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  1. I'm nearly 3 years gluten-free, I can tell you the first year was the hardest. It took 6 months to figure out I was intolerant...
  2. Fire Fairy

    Celiac And Perimenopause

    I've had that too but the worrisome thing is when it happens at work when I'm standing.
  3. Fire Fairy

    Celiac And Perimenopause

    Drat so that sounds like I should probably go to an doctor ASAP.
  4. Fire Fairy

    Celiac And Perimenopause

    Hi I'm chiming in as a Celiac and Migraine sufferer. 90% of my Migraines disappeared after going gluten-free. Migraines...
  5. Fire Fairy

    I Need A Gluten Free Hug!

    I need a gluten-free hug for a different reason but I totally sympathize with yours. (((((HUGS)))))
  6. My BFF thought my migraines were all stress! And that I was depressed. Yes great way to deal with stress and depression...
  7. I have re-occurring nightmares like that. (((hugs))) Now, never do that again.
  8. Fire Fairy

    Family Of Celiacs In Denial

    My mom got the blood panel and it was negative but I think it was wrong. Show me a list of symptoms and complications...
  9. Migraine, fatigue and a feeling of defeat.
  10. Fire Fairy


    Okay I work retail and have actually worked as a grocery store cashier in years past. Now my first fear for you would...
  11. November 2nd will mark my three years of being gluten free. Last November I went to my boyfriend's parent's home for...
  12. Fire Fairy

    Dunkin Donuts gluten-free?!

    Used to have one in walking distance, closet ones now would be a special trip but still as soon as possible I'll give...
  13. The The RN should be in deep trouble as well as the "Dietitian" or whoever was supposed to give your chart to the...
  14. Fire Fairy


    I'm almost 3 years gluten-free. We have a 6am store meeting today where a buffet of gluten foods will be provided.This...
  15. Fire Fairy

    Really?!? *^&%$#@

    I used to Nair (or was it Neet) my legs. One day after many years of using it I put the stuff on, all over my legs up...