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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/24/2018

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  1. Have you checked to be sure there is no gluten in your supplements and probiotics?
  2. Found a package insert on the Par site (linked). The inactive ingredients are corn starch, lactose monohydrate, magnesium stearate, pregelatinized corn starch and sucrose. It is great that they list the source of starch, not everyone does! None of those ingredients should contain gluten, so any gluten would be from contamination. Pharmaceutical manufacturers have to do rigorous cleaning of their equipment if it is not dedicated to a single drug, to be sure that the active ingredient doesn’t get into the next drug. I doubt that you would get much gluten from this generic. Hope this helps, good luck with your quest for fertility. Link to package insert doesn’t look like it worked, you can look it up from here. https://www.parpharm.com/products/product-catalog.php
  3. I looked on the FDA website and unfortunately Par Pharm is the only approved generic version. Did they say it actually contains an ingredient with gluten, or that it has a chance for contamination? I couldn’t find a label on the FDA site.
  4. There is no lab test for gluten intolerance Could you post your results, or at least the names of the tests within the celiac panel? Probably good to keep eating gluten and see a gastroenterologist for further testing.
  5. Mild case of celiac?

    A lot of people with celiac disease react more strongly to gluten after having been gluten free for a while. If you “cheat” you might ruin your trip. If you’re going to Paris they have a number of completely gluten free restaurants/bakeries. There is a thread about it somewhere on this site!
  6. Researchers are working on some future tests for those not eating gluten, but right now you have to eat gluten to get accurate test results.
  7. Those blood tests are for genetics, to see if you have the genes that predispose one to celiac. Almost a third of the population has the genes for celiac but only 1-2% develop it. You’d need antibody tests, and if those are positive an endoscopy, to find out if you have it.
  8. I would say the blood work confirms the biopsy suggestion of celiac, but I'm not a doctor. You might want to take all of your results (biopsy and blood) to another gastroenterologist and get a second opinion. Or at least make an appointment with your current one and have him explain why he thinks those positive results are negative. Sometimes mistakes are made when doctors or their assistants write letters.
  9. Your understanding is fine, I’d question your doctor! Only one of the tests has to be positive to go to the next step, an endoscopy.
  10. The gluten in wheat/barley is in the grain, not the stalks/leaves. I definitely would NOT worry about a tiny bit of grain that might contaminate the clippings, that are just a portion of the soil, that will be washed off of the vegetables.
  11. He could try going gluten free for six months and see if the antibody levels go down. If so, it would indicate that gluten causes him to make auto antibodies (antibodies against oneself).
  12. Many doctors will not give a firm celiac diagnosis without an endoscopy/biopsy. I think that is why you were told your results “indicated” celiac instead of being told you have celiac. With those antibody results it would be very surprising if the biopsy does not show celiac.
  13. Yes you can have normal CBC, liver enzymes, etc and still have celiac.
  14. I’m glad you found something that helps! If you have been gluten free for 5 months your endoscopy may be normal, but I doubt that you will want to do a gluten challenge.