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  1. Also the salt has anti coagulant? which can be gluten I visited a blog on the hidden gluten in groceries and I read my salt and there was anti coagulant in it. It's so tricky with the groceries even the mayonnaise has gluten but I'm getting better at it.
  2. hello everyone thanks a lot for the replies. I have tried to stay away from dairy to see if the stools will be normal again I feel like there were less pale but still not a proper normal brown color. I've always been a big dairy consumer but my sister is lactose intolerant but she has symptoms...
  3. You say this as if I didn't want a diagnose. I said my Dr doesn't take my issues seriously. and I'm sure I'm not the only sick person that has encourentered doctors who barely believe you. so I don't understand why you're putting the blame on me. My pimples are directly linked to gluten since...
  4. Hey thanks so much for the reply. There is not much info available online in French.. I've been wanting to buy some books about celiac disease now. But until recently I thought I was allergic so I didn't think much about it. But my stools makes me believe I have celiac. Ok so...
  5. Hello I haven't been diagnosed because my GP doesn't take anything I say seriously. I plan on changing GP but most are full and don't take new clients. Anyway so I started to get severe acne in Mars 2019 and left side abdominal pain I went to the ER but they found no issue. My sister told...