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Diagnosed with Celiac disease - near complete villous atrophy - in June of 2010; still struggling a bit to figure out the best diet and lifestyle, as well as cognitive and mental health path. The diet is actually somewhat empowering...if only I felt better damnit!

  1. Hi Joni- Thanks for the reply; sorry for the extremely tardy response. I found an integrative medicine doctor in collingswood that I'm scheduled to see in approximately a month; currently on Armour, but likely need to increase the dosage; also have read that while meds may help manage hashimotos...
  2. Hi There- So, It's been 3-years since I was diagnosed and unfortunately, It's been all downhill since. Symptoms seem to be multiplying, not abating. Most recently, I was diagnosed with the early stages of hashimotos and prescribed a low dose of tirosint, which has made me feel very spacey, non...
  3. Great game; played tournaments, etc when I was younger, but now mostly play (and teach) for fun. And you?

  4. Hey , I see your a Tennis fan ? :D

  5. Great win for Djokovic and the gluten free diet!

  6. Thanks for your comment and best of luck to you... Hang in there and let me know how you get on.