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  1. Cyclinglady, YES! All that helps a lot. It's hard to know if more information or less is going to be helpful. I'm going to work on charting out the family. There are a lot of holes in what I know (father's family history is somewhat obscure to me, as my father died in 1979). If I could ask one more thing... if there was one book you read that made a real difference - the AHA! book - what was it? I've read a lot of what I think is just garbage probably. And online there are plenty of resources that aren't updated. I'm sure that everyone has had to wade through a lot of that trying to figur
  2. Hello, I'm brand spakin new to the idea of having a gluten issue/possible celiac, (definitely have IBS, definitely a food allergy forming person). I've had symptoms which I've definitively tied to gluten for the last few years, but I've been having health issues since teen-hood, including intestinal pain for 24 years (at any time, anyone could have ordered an endoscopy, but no, just now). I'm 45. Went to the GI and she has ordered a bunch of tests to rule in/out celiac. What I want to know is if I need to ask for any other tests or if I should be doing anything differently. I
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