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  1. That's interesting about the intestinal parasite I have sometimes wondered if had something like that , but I haven't really looked into it much , I went to the Caribbean 5 years ago and some problems started after that , it's probably not connected but I have lately thought about if I did pick something up . My doctor ruled out refractory celiac disease in 2011 , I last had a endoscopy and biopsy at the end of 2010 , my villi was okay all the test showed was mild gastritis . Also my serology levels or test have always been normally , my gastro doctor did check again recently and said the tests were fine as usual indicating good control of the disease It's odd why I don't absorb Vitamin D very well , I need to go to a sunny country for a few months ! Can you still get Vitamin D when the sun is not out on cloudy and rainy days ? Sorry to hear you have suffered from depression for a over a decade I agree it's best to find the reason , I want the problems to improve but not just by themselves just in case the problem starts up again in the future than I would know what to do to fix it . I think it could be too do with Vitamin D but I'm not 100 % sure there are also many other reasons that I think could be the cause of my depression. It's very difficult to understand all the neurotransmitters and serotonin and dopamine . I have read a little bit but don't really understand. I would like to do exercise again , but with stomach and back problems I can't really do much , and walking is difficult for me because of my anxiety problems I really don't like going out . I was thinking of getting an exercise bike as I think that might be okay for me I'm not sure really . I don't smoke but that's interesting I also heard smoking lowers your chance of getting celiac disease too late now though ! I'm not very social mainly because of my stomach hurting , but this year I have tried to go out more , but I don't really like to socialise that much Glad you haven't been as depressed lately , that's a good way to look at it That must be difficult to have expectations like that , it's difficult for anyone to make a difference to the world . I play video games I think it's ridiculous people could think that about you , a bad person would not come on Celiac message boards and give helpful advice ! But it's good you changed your mentality good luck in the future ! Thanks for the advice I will get the doctor's to do some of the tests , and try some of the other things . I have tried some things with the diet and did exclusion diets etc but nothing really helped , if anything I need to make my diet less restrictive
  2. I will take a look at your thread after writing this post It's good the Wellbutrin made you feel better I never use to be worried about the side effects , but my sister had some tablets and maybe it made her illness start up , it's difficult to prove but it makes me worry more about side effects now . My doctor once said if someone takes a tablet for stomach pains and complains of stomach pains after taking the tablet stomach pain will be listed as a side effect even though the stomach pains started before they had taken the tablets ! Just so the medicine company can cover themselves . I was prescribed some tablets for depression and anxiety last year but didn't pick them up because I read the side effects online and was put off , and I had just started to go to counselling again so was hoping that would help . Some other tablets my doctor gave me 2 different tablets one to help pain and help with sleeping problems and the other to help with pain and anxiety and depression but I didn't take either , but I have different types of treatment to try for the pain which are not tablets Than I have some other tablets for a urology problem , my doctor who prescribed them said there was a slight chance they work but I should try them , the person at the chemist said it's very rare for someone my age to be given these tablets and they will cause a bunch of problems so I would rather not risk it . I have tried many times to start taking them but just get a bad vibe whenever I go near them . But for depression I still have lots of things to try and even more now with the suggestions you and cavernio have made For anxiety I don't really as many things to try . But also I had some problems with my back and stomach Celiac related for the last 8 years ( back 8 years and stomach 5 ) maybe these problems are the real cause of both the anxiety and depression ? Thanks for the link on Vitamin K , I will have to ask my doctor next time . I don't know if I have a problem with Vitamin K but when looking there were a few problems that it can cause , which I have been having and the doctor's don't know the cause of the problem . Hopefully your Vitamin levels will have improved when you get retested That would have been a lot of Vitamin K tablets to take ! I usually try to write longer posts , this time I think my post is a bit longer Thanks Again
  3. Sorry you had a bad experience I do have some tablets I am suppose to take but i'm frightened of the side effects , but i'm also worried about what could happen if the problem gets worse as it's kinda difficult knowing what's best to do . How did you get vitamin K tested ? As I have some symptoms of vitamin K deficiency but my doctor's don't know how to test it . Hope your vitamin D levels will be improved when you retest. I will look at getting some HCL plus pepsin , my Mum got something for me recently I haven't tried it yet , it might be similar , it is something to help with digestion I think . Thanks for the link , I will try and get some . Thanks again for the advice
  4. Hi Lady Eowyn . I will have a look for them tablets . That's good you feel better taking it Don't think I have had my thyroid checked , I will ask my doctor to check . Thanks , and hopefully we will get plenty of sunshine over the next few months !
  5. Hopefully I can get a tablet with a higher does from the doctor , my GP did mention the other day about some different supplements that I might absorb better . That story is interesting , the tablets I had are from the hospital and my doctor said there the top brand . I wondered also about just vitamin D tablets as mine are calcium and vitamin D , I wonder if it makes any difference .
  6. Thanks for the advice Peeptoad , I haven't tried light therapy before thanks for the suggestion
  7. That's good your anxiety and depression went away . I been on the gluten free diet for almost 10 years . I found slowly after been diagnosed depression and anxiety got worse I remember the 1st time I really felt depressed was a year and a half after I was diagnosed but than it started getting worse slowly year by year . Than in winter of 2008 it became a lot worse . It's difficult to know what causes it I blame celiac disease or the gluten free diet and I think other illness I have and stressful events make it worse . I have found when I have been somewhere sunny for a week or so I did feel less anxious and depressed so it could just be the vitamin D deficiency causing the problems . Thanks
  8. I have been gluten free since May 2003 and have always stuck with diet 150 %. I have been taking Adcal vitamin D , I think it has 400 units of vitamin D taken twice a day . Unfortunately living in england we haven't got much sunshine lately , it rained most of last summer and now we have snow , we need some sun for a couple of months ! Thanks
  9. Hi powerofpositivethinking , glad gluten free diet has helped your acid reflux , I will look into the book thanks . That's interesting about the table , I have read similar things before . I agree it's best o get to the root of the problem and treat that . I don't usually take tablets as the side effects scare me ! It seems tablets are not good always they should make some that should overproduce it . What are HCL pespin tablets ?
  10. I know Anxiety and Depression are quite common illnesses but I have read many article's etc about people with celiac disease having double the risk of getting these conditions . Do we get a different form of Anxiety and Depression ? I know vitamin deficiency especially vitamin D can cause depression , and lots of Celiac's have vitamin D deficiency . I have had depression and anxiety since the end of 2008 , I think it's mainly due to my health problems , my sister's health problems and 1 or 2 other things . I really don't know how to fix my anxiety and depression I have been to family counselling and had counselling by myself which helps a bit . I also have taken many vitamin D supplements since 09 but my level just won't go up much . I did wonder about self help workbooks for anxiety and depression anyone tried these ? I'm just worried the anxiety and depression is caused by celiac disease or the problems I mentioned above I just don't understand how I can fix these problems as I can't change what has happened with celiac disease or the other problems that I mentioned above if they are the cause of the anxiety and depression which i'm 99 % sure they are . It's very frustrating having physical pain due to complications of celiac disease and than these anxiety and depression problems on top are very difficult to deal with too. If anyone has any on advice that would be great ? Thanks
  11. Wow that's crazy , I feel sorry for the kids
  12. I know it's there choice but it's disgraceful making themselves ill and risking the future for the sake of food . I agree I believe most Celiac's are strong because sticking to the diet can be tough at times . I shouldn't laugh but sometimes I hear people on simple diets complain about there diet is hard us Celiac's have things 10 x worse than any diet . celiac disease just annoys me lots stupid disease .
  13. Tonight I feel so angry because yesterday I read on a different site a idiot who apparently has celiac disease and didn't stick to the gluten-free diet for years . I have read so many stories of dingbats who think there so cool by not sticking to the gluten-free diet and than suddenly they want to stick to it. Makes me so angry I know it's there choice and I will admit this is really about my frustrating health problems , it annoys me so much , I have been ill for 7.5 years I stuck to my diet 1000 % since day one and have problem after problem and than I read comments about people who apparently have celiac disease don't stick to the diet and are fine health wise These people should be ill and going through bad pain and tests , not people who take the gluten-free diet seriously ! Rant over ! Anyone else get annoyed by Celiac's who think the gluten-free diet doesn't apply to them ?
  14. Sorry to hear that a84c72 . It's horrible and frustrating when people think we are picky or on a fad diet . I hope things will improve soon After being gluten-free for almost 10 years I usually think is it worth it sticking to the diet I think no but really we have too It does suck and sometimes it can really make you upset but things will improve and hopefully you will be happy soon
  15. I would not agree with that it depends how much celiac disease affects your health , some people go gluten-free and are fine while others go gluten-free and still have lots of problems either way it's not an easy disease to have from my experience.