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  1. I am booked for an endoscopy in two weeks, and have worsening symptoms that align with celiac disease. I've attached my blood results again. Just wondering if there is any chance I don't have celiac disease despite these results so far.
  2. Or is even small amounts of gluten enough to show the presence of disease? So basically I got diagnosed by my doctor based on strong test results after a short stay in hospital, my dr has submitted a celiacs diagnosis as official. I still need a gastroscopy, to assess damage and check for bowel...
  3. Hello. I recently got very sick with lots of symptoms noted with celiacs. My Dr said I will need an endescopy to assess damage, but that the blood test I received were highly specific, and she went ahead and diagnosed. I'm just wondering if there is any way this is wrong? My esr and immature...