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  1. Tonight I made rice chex encrusted chicken breasts with green beans and mashed potatoes.
  2. I love to cut an acorn squash in half, put the halves in my crock pot and fill them with different things--You can go sweet and fill with apples or applesauce with cinnimon, brown sugar, raisons or craisins and walnuts or pecans. Or fill with a savory ground meat filling--ground turkey and rice...
  3. Oops, I mis-typed that. It was actually called Middle Eastern Rice. Here's the recipe: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/middle-eastern-rice-with-black-beans-and-chickpeas/detail.aspx It was just okay. I felt like the recipe would have been better with ground beef or lamb instead of ground turkey...
  4. I love squash too! I can't get enough of it during this season.
  5. Mediterranean rice with ground turkey, chickpeas and black beans.
  6. Chicken pot pie Crust was good (Bette Hagman's recipe), filling was just okay. I was going from a recipe with dairy in it and converting it to make it dairy free/soy free as well as gluten-free. Still needs a little tweaking.
  7. I would try a few recipes in the oven first and see if you like having home baked bread. As far as the costs it seems to vary based on where you live. Some people can get the flours for less than loaves of gluten-free bread. For me it is about even (Rudi's gluten-free bread is 6.99 and box of...
  8. Well hubby gave me his cold, so we've been living mostly on chicken and rice noodle soup. Today I'm FINALLY feeling better so tonight I made a hash with turkey kielbasa, potaoes, bell pepper and onions.
  9. Oh yes, I had forgotten about you being diagnosed by an allergist Raven. Sorry about that. My allergist knew what celiac/gluten intolerance was but he was a little incredulous when I read him my list of symptoms that went away when I went gluten-free. His jaw literally dropped and he asked me...
  10. There is no such thing as a "gluten allergy". You can be allergic to an individual gluten grain such as wheat allergy, but celiac is an autoimmune disease not an allergy. That said, SOME allergist may be familiar with celiac. I'm not sure if they would be able to order the tests or not though...
  11. Hubby's coming down with a cold so I made eggdrop soup with bean thread noodles.
  12. Turkey pizza meatloaf (I had pizza on the mind but planned on meatloaf so why not make a pizza-flavored meatloaf? ), salad and maybe some green beans with almonds.
  13. It's okay girl! I'm with you on gluten being poison, but sometimes you need to learn all the details before you pounce on someone. This a friendly board--we try to give people the benefit of the doubt. Some people do come here and admit they can't stop eating gluten (or can't stop their kids from...
  14. Staceyshoe: It does sound like a very clear reaction. My reactions take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours to manifest themselves so his delayed reaction is normal as others said.