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  1. You could have other food sensitivities besides gluten. A lot of people do.... An example would be going dairy or grain free. There are also high-antioxidant diets and vitamins that could try. Some people don't feel great or get withdrawal symptoms when they go gluten free. If you feel better on...
  2. Tissue transglutaminase is a enzyme that is found everywhere in the body. It is also used to breakdown food in the intestine. When someone who is Celiac eats wheat, the combination of this enzyme and wheat causes an immune reaction. I don't think microbial Tissue transglutaminase is much different...
  3. This is kindof a weird question. A while a go I chewed a non-chewable antihistamine. It burnt my throat bad when I tried to swallow it, almost like I was allergic to it. It wasn't meant to be chewed so that might be the problem. I think it was diphenhydramine. Is this normal?
  4. You can try the AIP diet. It is very effective for treating IBS. Migraines are often linked to IBS. https://autoimmunewellness.com/aip-medical-study-results/ Also NAC an antioxidant that can cross the blood brain barrier. http://schizophrenia.com/?page_id=706
  5. Were you eating gluten in the weeks leading up to the test? Also there are different Celiac blood tests. Getting the full celiac blood panel test done is best. There is a search feature on this website where you can look up more information on that or you can ask about that on this site. Also it...
  6. Maybe a gluten free complete multivitamin/multi mineral. That is what I take. I also take fish oil. I have gout and celiac and some neurological symptoms, but nothing major. For myself it isn't nerve related. A lot of people with brain related symptoms are very sensitive to small amounts of...
  7. No I wouldn't worry about it. I have never heard of gluten being an issue for that type of project. There is no gluten in engineered hardwood floors. For drywall and spackle I have heard talk about some that used to contain gluten. I don't think it does anymore.
  8. You can look in the ingredients to see if it contains any grains that contain gluten. If it has wheat in it, in the US, it will say after the ingredients "contains wheat". This means they didn't intentionally put wheat it it but it could be cross contaminated If it is labelled "gluten free"...
  9. The standard treatment for gout from what I have read online is a medication to lower uric acid levels. Also pain medication if needed. I have gotten a gout flare up once. It was very painful and since then I have been checking my blood uric acid levels fairly regularly. It hasn't come back. For...
  10. Have you researched gout? It is an autoimmune disease that can be trigger by certain foods. Also high dosage niacin or a rapid correction in low b12 levels can trigger a gout attack if you have the disease. Some people get it there ankles and the inflammation can radiate out to other areas. Might...
  11. I am in the same boat. Lots of food sensitivities but I can eat fruit , most vegetables and meat which I enjoy.
  12. Actually there is a cure for celiac disease. Or the symptoms anyway.....you can swallow a tape worm and it suppresses the immune system in the gut. Or so I heard once. Don't try this at home. The problem is celaic inflammation may-or may not I don't know- start out in one area and...
  13. The most likely possibility by far is that Celiac disease causes Niacin deficiency. I don't have time to go through all your arguments for why you think Celiac disease might be caused by Niacin deficiency. I doubt that Niacin deficiency is ever an issue if you don't have some sort of major...
  14. https://www.tuscany-diet.net/proteins/digestion/#Stomach-and-protein-digestion "Pepsin, an endopeptidase with an optimum pH of activity at 1.6, hydrolyses 10-20% of the proteins in the meal. Many digestive enzymes are able to act on a wide range of substrates, and pepsin is no exception, catalyzing...