsy, there is no need for...
  6. Hi BScott, There are some people who have "silent celiac" which means that don't notice any symptoms. You might be one of those people. Not having symptoms doesn't mean damage to your body isn't happening though. You still need to...
  7. Hi Squirrel, Maybe it's time to stop eating fried foods in restaraunts? Some things just aren't worth the risk. There aren't many restaraunts I will eat in. And if I do go to a restaraunt (rare) it is usually the same ones. But...
  8. Sorry, I don't have any idea. Some hospitals in the USA let you look at results online. I don't know if the NHS allows that though. I hope they told you that if the blood tests are positive that an endoscopy is the next step in diagnosis...
  9. GFinDC

    "Skeptical" doctors?

    I think you are on the right track too. Regardless of doctors opinions. you can choose to eat gluten-free if you want to. They may have lots of initials after their names and big bank accounts, but they don't control your diet. It...
  10. GFinDC

    "Skeptical" doctors?

    Hi Moleface, I think you meant to say you had an endoscopy? A colonoscopy is not used to diagnose celiac disease, but an endoscopy is. Endoscopy looks at the first 5 feet or so of the small intestine. The medical community has...
  11. GFinDC

    Traveling to Philippines & Thailand

    Hi Kyle, I found some threads on Thalland by doing a search. https://www.celiac.com/search/?q=thailand&fromCSE=1 and the Phillipines https://www.celiac.com/search/?q=phillipine&fromCSE=1
  12. Hi Sarah, Are you sure the fiber products and other vitamins etc are gluten-free? It's real easy for gluten to get in our diet at first. Everything needs to be checked. Drinks like tea, coffee, etc also. The mucus sounds like...
  13. Hi Sarahcat, I've had pain and aching in the abdomen before. Some of it sharp pain and some dull aching. But people get a wide range of symptoms with celiac disease. So it's hard to diagnose by symptoms alone.
  14. Hi Sabine, It doesn't really matter if they understand, as long as you protect yourself by not eating their food. Ask yourself how many conditions your friends have that you have really delved into and studied up on to learn all the...