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  1. Terri I'm aware of all of this....I was wondering if this ? However was true.
  2. Thanx u I knew she seemed very whacky I trust this board with everything you made my weekend by confirming my thoughts...
  3. I have heard this from a woman on another board? And wonder how valid this statement was? Thank you!
  4. What category does he fall in? I only see his other risk alleles
  5. Hey guys just an update my sil was negative for the celiac panel:) Although they still do not know what ios causing her...
  6. I eat them all the time and have no ill effects i was told they have no gluten ingridients even tho there is not a label...
  7. Hey Guys, I thought i was going to possibly be able to possibly rid my seasonal allergys since this diet has improved...
  8. Hello i agree with Sylvia it is very hard when it comes to makeup especially MASCARA!I have found some products avon...
  9. Thank you for your input:)Beth i agree i bought pistachios from target which ingridients just said pistachios.Well that...
  10. Hello All, I am having a hard time finding nuts and seeds that are gluten free??Does anyone know any mainstream brand...
  11. Mama Melissa

    Do You Feel More Weepy When Glutened?

    yes it feels hopeless and you start to hate the diet and feel like life has you know it is over:(I joined a gym and keep...
  12. Mama Melissa

    Do You Feel More Weepy When Glutened?

    YES!!!!But with me i get veryy i mean VERY easily irritated and almost aggressive:(I will cry and wonder why im acting...
  13. yes she dosent seem to have alot of auto immune in her family just high blood pressure and i think the grandmother had...