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  1. In addition to seeing if the gluten free diet eases your chest tightness and pain, after 6 months or so on the strict diet you could have your antibody levels retested and see if they go down. I had high levels on those 4 tests but no obvious...
  2. RMJ

    "Skeptical" doctors?

    There are so many doctors who seem anti-celiac disease and anti-gluten intolerance. Fortunately these diseases do not require a doctor’s presceiption to treat. I hope your symptoms resolve soon.
  3. Maybe get your air ducts cleaned if you have central heating? And a new vacuum cleaner, or take it apart and clean thoroughly. Good luck.
  4. Most of my antibody levels were normal within a year, but my DgP IgA was very stubborn and took several years and a very strict diet - eating limited processed food and that only when certified gluten free. You’re doing great for four m...
  5. I am also asymptomatic and my antibody levels decreased slowly. What type of processd foods do you eat?
  6. If a lab runs the same blood sample 10 times they probably won’t get the exact same result 10 times. The deamidated gliadin IgA differences might be that sort of test to test variability. Having said that, my GI was happy when my antibody l...
  7. You could try calling the manufacturer. The ingredients look fine but there is always a chance for contamination. Accord Healthcare Inc, 1009 Slater Road, Suite 210-B, Durham, NC 27703 (919) 941-7879
  8. That does not read like information from a package insert or manufacturer. Who is the actual manufacturer? Many companies make the generic and they might not all use the same inactive ingredients.
  9. After I finally got all my antibody levels down to the normal ranges I asked my GI if I could eat oats. She said I could try pure oats for 6 months then recheck antibodies. I got the type Ennis recommended above. Antibodies still ok after...
  10. RMJ

    Cross Contamination: Drawing the Line

    It took me several years to get my DGP IgA level down to normal. I only eat out at restaurants that are completely gluten free, or have procedures certified by the Gluten Intolerance Group. I don’t even do that very often. If necessary t...
  11. RMJ

    "Skeptical" doctors?

    I hooe you can get some answers with your new GI doc.
  12. Sometimes medical centers will change what lab they send samples to. My doctor used to use a lab with a cutoff of 19. Now they use a lab with a cutoff of 3. Unlike many blood tests, the celiac tests use units which vary from lab to lab...
  13. I am also a silent celiac. I had to be very strict and careful about contamination to get my antibodies down to the normal range. I know what you mean about preferring to have a symptom! I think I might get nauseated when I am glutened...
  14. Your doctor is potentially keeping her ill and underweight with celiac disease so she doesn’t join the obesity epidemic?! Definitely need a new doctor. Is this pediatrician a gastroenterologist? If not, can you see a pediatric gastroenterologist? ...
  15. Can you take her to a pediatric gastroenterologist or would you need a referral from this unhelpful doctor? Sounds like he is making up his own range (>100) for positive which is not appropriate.