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  1. vickiguerra

    Two Weeks Gluten Free

    No, I didn't know about digestive enzymes. Thank you
  2. vickiguerra

    Two Weeks Gluten Free

    The thing with me is I have not ever felt bad, just bloated. Eating doesn't bother me....my symptoms are not as severe as some of y'alls sound. Also I figured out last night that I obviously have been celiac since around 2003....I was...
  3. vickiguerra

    Two Weeks Gluten Free

    Thank you all.
  4. I have apparently been celiac this whole time. I got to thinking about when I first started having problems with my tongue about 10 years ago and my dentist would always talk about the villi on my tongue. I found this article tonight...
  5. vickiguerra

    Two Weeks Gluten Free

    Take out the corn too?
  6. vickiguerra

    Two Weeks Gluten Free

    Ok, so I take out the dairy. Is the rest ok to eat?
  7. vickiguerra

    Two Weeks Gluten Free

    About 5 months ago I just bloated up out of the blue....ever since then I eat 2 or 3 bites and am so full it's not even funny. All my gastro said was..you have celiac disease and you need to talk to a nutritionist...that was it. For...
  8. and I am still bloated???
  9. I take fluoxetine, 20 mg tablet from Par pharmaceutical. I sent them an email asking about Gluten in my medication and it is in it. Anyone one else have this problem? Thanks.
  10. vickiguerra

    Grocery Store

    I feel like I am a logical person so I am trying not to get wound up....all I can do is all I can do
  11. vickiguerra

    Grocery Store

    And to a newbie like me the extremist's scare the crap out of me!
  12. vickiguerra

    Grocery Store

    Extreme is right! I have read so much about cross contamination that I am just about ready to give it up! Make-up, lotion, soap, etc, etc! Even my medication that I am supposed to take everyday... I don't think that we will ever be...
  13. I found out that my Fluoxetine has gluten it....that is from the pharmaceutical that makes it. I sent a message to my GP and have yet to hear anything....
  14. Thank you bartfull. I was happy to have a diagnosis that didn't start with C and end with ER....I was convinced otherwise. I am trying to be positive about it. This disease sounds like it can be responsible for a lot of annoying ailment...
  15. vickiguerra

    How Precise?

    Villi damage is what I have too along with inflammation. My brain is tired from thinking about all of this. More research tomorrow. Have a good night