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  1. Delicious! Mine is Indian again. And therefore veg and gluten-free, lactose free, soy free, corn free, nut free (but...
  2. Interesting ... I could try braising a chicken breast with gingerale on one of those nights when my husband isn't around...
  3. When I went off gluten, the withdrawal was so bad that it reminded me of scenes from movies showing addicts kicking heroin...
  4. lucia

    If You Could Eat Anything...

    I have discovered so many naturally gluten-free foods that I rarely or never ate before being forced to go gluten-free...
  5. I tend to tell stories. People seem to get it that way. They can relate, I guess. I usually tell about accidentally putting...
  6. pricklypear - I think this is intensely creative. I had no idea people cooked meat with soda! It's truly American cuisine...
  7. lucia

    Had A Chef Ask Me

    How does everyone make a roux without wheat flour? I substitute rice flour for the wheat flour. It works out alright...
  8. I believe they do. After I've been glutened (or have experienced symptoms from another intolerance), I sweat gobs after...
  9. I am proud I looked up a recipe online for Singapore Carrot Cake, and it looks totally doable. I'm having quinoa...
  10. Nice ... I love when people surprise you!
  11. lucia

    South Africa?

    I went to SA last year. It was a great trip. I'm still in recovery and didn't want to stress my gut, and SA is one of...
  12. I'm glad to hear the SCD is working for you. I never bought the book, and I did fine with the SCD diet. However, I didn...
  13. I can recommend this cookbook (Incredibly Easy Gluten Free Recipes) to begin with. I felt really bad when I first started...
  14. St. Patrick's Day brunch! -twice baked potatoes with shallots & tarragon plus set egg -roasted tomatoes -mashed...
  15. lucia

    Starbucks Update

    Here's a discussion about Tazo teas at Starbucks: