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  1. tennisman

    Anxiety And Depression

    That's interesting about the intestinal parasite I have sometimes wondered if had something like that , but I haven't...
  2. tennisman

    Anxiety And Depression

    I will take a look at your thread after writing this post It's good the Wellbutrin made you feel better I never...
  3. tennisman

    Anxiety And Depression

    Sorry you had a bad experience I do have some tablets I am suppose to take but i'm frightened of the side effects ...
  4. tennisman

    Anxiety And Depression

    Hi Lady Eowyn . I will have a look for them tablets . That's good you feel better taking it Don't think I have had...
  5. tennisman

    Anxiety And Depression

    Hopefully I can get a tablet with a higher does from the doctor , my GP did mention the other day about some different...
  6. tennisman

    Anxiety And Depression

    Thanks for the advice Peeptoad , I haven't tried light therapy before thanks for the suggestion
  7. tennisman

    Anxiety And Depression

    That's good your anxiety and depression went away . I been on the gluten free diet for almost 10 years . I found slowly...
  8. tennisman

    Anxiety And Depression

    I have been gluten free since May 2003 and have always stuck with diet 150 %. I have been taking Adcal vitamin D , I...
  9. tennisman

    Anxiety And Depression

    Hi powerofpositivethinking , glad gluten free diet has helped your acid reflux , I will look into the book thanks ....
  10. I know Anxiety and Depression are quite common illnesses but I have read many article's etc about people with celiac...
  11. Wow that's crazy , I feel sorry for the kids
  12. I know it's there choice but it's disgraceful making themselves ill and risking the future for the sake of food . I agree...
  13. Tonight I feel so angry because yesterday I read on a different site a idiot who apparently has celiac disease and didn...
  14. Sorry to hear that a84c72 . It's horrible and frustrating when people think we are picky or on a fad diet . I hope things...
  15. I would not agree with that it depends how much celiac disease affects your health , some people go gluten-free and are...