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  1. Good afternoon, I am a gluten and dairy sensitive person, but I also have had symptoms that are more similar to IBD as well. I recently started drinking this new coconut water from a company called Bai. They advertise gluten free, dairy free, vegan, and they use a sweetener that explains why one bottle only has ten calories, and has little to no effect on blood sugar. I’ve read it contains something called Erythritol. Recently I’ve been having bad symptoms, constipation and mucus. Normally things I would have if I eat dairy, but the Bai water is the only new product I’ve been trying so I am go
  2. So I’ve felt a lot better after going gluten and dairy free. Although I’ve found that whenever I eat hard foods (in this case, chips and granola bars, as well as some meats that my body just won’t tolerate) that I get constipated, although I don’t “feel constipated” which has me wondering where on earth the food is going. I can eat things like soups, rice or noodles, scrambled eggs, most veggies must be sautéed to prevent bloating, oatmeal. I eat grilled chicken, but can’t ever have any large portions of meat (like a whole hamburger patty is a bit too much) or I get the same symptoms.
  3. So good news!! Since then, I reached out to a different Gastroenterologist, and explained all my symptoms again and also explained how the previous Dr. Just wanted to do a sigmoid scope, and explained my issues with that. Also explained how my gluten testing was messed up since I went gluten free and dairy free so quickly before getting a scope done at all. This new Dr. was surprised the previous doctor didn’t educate me very much about pre diagnosis gluten testing and such. (Although honestly that’s my fault, I should have done more research and should not have been so scared to do eliminatio
  4. Wow I never even considered xanthem gum! I would like to test the theory but I’m also a little worried about starting the symptoms. Currently I’m trying to eat only Whole Foods, and avoid trigger foods for me (onions, peppers, spices, dairy, etc). I’ve also tried a few different magnesium products lately (which i havnt before since all my intestinal drama started). I’ve taken the magnesium that’s in Epsom salts, via bath soak and also lotions with the ingredient. I’ve also tried magnesium citrate pills and just plain magnesium. This has worked wonders for me so far.
  5. So Recently I just had an office visit with a Gastroenterologist, who ordered a flex sigmoidoscopy, which is basically half of the colon, vs a colonoscopy which is the whole thing. They want to do this before an endoscopy. (I’m assuming they want to rule out something like UC, since my celiac blood panel came back negative?) I really wanted to make sure I was covering all the bases though, so I insisted that I would prefer a colonoscopy. They told me that since I’m on the younger side (I’m 22) they don’t think a full colonoscopy is necessary. I explained to them I wanted to make sure there’s n
  6. What would you say is the best diet to follow up until two weeks prior to colonoscopy / endoscopy? I will try to eat more Whole Foods, would a paleo diet be a good choice? (Assuming is gluten free of course). So far it’s been very hard on me for eating out, my family loves going out to eat, but most places can’t ever confirm for sure if something is gluten free, and many of them have not ever heard of cross contamination before. I usually end up just getting a plain salad, but even that upsets my stomach even when I ask for NOTHING besides the lettuce. I’m not sure how to go about everyday eat
  7. So while I’ve been gluten free for a while, I’m still having some odd symptoms while waiting for my colonoscopy. Every now and then I have constipation or a pain in my gut, followed by pencil thin stools several days later. While I know I have reactions to Gluten, could this be something else causes inflammation in my colon with certain foods? I’m very concerned because reading up on Google, very thin stools is a sign of bowel cancer because it indicates there could be an obstruction. If that was the case, it would make sense that I get stomach pain before the thin stools, and would also expla
  8. So since I’ve gone gluten free, I’ve had some issues with getting enough fiber. I take fiber supplements and drink prune juice daily to help with this. Recently though I’ve been constipated, I took a “smooth move” tea, and helped with this issue VERY FAST! I’ve been having trouble staying “regular” after going gluten free. Does anyone have any advice for that? It’s been 3 days since I’ve had the tea, colon still feels inflamed, still don’t have solid stools, and a lot of yellow mucus as well. It just really feels like my colon is inflamed, and I’m a little concerned about the large amounts of
  9. You sound a lot like me! I no longer have cravings after going gluten and dairy free. My stools are not as hard or large, I don’t eat as much either. Don’t feel bad. Im currently I’m the middle of being diagnosed so I’m not sure if I am celiac or not, I know for sure I am atleast intolerant though. Gluten intolerance is a thing too, they still suffer although not as much as a full blown celiac. My doctor explained to me that gluten intolerance may not get an immediate horrible reaction to gluten like a celiac would, but if they eat the same thing containing gluten consistly day after day, they
  10. So I’ve recently had a problem with gluten and dairy. The blood test came back negative for celiac, so I am planning for an endoscopy in a few months when my college semester ends. Unfortunately due to my own ignorance and lack of knowledge of celiac and gluten testing, I’ve been gluten free for about four months. So when I get this endoscopy scheduled, I’ll have to start eating gluten beforehand for atleast a month I believe, which I am not looking forward too. Anyways, sometimes when I eat certain foods (chicken, rice, harder to digest foods). I get this dull annoying ache centered around my
  11. So I do not have a diagnosis yet. My blood test for celiac came back negative, I have all the symptoms of gluten sensitivity but it doesn’t allear to be as strong as someone with celiac. ( I can afford to eat a piece of glutened food, but I get bad symptoms if I eat it consistently.) The doctor also thinks I could have Ulcerative colitis with the gluten and dairy sensitivity falling under that, because I also have suffered from minimal rectal bleeding when eating dairy and gluten, (either or? I’m not sure) . I’ll have to wait until next month before getting my colonoscopy, and then a couple mo
  12. I’m new to all this Celiac and gluten free stuff so I apologize if I come off as ignorant. I’ve been to two Gastroenterologists are both have told me that my Gluten issues where not Celiac, I do get stomache cramps when I eat gluten, and if I eat gluten consistently I suddenly become allergic to my cat! Still, my symptoms are nothing compared to the pain that diagnosed Celiacs have described. I’ve taken the blood test to see if I am Celiac, and it came back negative. But Ever since my Gluten issues came about (stomach pain constantly, skin issues, other allergies) so have my diary issues. If I
  13. So I was wondering, is anal bleeding something that happens with celiac disease? From what I’ve read, celiac disease doesn’t directly cause it, but if your gut is inflamed it can happen. I’m currently waiting to get my colonoscopy. (Scheduled for a month from now) but every couple of months I would notice some dark blood streak on the toilet paper (not very much). But since going gluten free, I haven’t had this problem, so that’s why I’m wondering if it has something to do with celiacs.
  14. So after an array of awful symptoms like abdominal pain, alternating constipation and diarrhea, and loss of appetite, something left really wrong but I didn’t get the push to go to the doctor until I had a little blood tinged mucus after wiping. Then I knew something was really hurting my intestines. Went to the doctor, she told me it’s not quite time for a colonoscopy yet because I’m not having any painful symptoms, and the new diet seems to be working. She said if my symptoms come back, or I experience any blood tinged mucus from anal area again, I really should get a colonoscopy. Anyw
  15. So before I went gluten free, I would get a a ting of blood with mucus on the toilet paper when I wiped. I wouldn’t call it bleeding, it was just noticeable. I would get that roughly every couple of months, so very rarely but enough to notice. At one time the blood was dark red, the following time it happened the blood was bright red. Both times accompanying mucus, and always a few hours AFTER a bowel movement, (never with stool directly). Like I said though it was very small amounts only noticeable on toilet paper. I’ve heard this is just a symptom of inflammation from gluten intolerance. I k
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