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  1. He isnt purposely trying to contaminate my daughter and myself, he just doesnt understand and do the research like i do. which is why i came on here, to clarify to make sure i was correct in my research
  2. Sheesh didnt think about just baking things in the oven could effect things. This is going to cause a big problem! He has to eat his pizza or I will have a very crabby husband! Our garage is crap and we dont have electricity out there so he may have to make a corner in the basement his. Of course...
  3. So I am right! Ha, ha, he just needs to hear it from someone else than me!! I should explain a little more, my daughter is 3 1/2 and was just diagnosed with Celiac and lactose intolerant. I also run a home daycare with 7 kids. So in order to keep from going crazy making a million meals I decided...
  4. My husband and I arent agreeing on some things and figured this was a good place to ask. I am eating gluten free and most of the house it, but my husband isnt. Last night he made a pizza in the oven, right on the rack. Oh course now the bottom of the oven is tainted with gluten free stuff but thats...