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  1. My only celiac symptom is that exact pain you describe, except mine is on the left side. I had CT scans, U/S, XRAYs, tons of blood work and then finally a year later a rheumatologist did the celiac panel and it was positive. I was told by many different doctors I had costochondritis. Good...
  2. I've never had an issue with bottled water and I drink different kinds all the time.
  3. Hi- the pain in my left side was the only symptom I really had (along with pain in the left underarm, but I still don't know if that was celiac related). It started in Oct 2009, it felt like there was something stuck in there, I had the lump feeling too. I was so convinced that there was a lump...
  4. I don't have any GI issues- I just get a pain in my left side from time to time- never have stomach aches/diarrhea/constipation/etc. I am shocked that gluten can be causing so much damage, but my GI Dr showed me the pics from the biopsy and my intestines are really bad. So, the damage is being...
  5. We use our dishwasher for gluten-free and non gluten-free items. We rinse everything before putting it in.
  6. I have the terrible rib cage pain too- mainly on the left side. It started in Oct 2009 and I had so many tests done and finally in August 2010 I was dx'd with celiac after the rheumatoligst did a random blood test. I have been gluten-free (I have had some mistakes) since 9/1/10 and the pain seemed...
  7. The only thing I have noticed is that sometimes it comes early. This started about a year ago, I was always very regular (never on the pill either). I would get it 28-30 days. Last summer I started getting it at 24 days. Since then they have anywhere from 23-30 days. I wonder if celiac has anything...
  8. I am 35 and was just diagnosed 2 months ago! I was feeling a little off for the last year or so and after many tests celiac came back positive. I am not sure how long it has been active in me. I was under a bit of stress a couple years ago, so maybe that set it off. No idea. What were your...
  9. I have quite a few lipomas- mainly on my left arm and left leg- I've had a couple removed for vanity reasons. I just tested positive for celiac last week, waiting on endoscopy for final confirmation.