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  1. I am eating lots of Toberlone since Cadbury changed their labelling Toberlone is our only friend in the gluten free chocolate market. I think maybe some Haighs too but they are hard to find. Liking the change anyway was over Cadbury
  2. Can anyone advise me on the new laws? It cant be declared but it is gluten free they all declare And the others say 20mg of gluten is good and it will allow us to have a huge amount of new choice I AM CONFUSED. It would have to the ALP that F everything up thats perfectly fine
  3. I was coeliac first and now I have meniere's. I have not been gluten free for any substantial amount of time and am falsely hoping my hearing loss and vertigo will go when I get gluten-free
  4. For future reference. I went gluten free for 2 weeks it did absolutely sweet f--- all I aborted due to waste of time, waste of money, 0 benefits and huge inconvenience. Hearing is getting worse everyday and got worse while Gluten-Free. I think I got menires because I had coeliac got a virus...
  5. My doctor says I don't menieres because I am young, said go back to the ENT and the ENT sent me to my GP the doctor blame game, it's a world wide phenomenon wouldn't even prescribe decongestions and offered me stematel with gluten :|. I make better diagnosis's on the internet by myself then this...
  6. I think I will ask for that. I have tried cortisone and that had no effect though.
  7. thanks for the reply I am in the official denial stage at the moment and desperate for a miracle lol. Ive accepted I have moderate hearing loss in my left ear but if this could stand still and the dizziness disappear I could live with it, minor annoyance. If I am gonna be deaf in one ear by 40 and...
  8. What is the technical name for this I need to ask for it? The doctors are so poor in Australia though they probably wouldnt have a clue. I am having exactly the same issues and unfortunately made a new thread: a few posts about it all fairly inconclusive. I have been diagnosed...
  9. Food Allergies Excellent link showing allergies and their relation to Meniere's. Many people diagnosed with Meniere's have been diagnosed with allergies to wheat, gluten, soy, and/or milk. Several people have simply reduced or eliminated these products from their diet and their vertigo and...
  10. Seen a few posts about it all fairly inconclusive. I have been diagnosed with Meniere's disease hearing loss, tinnitus and vertigo attacks. For the last year I have been ignoring the fact I am Coeliac and not been following my diet. I am now two days into getting back on track. Is it possible...
  11. another one for the have coeliac and developed mmeniere's disease crew. I am going to go gluten free and salt free then reintroduce salt and see what happens to my ear.
  12. is there any coeliacs here on the disability pension from centrelink due to coeliac?
  13. wow 17 is the longest I have done maybe even chronic fatigue? gluten free is what helped me not eating too much before bed and being hydrated really well, lots of water through the day before and at night so even while you sleep your reasonably hydrated has helped me alot too
  14. SAME HERE been noticing this as I went off my diet. Before I naturally wake up after 6 hours now its more like 10, too much time slept away