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  1. Hi Kyle, I don't think you'll lose years of life by slip ups here and there. The problem with frequent slip ups is the immune system never gets a chance to completely settle down and stop making antibodies against gluten. Personally i wouldn't trust most restaurants for the first 6 months...
  2. That sounds like a cautious plan and a good approach James. Here's a link with info on Gaviscon. https://www.drugs.com/cdi/gaviscon.html Another thing i can suggest is stopping all cola type soft drinks. They can be hard on the stomach.
  3. You are welcome Tracy. You are not alone there, many people think that celiac is an allergy. Sometimes people with celiac will tell their server at a restaurant that they have a gluten allergy. That is far easier for people to understand than an auto-immune disease, especially people with no medical...
  4. Hi Tracy, Here is an article listing the tests they can do for celiac disease. The usual screening test is the ttg IgA. But there are other tests for different types of antibodies also. Some people's immune systems don't even make IgA antibodies so it is better to get all the different types...
  5. I won't be much help here regarding the recipe. But maybe if it's a cheap stove you could get an oven thermometer and verify the temperature is right.
  6. Right, the corn gluten isn't normally a problem. Gluten generically is the name for a carbohydrate/protein molecule that stores energy in seeds. But the "gluten" we talk about in celiac disease is only the kind on wheat , rye, and barley. And for some of us in oats. I agree it can be confusing...
  7. Hi yogajc, Have you tried digestive enzymes and Betaine HCL? Those may help you digest the eggs better.
  8. Hi Vapor, If you are only gluten-free for a few days then continued symptoms is normal. It can take months for symptoms to subside for some people. That doesn't mean you can't try to improve things though! Psyillium husks are a neutral fiber product that can help with bulking up stool...
  9. Hi, The gallbladder empties it's contents in response to a chemical signal generated by the villi in the small intestine. If the villi are damaged and can't produce that chemical signal the gall bladder doesn't empty normally. Can you say sludge? IMHO that chemical signal being missing...
  10. Hi Tiffany, Sometimes they find UBO's (unidentified bright objects) on the brain in ataxia patients. They can show up on an MRI. Dr. Hadjivassiliou Nuerological symptoms without gastro symptoms http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20170845 Another thing to check is vitamin/mineral...
  11. Hi Dandysam, It sounds like you are on the right track. If he is feeling better gluten-free then there is some kind of problem with gluten in his body. You should think about what you want to do as far as future testing. The usual next step after a positive antibody tests is an endoscopy...
  12. Hi Bailey, You are right, the celiac antibody test are not reliable if you are not eating gluten daily for 6 to 8 weeks before them. The endoscopy can be done after 2 weeks of eating gluten though. So maybe it makes sense to do the endoscopy? You need to eat about a slice of wheat bread or...
  13. Since the hubby is around more often I wonder if there is more kissing going on. Gluten mouth could be the culprit? There is also the possibility of additional food intolerances as Trents suggested. Glycoalkalids in potatoes increase permeability of the gut mucosa. That may lead to additional...
  14. In general I agree! I am not any kind of chemistry expert or biological expert on these things myself. I do think it's good to consider them though. Another impact on intestinal permeabillity is the chemicals we ingest in our food. The article I linked here talks about potato alkaloids...
  15. There is an edit link at the bottom of the post up to certain number of hours. I think its a 14 hours window that edits are allowed.