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  1. Glad you got through it and that everything was benign!
  2. You could stick with the gluten free diet and have some of the blood tests redone in 6 months. If the Deamidated gliadin peptide AB went down that would indicate that gluten was an issue for you.
  3. A doctor saying “You probably don’t have that”. My response: The biopsy I had last week said that I do.
  4. Sucrose is just sugar, the type you might put into your coffee or tea. Is this a typo and there is another ingredient you’re worried about?
  5. I give them away, although that’s pretty easy since my husband eats gluten! When I was working, anything he didn’t want I took to work to give away. Someone gave my dog a very large biscuit for Christmas that not only had wheat flour but “vital wheat gluten.” My dog isn’t gluten free but ...
  6. I had a dream last night where I ate a regular (gluten-containing) cookie, something I would never do in real life. I was so upset, especially because I realized in my dream that I wasn’t at home and thus didn’t have any GliadinX available!
  7. To the FDA, the terms “gluten-free” or “no gluten” on a label are equivalent so the products are supposed to have less than 20ppm gluten. See “inside the regulation”
  8. Item 3: The FDA is used to reviewing new technology, it is part of their job. It is not at all uncommon to see new side effects (such as allergic reactions) once a drug is out of clinical trials and in a larger, less defined population. The NIAID is not going to more or less...
  9. I’m sorry you feel so awful now, physically and mentally. But I see a lot of good things in your post. Your doctors caught the celiac so quickly! Sometimes people take years to get a diagnosis. You were diagnosed when young - you haven’t had uncontrolled celiac for decades like some. A lot of ...
  10. Posterboy, The only thing I can find is from another vaccine that Janssen makes that uses the same Ad26 adenovirus “platform” and that has been authorized by European authorities. Here are the excipients in that Ebola vaccine. It is very likely but not certain that the same ingredients wou...
  11. I’m saying that companies don’t always make the full listing of ingredients public until they have to. They have to once authorized/approved. I couldn’t find anything about Janssen ingredients.
  12. The Oxford vaccine does not contain PEG. See item 6 in the linked page. It does contain polysorbate, which can cause allergic reactions in some people. Oxford Astrazeneca vaccine information The best place to get vaccine ingredients is in the official information given out after they...
  13. 1. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines (which are authorized for emergency use, not approved) both have PEG attached to one of the lipids in the lipid nanoparticle. The PEG isn’t a carrier, the lipid nanoparticle, with PEG attached to one lipid is the carrier. 2. Janssen is part of Johnson and J...
  14. The question the FDA asked the advisory committees for Pfizer and Moderna was not: Is the vaccine 100% safe in all circumstances. The question was: Do the benefits outweigh the risks. They authorized the vaccines because they felt the benefit DOES outweigh the risks. It is not at all uncommon for...
  15. I agree that polyethylene glycol MIGHT be the cause of the anaphylactic reactions - more research needed to confirm. That does not mean that it is the molecule that is in antifreeze. Usually when people say that the vaccine contains antifreeze they’re trying to scare people into thinking it c...