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  1. My antibodies were elevated when I had a repeat endoscopy. My GI went in deep and his scope’s magnification was strong. You could see the heathy villi (got the photos). The pathologist’s report confirmed healing at the microscopic level. The antibodies tests were to help diagnosis celiac dis...
  2. Your results are negative, but know that some celiacs are seronegative. If you have some of the risk factors for celiac disease (like a family member, another autoimmune disease (autoimmune thyroiditis or Type 1 diabetes) iron deficiency anemia, etc.) or you have Gi issues (it could be a FODMAP...
  3. How IgA deficient are you? For what I know, (a crazy lady on the internet) your immunoglobulin A ( IgA ) result needs to be close to zero and not just below range for the TTG IgA test not to work. You could ask for the complete celiac panel. I test positive to only the DGP IgA, had patches of...
  4. It can take up to a year or longer for antibodies to resolve. Just stay the course. Do not get hung up on the numbers. As long as they are not going up, you are fine! Know that the antibodies tests were designed to help diagnose celiac disease and not really to monitor it. But it...
  5. Make sure before your endoscopy that you are back on a daily diet of gluten for a solid two weeks. Other than my ferritin (iron stores), I was not deficient in anything when I was first diagnosed. I had some patches of severe damage. Anemia was my only symptom at the time. It sounds...
  6. Two positives on the celiac panel? I think there is strong evidence that you might have celiac disease. Your biopsies obtained from your endoscopy should give you a final diagnosis. It will also provide a benchmark for future endoscopies should you need them. Expect to go through a grieving...
  7. I have other allergies, so finding bars is not easy for me. They sure are convenient though.
  8. I checked the website. They list only the active ingredients. I think you need to call them or see if the inactive list is on the box or insert unless someone else on the forum has used this product. Good Luck!
  9. I would strongly suggest you go gluten free. You did have a positive TTG. Like I said, it can be easy to miss damaged areas or you could just be starting to develop celiac. The AIP diet has helped so many people who have autoimmune disease and it is gluten free. Which is telling. Gluten is...
  10. Stuff that that happens! No worries. I am confident, if you scrub off the spatula and run it through the dishwasher, it will be fine. Usually it is recommended to get new utensils, (e.g. wooden spoons), due to years of gluten contact.
  11. This one should be fine. It is labeled gluten free. You said you did not feel well after eating them. It could be due to additional intolerances to dairy, soy, nuts, or corn which are in these bars and not gluten. But if I ate something that made me feel sick, I would avoid it. How...
  12. The author was never diagnosed with celiac disease based on her own admission I found on her earlier January 2020 posts: “Hi - found out I had celiac disease almost a year ago (but think I’ve had it for about a year and a half). My blood test came back negative but I hadn’t eaten ANYTHING four ...
  13. True, but some celiacs are definitely more sensitive than others based on forum members who have DH and have reported rashes from gluten free labeled products. Personally, there are better bars out in the market for celiacs. The Atkin bars are made in a facility with wheat (which may...
  14. It is possible that your GI missed damaged areas. I think your other autoimmune diseases (Sjogrens and RA) can cause the slightly elevated TTG IgA. The University of Chicago: “Yes, blood work can be falsely positive, as can any test in medicine, especially at low titers. However, i...