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Kansas Bowling is an actress and filmmaker living in Los Angeles, CA. She directed the slasher movie B.C. Butcher and acted as a Manson girl in Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon A Time in Hollywood. She has had celiac disease for two years. Her web site is: kansas-bowling.com

  1. Celiac.com 10/07/2020 - It has been two years now since I developed symptoms of celiac disease, and it's been a very difficult thing to go through. My symptoms first developed in August of 2018,...
  2. That’s been my thought this whole time but no nutritionists or celiac specialists will bother talking to me unless I have the diagnosis... it’s really tough because it’s taking me a long time to recover and I don’t have anyone to talk to... I know there could possibly be scarring on my intestines so hope...
  3. Hi - found out I had celiac disease almost a year ago (but think I’ve had it for about a year and a half). My blood test came back negative but I hadn’t eaten ANYTHING four days prior cause my body was rejecting it. I didn’t do the endoscopy at the time because I wasn’t informed enough. I had to ...