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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. Welcome to the board. Healing can be a slow process and hopefully that is all that is going on. Do be sure to read the 'Newbie 101' thread at the top of the Coping page. It has a lot of good info to make sure you are doing all you can to keep her safe. Are you giving her gluten free oats? If you are using products with them stop for now. Wait until she is symptom free before reintroducing them. Some celiacs react to oats the same as they do to gluten. It is also a good idea to hold off on foods with soy as that is another item we can have issues with for a while. I hope she recovers soon but it can take some time. Make sure the rest of the family gets tested for celiac as well. It is not uncommon for other family members to need the diet even if they don't seem to have obvious symptoms.
  2. Used Oven and my Bakery

    Maybe you could clean them well and make some batches of grainfree dog treats and test those. Might make a good side line and once those test negative you would know the ovens are safe for us.
  3. Used Oven and my Bakery

    I always wondered what a convection oven did that was different. (I wasn't made for all these newfangled gadgets LOL) Wasn't aware they had a fan. I would pass on that also unless there was a way to break it down real good to clean before running a high heat cycle.
  4. You and your mother should get celiac testing done. Any doctor can order a Celiac panel and if positive would refer you to a GI doctor for an endoscopy. Don't stop eating gluten until all celiac related testing is done. After all testing is done you should both go on the diet strictly no matter what the results. Some folks don't show up positive on testing but can still have a serious problem with gluten.
  5. Used Oven and my Bakery

    I am very sensitive and I wouldn't hesitate to use them in my own home. Since you are going to use pans in the oven I wouldn't worry about running them for a couple hours before use. I would just clean them real well. If you were planning on cooking pizza directly on the conveyer then I would get a new belt but since you are not that wouldn't be a concern. Good luck at the auction.
  6. Please Help DH rash on genitals?

    Welcome to the board. You poor thing! I have had DH breakouts in that area but never that bad. You must be in agony. Have you had a derm do a biopsy for DH? That would be a good idea if you can get in while the rash is active. Your doctor might be able to help you get in quickly and do bring the records with results for all that you have already been tested. I don't know if the steroid creams will produce a false negative for a biopsy. You should also get a full celiac panel redone. Just because one came back negative before doesn't mean it will always be negative. Folks with mostly DH and neuro symptoms are also more likely to have a false negative. After all celiac related testing is done do go back to the gluten free diet as it sounds like you need it.
  7. Please wait to go gluten free as if you go gluten free now the doctor won't be able to test you for celiac. If your son is 'allergic' to wheat, rye and barley it sounds like he may be celiac. Your being diagnosed could help him as well as yourself.
  8. Welcome to the board. First off set your mind at ease. Your slip up did not do you any permanent damage. Any illness or bad stressor can affect our periods. If there is any possibility you may be pregnant do get tested if it doesn't start soon. It can take some time for our bodies to heal from a good glutening. If you ate tht whole bun you got a big dose. However if things get worse or don't improve soon do make an appointment with your GP to be certain nothing else is going on like food poisoning etc. I hope you are feeling better soon.
  9. New diet

    You would want to retest to see if your antibodies are coming down so you know that you are following the diet correctly and are healing. It can take time for the antibodies to resolve so it is best to wait 6 months before retesting. If your original test was very high they might not be into the negative but should be greatly reduced.
  10. Welcome to the board. As was stated Kraft is a company that you can trust. How long have you been gluten free? It could be hard on a healing tummy. How was the steak cooked? Did you have it at a restaurant? If so you may have been CC'd, that could also be the case if you grilled it on a grill on which a gluten food was cooked. What did you have with the steak or eat earlier or even a day or two ago? Celiac reactions can be delayed so it isn't always the last thing you ate that made you ill. Do read the 'Newbie 101' thread at the top of the Coping section to be sure you are doing all you need to do to keep safe.
  11. One of my first symptoms when I get glutened is an overwhelming depression. Thankfully it lifts pretty quick as long as I am not being reglutened. Are you gluten free and may have gotten glutened? How long have you been gluten free? Do read the Newbie 101 thread at the top of the Coping section to make sure that you are doing all you need to do to be safe. How long have you been this depressed? If it has gone on for more than a couple days you should touch base with your doctor. If you feel you might self harm please tell your Mom and either call your doctor or go to the ER. Welcome to the board. Ask any other questions you need to ask and feel free to vent. The gluten free lifestyle takes some getting used to and it can be hard for while. We are here to help in any way we can. Hang in there. Things will get better. ((((((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))))))
  12. Yes, at least in my case. For many years my symptoms would come and go before they became a daily and nightly misery. Just a quick off topic on your junior. Many go into college without a clear idea of what they want their life's work to be. Even those who are convinced they want to follow one route will often change paths once they get into college. Our family saw that in not just my kids but also in myself. One wanted to work in womens health and ended up doing cancer research and the other went from car mechanic to engineering. Tell your young adult not to stress too much about it and don't let yourself get stressed either. They will find the right path when the time comes.
  13. Sick and fed up

    Sorry you are suffering and having to endure such a long wait. You could try and see if you can get on your GI doctors cancellation list if you can get in on short notice. that way if someone cancels sooner they might be able to get you in. Another alternative is to talk to your GP and see if they will give you a formal diagnosis if you go gluten free now and your blood tests go into the negative range or drop significantly and your symptoms are relieved. If not you don't have to eat a lot of gluten to keep the damage going. A slice or two of bread or some other gluten food once a day should be enough. I hope you get some relief soon.
  14. New diet

    Positive blood trumps negative biopsy. Go ahead and do the diet strictly. The elimination diet may be helpful in picking up any other intolerances you may have but be aware that some of those may resolve in time as you heal. Hope you are feeling better soon.
  15. DH on the face

    Sorry I didn't realize you were an expert on the subject of celiac and DH. With new posters we have no way of knowing how long they were diagnosed or how compliant they are with the diet. Folks with DH tend to be very sensitive to even the tiniest amount of gluten. It can take time for the antibodies to leave the skin. In my case it was 5 years before a bit of CC didn't reactivate but for the last 12 years I only get one or two small blisters with CC, thankfully as I was covered in it at diagnosis and for most of my life. Since you are not on the diet I hope the antibodies that your body is producing to gluten are not attacking other organs. Glad you are happy with the results of taking this really expensive and dangerous drug and hope you remain well. For others that may consider the diet too restrictive and may be considering using this med as a 'cure' for their celiac I am providing a link to this drugs side effects. Personally I would rather eat gluten free. Good luck to you. https://www.drugs.com/sfx/rituxan-side-effects.html