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  1. I'm ready for that 6th sense to develop sooner rather than later We are pretty good at eating whole foods. limiting processed products, and eating at home. While I aim to be supportive, the cost of the gluten-free items is significantly higher than the mainstream alternative, making it difficult...
  2. Thanks for the gluten-free oven cleaning tip I got a book--Gluten-Free Grocery Shopping Guide which has been helpful, but I shop primarily at Aldi and it doesn't include many of their items. I purchased several of their Live Free Gluten Free products and so far my husband has been pretty pleased...
  3. Thnak you, Pat! I appreciate your help.
  4. Thanks for the tips. No worries about grammar or scatterbrained-ness, I just appreciate the help!
  5. I dare say I've given thought to trading him in for a new (celiac free) model
  6. Thanks, Trent. It is just my husband and I at home, so that should help. I have been going through my cupboards and have a preliminary shopping list made up. I go back and forth between thinking I can do this and having panic attacks. Hoping the former predominates over the latter
  7. My husband was just diagnosed with Celiac by biopsy. I understand no wheat, barley, rye--I can do that, but I'm just so worried my vanilla or baking soda or my toaster is going to be the source of hidden gluten and sabotage everything else I'm doing. I'm doing the research and I can read labels-I...