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Diagnosed with Coeliac disease in 2003.

  1. Sorry you have these symptoms . I have been gluten free for 9 years and I have a ridiculous amount of anger and depression it really sucks.
  2. I had a Barium meal earlier this year and had terrible stomach pain after drinking the Barium . I drank lots and lots of water and ate extra fruit and vegetables and fibre and the Barium was all gone in about 5 days . I really hated the test lol . You will know when the Barium is all gone when your...
  3. Thanks for the advice Mushroom , I have been to see a dietician a few times. I had to do a food and symptoms diary , he checked the food diary for anything obvious but didn't notice anything. He said he will study the food diary properly and see if he can find anything. But in the mean time I have...
  4. Hi sweeeeet , how did you find out you had a potato intolerance ? Yeh it's hard to understand how we could have potato intolerance it sucks.
  5. Hi Lisa , How did you find out about having an intolerance to nightshades by an elimination diet or did you work it out yourself or something ? I really hope I can get to know my body properly soon lol.
  6. Thanks for the reply Sweetfudge , the test sounds like a great idea to prove it I will try it sometime. Thanks for the information on sweet potatoes that's really cool as I didn't know if they were alright lol , I ate a lot of sweet potatoes in the past there great. It's a shame about the doctor...
  7. Bennie my doctor is gastro same doctor I have been seeing since I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2003.
  8. Thanks for the advice mushroom . Cool thanks for the elimination diet advice I will look into it GFinDC. Lucia
  9. Does anyone have a Potato Intolerance ? I have been getting stomach pain for maybe the last year and a half , I stick to the gluten-free diet properly and my doctor said the problem is not connected to being gluten-free . He did some tests to see if I had accidentally eaten gluten and the tests...