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  1. I was diagnosed in the fall 2010 and my family all got tested. My dad and sister were negative, but my mom just found...
  2. Hello- I was dx'd back in fall 2010 and I told everyone in my family to get get tested. My sister and dad were negative...
  3. SaraKat

    Cleaning Up Gluten Crumbs

    That wouldn't bother me, but I guess everyone is different. I clean up bread crumbs all the time with no issues.
  4. I did, my Dr told me it is the gold standard for diagnosis (even after the very positive blood test). I really didn...
  5. If you have no symptoms, how often do you get blood work done or see your GI or primary Dr regarding celiac?
  6. SaraKat

    Shrimp Cocktail?

    I always eat shrimp cocktail- that is one of my safe foods at parties!
  7. SaraKat

    Hair Products

    I didn't change any shampoos or conditioners and my blood test after 6 months was normal. I just changed lipstick.
  8. SaraKat

    Why Are Cosmetics So Frustrating?

    I know these lipsticks are gluten-free- Benefit, Laura Mercier, and most of Estee Lauder. Also, Oil of Olay moisturizer...
  9. I lost weight. I didn't eat any of the gluten-free cookies or cakes or processed foods really (except the pretzels and...
  10. SaraKat

    What's Your Favorite Coffee?

    Starbucks is my favorite, but I also love 8 o'clock vanilla & hazelnut flavored
  11. My My TTG-IGA AB was over 100 and I was Marsh 3
  12. Left ribcage pain was my main symptom. I've been gluten-free since 9/1/10 and it is definitely better, but I still get...
  13. My only celiac symptom is that exact pain you describe, except mine is on the left side. I had CT scans, U/S, XRAYs...