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  1. cyberprof


    Wow, good catch Gemini!
  2. glutenfreex4, The way I understand it is that puberty doesn't have to occur for the growth window to close, but yes ask your doc. You might also ask for a bone-age scan too. It's a 5-second x-ray scan and tells bone-age in years. If his...
  3. Glutenfreex4, I agree with gottaski - you should get levels tested for Vit A, Vit D, B Vit and Iron. Calcium too if possible. Even if he's not deficient, I don't think taking a Carlson's capsule would be harmful. You can look up reputable...
  4. Oh, a few more things: I read a medical article/study that said that for boys, they don't go into puberty until they reach ~110 pounds. Another study proved that Vitamin A supplementation for boys was as effective as hormone supplementation...
  5. This does sound rational, if he's on board with staying gluten-free and not cheating. My son's story- short version. I was diagnosed when he was 14. He was 100th percentile height and 100th percentile weight until he was 5, then...
  6. AnnJay, If it were me, I'd transition to one meal for the family, naturally gluten-free as you have too many intolerances to combine gluten-free and picky eaters. Plus, some day you may start getting cross-contaminated from your kids...
  7. cyberprof


    June, I have some suggestions and a question: Have you had a full eye exam? Some of your symptoms sound like Fuchs Dystrophy, which is a serious eye disease that causes corneal erosion and eventual blindness without treatment. Some...
  8. cyberprof

    Fear Of Food

    I think the smoothie would taste good all day - you might have to stir it. You could try it but after 12 hours it might not taste as good. It wouldn't go bad if it was kept in the fridge. I keep mine in an insulated mug with a straw. ...
  9. cyberprof

    Fear Of Food

    Colleen, it looks like lots of people need hugs today. I'm sending you one. What about smoothies? It sounds like you have a good DH. He could make it and stick it in the fridge and you could sip a bit here and there. Recipe -...
  10. Is it a stomach or GI tumor? It is possible, as the tumor is sometimes a result of damage to DNA after birth. http://www.cancer.org/Cancer/GastrointestinalCarcinoidTumor/DetailedGuide/gastrointestinal-carcinoid-tumors-risk-factors
  11. Thanks Raven. I know your history too and it helps that others here understand. I think she and my dad have both had the blood test for celiac and were negative. That's the killer. But my blood was negative (while on gluten but after...
  12. I'm going to resurrect this old thread rather than start a new one. I know the OP isn't still around but raven and mushroom are. Hope to get input from anyone who has polymyalgia rheumatica. My mom was diagnosed with polymyalgia rheumatica...
  13. cyberprof

    Comfort Foods.....

    My top 3 are: Chicken soup Mashed potatoes Mac n cheese Like shadowicewolf, I make chicken soup. I cook chicken pieces in gluten-free chicken broth, then shred it. While I'm shredding the chicken, I add some rice to the broth and...
  14. cyberprof

    Defending My Choices

    Takala, I'm not going to argue with you but Intern has options and she can make a choice as to how she wants to handle it. An option would be just to order and eat the food without making a big deal out of it being gluten-free. It's what...
  15. My son is strongly casein-intolerant (and likely celiac, though undiagnosed) and I was undiagnosed celiac when pregnant. He was always fussy as a baby and never felt "well" as a child, but we didn't isolate his reaction to cow's milk protein...