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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. thank you guys for the information. i have heard that coffee can never be 100% gluten-free...but i think more and more that it may be acid. thanks for all your help
  2. my hubby said that the acid is probably the culprit. I like the the silk dairy free creamer,,,but i am going to stay away from coffee and see what happens. i don't like being in these DF and gluten-free diets...but i have no choice.
  3. Thanks for getting back to me. Well I stopped coffee and my stomach issues stopped...kinda stinks tho. I was concerned about it attacking intestines...glad i know! I am going through some forums because I still have some mild issues...but much better than years ago.
  4. hello. its been a while since i posted, so i hope someone doesn't mind helping me. i was diagnosed with celiac over 4 years ago. i realized the past few times i had to take prednisone i barely got any symptoms and rashes. however, the past two weeks i get very sick from coffee. i can do a half of a cup, but more than that i am sick all day into the next with stomach pain. is the coffee affecting my stomach like gluten and dairy by making it sick? any help would be appreciated. ~christy
  5. Rash Mimics Dh But Not Celiac

    i wish these docs knew about all this. it seems lately that everyone is on this gluten-free diet...I would never want to go on it...its not fun or easy and I miss all the good foods, like today for the holiday I barely ate anything today and asked about the foods I felt were safe to eat...and then later I began itching so much and the rashes that were going away became so itchy and more red bumps....so upset. I know you talked about eating salt/iodine...two of the foods were quite salty like the ham....could that make me flare up again? btw...I am going to a second doc to get more answers. the lady who is the head of the gluten support group feels that my labs may have been misinterpreted...
  6. Rash Mimics Dh But Not Celiac

    so I have done some research and found some answers...but still want to check with doc later. according to my bloodwork, I have the dq genotypes, but my risk factor is low...so that, along with my "supposed" dh rash make me feel the doc said I cant get celiac because I am at a low risk. like I said earlier, the rash mimics the gluten rash a lot. being off gluten makes me feel a lot better, especially once the rash disappears more. if I am at a low risk and have this dh, why would they say no celiac? or am I just going crazy? lol
  7. Rash Mimics Dh But Not Celiac

    ok so I am going to have to eat shellfish eventually to test myself. I am not looking forward to that tho....rashes are slowly disappearing...but I hoping the discolorations leave too. its almost summer and they don't look to nice. it seems that others blood and endoscopy tests were negative like mine...so I am confused about this rash. maybe its just a rash I get from gluten and not dh...cuz that's what my results make me feel.
  8. Ncgi And Inflammation

    Thanks for the info. It is frustrating especially since I am new to this whole diet, but hopefully I will figure it out more by researching and reading these forums.
  9. hello ... I still feel really new to being gluten-free and df, so I have a question....someone wrote in that dr. fasano said that gluten intolerant people have inflammation inside...is that for just celiacs? or for others who are gluten intolerant? I am trying to understand all this cuz I recently was told by gi doc I am not celiac, but gluten intolerant ( I posted a question in one of the other forums) thanks for any info....
  10. Rash Mimics Dh But Not Celiac

    wow i never heard about dh and shellfish...I will have to try that. but its taken over a month and now the rashes are going away more...I really don't want to get them back...they are horrible. I am trying hard to keep all gluten n dairy out of me,....I worry with the holiday this weekend. atleast I know what I cook here at home will be safe...worried about when I go to other homes. if for some reason there is any shrimp, I may just eat a lot if I am courageous enough lol! I have read some of the other threads in this website...so glad I found it. very helpful! tomorrow is another day of my wonderful df and gluten-free life does it get any easier????
  11. Rash Mimics Dh But Not Celiac

    squirmingitch.... I have done the food diaries before, which what showed me that dairy didn't agree with me...I am going to give it a while longer to see how clear the rash becomes...that way maybe I wont have to stop iodine foods. I never heard of that as a problem with people...seems like a hard diet to stick to. I have a lot of questions for my gi doc when I see him....I just hope he is helpful and doesn't make me feel like I am just going crazy in my head...I know how I feel when I stay on a df and gluten-free diet...it is great! as for the labs....I have no clue....to me it looks like I have the dq genes and am at the lowest level to probably have celiac. the rash to me is dh...I felt that from the beginning...it mimics it so well. hopefully I can get thru easter with no cross contamination because I really don't want to be sick
  12. Rash Mimics Dh But Not Celiac

    greenbeanie....thanks for responding. I never thought of sulfites before...but it sounds like there are people like your self that cant have it or need to limit their intake of it. right now I am at a point of just giving up. there is so much info out there about celiac and gluten intolerances that I am overwhelmed. I had joined a gluten support group back in October...its been the best. when I tell my story of the past five years of symptoms, they all said it sounded just like celiac. I told this to my gi doc to who knows about celiac and he also felt that's what I had...until I got all these tests done. he wrote on my lab that I am negative for celiac because of genetics test, so that I am gluten intolerant instead. of course not eating gluten has helped me a lot... I wish I had the answers to what I need...with my symptoms, especially the rash, I just feel that its celiac. the rash is my biggest problem...I want to stop itching once and for all! lol I suppose I will never understand my labs...but I appreciate all the wonderful replies to this...
  13. Rash Mimics Dh But Not Celiac

    Thank you both so much! as for the genes with the minus sign...it was my error...on my lab it shows it like this DQ2-, DQ8- I thought that meant "negative", but they would usually be in front of the letters....right? lol I honestly have no clue....this column was under the heading "overall risks for patients carrying the DQ genotype"...the levels go higher and the highest one is DQ2Homozygous. my gene is at the lowest end so does this mean I have the gene, but at low risk? I sorry if I ask a lot....I am frustrated over all this and just want my body to be normal again. I don't see my gi doc until june, so I will have a lot of questions to ask him. I think I am just going to continue my gluten-free and df diet...since I know both make me miserable
  14. Rash Mimics Dh But Not Celiac

    On the paper it has a box that says at the top "overall risks for patients carrying the DQ genotype". Then there are columns under it in categories ranked from 8 ( extremely high) down to 1 (extremely low). I am at number 1... And shows what DQ genotype I have... Mine in this column shows DQ2-, DQ8 Does this mean I have both types but at low risk?
  15. Rash Mimics Dh But Not Celiac

    too funny I just got labs in mail.... deamidated gliadin peptide antibody, IgG (DGP IgG) is 1.3 EU/ml range says <4.9 EU/ml " " IgA (DGP IgA) is 1.3 EU/ml range says <6.1 EU/ml anti human tissue transglutaminase IgA ELISA (TTG IgA) is 0.3 U/ml range says <10.3 U/ml anti endomysial IgA, IFA (EMA IgA) is negative total serum IgA by nephelometry (TOTAL IgA) is 166mg/dl range for my age of 37yrs. is 44-441mg/dl it says celiac risk haplotype not detected DQ2-, DQ8- risk is <0.1x which is extremely low so, this shows I don't have celiac....and I guess the rash is just some rash I get with gluten. doc wrote on this paper saying I have gluten intolerance I honestly have no clue what all those numbers and names mean...but thank you for your help