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  1. Hi Claire, I haven't been on these boards much lately, but I just happened to see your message and wanted to follow...
  2. Welcome, Jane! Those photos look different from the rash I get from gluten - but mine hasn’t been confirmed as DH by a...
  3. greenbeanie

    Do antihistimines make DH worse?

    It's encouraging that you stopped being so sensitive to gluten-free packaged foods with time, Victoria1234! I live in...
  4. greenbeanie

    Do antihistimines make DH worse?

    Thanks for your reply, squimingitch - and I'm so glad you're safe from Irma! You got me thinking about iodine again...
  5. Hi folks! For those with confirmed DH, do antihistimines make it worse? I'm trying to figure out an unpleasant puzzle...
  6. Hi folks! I haven't posted in a while because my daughter and I are both doing great since we removed a few certified...
  7. greenbeanie

    Son Celiac For 3 Years Iga Increasing

    Sorry you're going through this, and I hope you get to the bottom of it soon! Some kids may just be more sensitive to...
  8. greenbeanie

    Super Sensitive With Pasta Loving Family

    Have you tried Tinkyada brown rice pasta? I've made lasagne with their noodles for gluten-eaters many times, and no one...
  9. greenbeanie

    Daily Free Eating In Classroom?

    My daughter's school is nut-free but otherwise allows kids to eat anything in the classroom. It is a private school in...
  10. I have not found a brand of sorghum or millet flour that I trust and can get locally. But the stores in my area only...
  11. Hi shanasun, We finally got my daughter's tTG into the normal range - for the first time ever - last month. For her...
  12. greenbeanie


    I get classic allergy symptoms from sulfites - runny nose, coughing, swollen tongue, etc. It's pretty much immediate...
  13. greenbeanie

    Do You List "gluten" As An Allergy?

    On the allergy line of camp and school forms, we also put "wheat, rye, barley, oats (celiac disease - must avoid even...
  14. It's the Gluten Intolerance Group's Gluten Free Certification Organization (in the U.S.). They're the ones with the little...
  15. I think I probably shouldn't say the specific brands, since they're products that are probably fine for most celiacs...