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  1. Love your pic! :) Esp now that the new season is on.

  2. The chances of a false positive blood test is astronomically rare. Welcome to the club.
  3. shopgirl

    Worried About The Fish Counter?

    I don't mind attempting to educate them but I want to know if I should eat fish from a fish counter. Surely I'm not...
  4. Help me, gluten-free-ers. I had a fit of paranoia at the fish counter this morning — picking up my bi-weekly serving o...
  5. Spring is here! Sunny! 60 degrees! Windows open! Birds chirping!

  6. The sun is shining. Come on, get happy.

  7. Larabars can be tough to digest for anyone
  8. She needs a new doctor. Period. If he can't get this right, what else could he get wrong? There are good doctors out...
  9. All of my vitamin and mineral levels checked out too
  10. In my experience, stress makes everything worse. Particularly constant, long term "fight or flight" stress. Stress has...
  11. shopgirl

    Resurfacing Cast Iron

    I took that to mean she was gluten light at the time of her testing
  12. Finally taking vitamins again (six months after diagnosis).

  13. Rain, rain, go away...

  14. There's no way for the doctor to see Celiac damage with the naked eye unless it's the really extreme complete villous...
  15. Sorry for butting in. The endoscopy takes about 15 minutes, it's absolutely painless and you won't feel or remember...