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  1. I-pod at the dentist! That is awesome! Why have I never thought of that! I used to always get the happy gas but I stopped because 1) I heard one nurse at my old dentist telling the other nurse "Be sure he drills the right tooth this time." I was wishing I was a lot less loopey when I heard her...
  2. Riddle me this friends does taking a screen shot of a comment on a public forum and posting it in the same forum fall under violating this FB policy? "On Facebook people connect using their real names and identities. We ask that you refrain from publishing the personal information of others without their consent."

  3. Don't be offended folks I'm purging this account of all none Happy Pets gamers. I'm back in the game that's the only reason this page is active.

  4. Mom thinks her lens they pur in her eye during the cataract surgery is scratching her eyelid. Is that possible?

  5. Okay my inactive account sent me a friend suggestion? How is that possible?

  6. Okay I've been steaming broccoli and cauliflower for over 30 minutes, the bag said 6-8 minutes, why is it still frozen? The burner is on.

  7. Wow Dr Ross has been practicing over 35 years, that means I've known him all my life, wow just wow. (well pretty much all my life, all his career anyway)

  8. I could be in Georgia? I like the lower tax but other than that no thanks.

  9. Just spent 56 minutes on the phone to be told my taxes are due on April 15th and "IF" I qualify I could get an one month extension. She neglected to mention the extension costs 52$ plus interest, I found that out online before I called. I had to answer a series of questions before she could tell me taxes are due on the 15th even though I told her I knew it had to be filed by then I just needed to know if it was due that day or if they gave us a month after the filing deadline to pay. I knew t...

  10. So Who can tell me when and what channel on EPB cable Doctor Who is on?

  11. Merry Christmas everyone!!!!! Dudley's (cat) Christmas gift is that I don't know where his Santa hat is. ;)

  12. Had a dream cassette tapes were suddenly worth a fortune but of course I have trashed all of mine

  13. Farmville friends just so you know I still can't load the game. I've hardly been in since the opened the Christmas town. :(

  14. Just had an epiphany about a family squabble. If I'm right it really was a total miss understanding of what was going on. Now the question is am I right because if I'm not explaining it to the parties involved could just be all bad but if I'm right maybe a couple folks could be a lot happier around each other.

  15. Yes I think they keyboard is on its way o-u-t Out! I just hit the a key six times before it typed. Then I used it three times in this message (now 4) and its worked fine.

    1. shadowicewolf


      have ya tried cleaning it? Sometimes i'll get a key that'll do that and something pops out from underneith it.