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  1. i agree with both Scott and Trents. Do make sure that you are using your arm even if it is uncomfortable and ask your doctor if warm compresses might help with any stiffness.
  2. Welcome to the board. Not much time but thought i should respond. While most people with celiac do have either DQ2 or DQ8 there are the rare cases, like my own, that folks have a different gene. I am a double DQ9 and am a firmly diagnosed celiac. My reactions are severe in part I think because i...
  3. I don't know for sure if it would help but you could try some sublingual B12. It can aid in healing nerves if your glutenings impacted the levels.
  4. It might be a good idea to contact your doctor. I doubt they will immediately want to scope. Blood testing and stool testing would be a good first step. in addition is there anything new as far as meds, toiletries, a new gluten eating significant other or gluten eating pet that could be CCing you...
  5. Personally if they make them in their bakery I wouldn't touch them as I would fear CC to be a big issue.
  6. the gluten in corn is a different form than in wheat, rye and barley. it is fine for those with celiac as long as it isn't cross contaminated. Of course there are some folks who won't tolerate it but it isn't something that a celiac needs to avoid.
  7. One last thing if you live in an area with a Wegmans market they mark all their gluten free items with a circle G which makes shopping easier.
  8. I am so sorry that you have had to go through so much. The good news is that you can heal but it may take some time. Do go to the Coping section and read the top post as it will have a lot of information that can help you heal and stay safe. The first tests they did were the older tests that...
  9. I'd rather they give me obviously gluteny gifts than try and do gluten free for me. That can be even more difficult. I think you handled it well by simply giving them to someone who could use them. Perhaps your Mom could talk to close family members about gifting you something non-edible or a premade...
  10. If it is plain rice cooked at home it should be fine.
  11. If you are having symptoms suggestive of MS it could be that the antibodies are attacking your nervous system or that vitamin levels in certain vitamins are low. I was thought to have MS before diagnosis since I had brain lesions suggetive of it. A spinal tap ruled it out when debris suggestive of...
  12. I had a Quaker Parrot when I was first diagnosed. In my case I found cage cleaning and feeding to be an issue. I wasn't able to find a gluten free food for him and I think the dust from his food got to me more than handling him. I hope you are able to find a gluten free food for him as they are great...
  13. Yes it is quite possible. Folks with DH can also tend to be more sensistive to cross contamination. It can take some time for the antibodies to leave the skin so do be as strict as you can. Many also find it helpful to avoid iodine for a bit. After you have healed do add iodine back in as it is an...
  14. Canyon Bakehouse has a pretty good gluten-free "rye" bread. No rye in it but it does taste quite like the rye bread I remember. I eat it frequently toasted with gobs of butter. I find it in the frezzer section of my local Wegmans but am sure it is also available elsewhere. Oh and as a bonus if you...
  15. I can only speak from my own experience of course it may not apply to yourself. I had celiac since childhood and had extremely violent D for about 15 years before I was diagnosed in my 40's. About 2 years before diagnosis I had a colonoscopy done. The doctor said that I had extensive diverticulosis...