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    I am a young, otherwise healthy mother and active duty Air Force wife. I love my son and playing outside with him, as well as reading and playing sports.
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  1. I love that as well!!! It makes so much sense,,
  2. They have been great in the past but I got it for lunch today.... Es no bueno. Within 20 minutes I was sick. Anyone else had similar experiences? I'm not newly diagnosed, are my reactions supposed to be fast and furious?
  3. I keep thinking I got glutened... I have the symptoms (Nausea, cramping, etc) but I KNOW I am not cc'd or glutened. I DID just get Mirena and I was thinking maybe it was my body reacting to the progesterone and seeming to be glutened? Thoughts?? I hate feeling like this!!
  4. We have cheddar bunnies for outdoor snack, and... I think thats it.
  5. Thank you! I'll look for it today, I handed him peanut M&M's since I knew they were ok... Everything else is quarantined,.
  6. I'm not sure what is safe this year so until I find out it's up in the laundry room... My son is not amused lol. Is there a list of safe mini sized candy? I know people had previously had problems with fun sized snickers. Thanks for the help!
  7. K8ling

    I'm Back!

    hahahahaha I love it. ok well, that's good to know!
  8. K8ling

    I'm Back!

    Thanks so much guys, I missed having all of you to ask questions/share vents on sharing a kitchen (my inlaws fed my kid wheat the whole time we were there! THEN suggested I allow wheat into MY kitchen ... yeah... no.). I could see the board but only on my iphone so it was tiiiny. So SO happy to be home, and breastfeeding is going well this time. I ran out of milk by 3 weeks with Collin and had lost 24 pounds. This time I am holding steady at 180 and breastfeeding VERY well. SO glad I got diagnosed before I had another baby. So! What have I missed???
  9. K8ling

    I'm Back!

    Hey guys! I'm so sorry I have been away for a few months, the wifi at my inlaws was spotty at best. Anyway, I had the baby on 9/28/11 and brought all my own gluten-free food to the hospital- they weren't sure how to feed me so they went to PUBLIX and bought an Amys bowl! I was like "Um, I hope you didn't bill my insurance for that..." Jacob was 9 pounds, 11 oz... amazing what a healthy diet can do for you AND your kiddos! I can't wait to jump back in now that I am home. The husband is still deployed (and may be extended) soooo... I guess I'll just have to cook to keep busy haha
  10. My reactions are delayed about 3 days usually. I have to trace back what I ate to figure it out.
  11. K8ling

    For Future Referance,

    I've been gluten-free for a year and I haven't developed any other problems. Everything has gotten much better for me.
  12. Oh man a whole week??? I'm only 3 months into a 9 month deployment and I keep wishing I had a DAY... man.. what would I do with a week by myself?? *swoon*
  13. K8ling

    Hair Regimen

    I was actually diagnosed because I was losing my hair. It WAS a malabsorption thing but it cleared up a few months after I went gluten-free. Not my hair is healthy and thick (but who knows maybe it's the baby LOL)
  14. K8ling

    I Can't Stop Blathering On

    HAHAHAHA!!!!! This had me rolling around laughing! So true!