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  1. I had some trouble with Vitamin Shoppe Vitmains. I can't be sure it was a gluten problem since I have other allergies/intolereneces. However, at the time I was taking them they only said wheat free, they did not say gluten free. You may...
  2. Again thank you for your help. I won't reply about this topic in this thread again since it's off topic.
  3. Thank you. Sorry to ask here, but really quickly and then I will stop. If I report a post does that report go to Admin (Scott) only or does the post go to the entire moderating team? And if the post is modified after I report it will Scott...
  4. Just to clarifiy I did not mean to imply that Steph was offended. I am not her nor do I know her personally. I meant only to say that I am hurt and offended by the insentivity of others. And that is fitting with this topic as it was asked...
  5. You said that you agreed with Gemini who said: And then goes on to describe how to eat out carefully. Sorry but his statement is NOT true for everyone. It is his experience and he is free to share that but to share that when responding...
  6. I understand that you felt she was attacking you but are you not doing the same thing to her by invalidating HER experience of not being able to safely eat out? She should be able to share that without being attacked and put down and told...
  7. The best thing is eating healthier and actually feeling better. The WORST thing is being openly MOCKED by those less sensitive.
  8. Sorry, I just answered your other thread and asked about sjogren's. Ignore my question there. Based on what you are saying about drs in your area, I think you may do better to find a speciailist to treat your sjogren's more effectively...
  9. GlutenFreeManna

    Another Thread About Refractory Sprue

    Have you looked into Sjogren's? With these symptoms persisting while gluten free I would suspect an additional auto-immune disease. ETA: Sorry I just saw your other thread that says you do have sjogren's. Ignore the above question...
  10. GlutenFreeManna

    Wheat Belly By William Davis, Md

    Okay so I read the first chapter and then decided to skip to the chapter about celiac disease. Here are a few quotes: "Wheat Belly is not a book about celiac disease. But it is impossible to talk about the effect of wheat on health...
  11. Sounds like hypoglycemia or some type or blood sugar problem to me. I have hypoglycemia and I need to eat more protein than carbs or I'll be sick (light-headed, dizzy, nasueas, headache) and sleep just like you did after drinking the OJ...
  12. GlutenFreeManna

    What Are You Canning/preserving?

    Try this website: http://www.uga.edu/nchfp/how/can2_fruit.html Also if you can pick up a Ball Canning book it's worth it to buy--it's a thin book with all the recipes you could need, saftey info and step by steps in it.
  13. GlutenFreeManna

    It's Annoying!

    Wow! That's terrible! It's one thing if the woman really were gluten free too but clearly she had no idea what that meant or she would not have said that or been so rude. On the other hand I think I would not want tons of people walking...
  14. GlutenFreeManna

    Child Back In Hospital

    Poor kid! Sounds like good news that your dr is on the right track and treating him for the TB. Don't beat yoruself up over the cc issues at school. It's awesome you were able to figure those out! It is sad about him having to sit alone...
  15. GlutenFreeManna

    Wheat Belly By William Davis, Md

    Ha! If I could read it in a week it would be a miracle. I'll let you know though...