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  1. I'm nearly 3 years gluten-free, I can tell you the first year was the hardest. It took 6 months to figure out I was intolerant to dairy, egg and soy. Now I can have all three again. I finally starting feeling alive again. It was and still is amazing. This past year has been harder for me but I think that is nothing to do with anything you might be going through (hormone issues). I may have a little bit of an advantage on some of the folks on the board as I literally believed I was going to die soon before I was told I might have Celiac disease. I'd never heard of it but when I was told it could be treated with diet I was over joyed! I thought maybe I had a brain tumor or something. Anyway when I first started my Doctor gave me Prozac and that I suspect made my withdraw milder. Don't know if that would help you or if you'd even want to try it. And like everyone else said you need more fruits and veggies but I'm the little chick with the horns telling you that. (I really need to work on eating my fruits and veggies)
  2. Celiac And Perimenopause

    I've had that too but the worrisome thing is when it happens at work when I'm standing.
  3. Celiac And Perimenopause

    Drat so that sounds like I should probably go to an doctor ASAP.
  4. Celiac And Perimenopause

    Hi I'm chiming in as a Celiac and Migraine sufferer. 90% of my Migraines disappeared after going gluten-free. Migraines require two triggers I spent over a decade knowing that and avoiding all the known triggers I possibly could but I did not realize gluten was a trigger. Two of my triggers are my hormones fluctuating during PMS (or PMDD) and barometric pressure changes (in other words an on coming storm). Every single time a storm front came in and every month just before my period I was guaranteed a migraine. I actually spent one third of my last year before being recognized as a Celiac with Migraine. Last week was very stressful as Monday my mom had to be sent by ambulance to the hospital. On Wed night I swelled up like a basketball in my abdomen area. When I got up Thursday morning I felt awful, it was mostly just a general feeling of doom with awful nausea. And then more symptoms piled on. It was a migraine without the head pain. I was very weak feeling and I could tell I was near passing out at work (I have a lot of experience with passing out when I was younger). I went to the breakroom and sat and realized all the notices on our bulletin board were blurry. I get olfactory hallucinations sometimes with Migraines which I think is a form of Aura. Not sure if I had it this time as I work in a place were I'm prone to dismiss some smells. I had to go home. A few hours later a strong storm came in. I recognized the next day I had cross contaminated (?) myself Wed by giving a therapy dog a biscuit and not being able to wash my hands immediately afterwards. At any rate in my case both hormones and gluten trigger migraines. Now I have a question, since I know there are a few ladies reading who have or are experiencing menopause at some stage. Many months during my period I drop large globs of blood. So large that it fills an extra long extra absorbing pad to the point that if I don't literally race to the restroom it goes through to my panties and then my jeans. My pads will be totally blood red and heavy and it's from one glob of blood. Is that just a symptom of PMDD, is it the coming of menopause or is this something I should be even more concerned about. Someone suggested it sounded like I was hemorrhaging. It's been going on for several years now. It doesn't happen every month but it happens more months than not. Thoughts?
  5. I Need A Gluten Free Hug!

    I need a gluten-free hug for a different reason but I totally sympathize with yours. (((((HUGS)))))
  6. My BFF thought my migraines were all stress! And that I was depressed. Yes great way to deal with stress and depression curling up into a ball and not moving for 13 hours. I was depressed and anytime someone said anything I was like "You try living with chronic migraine and see if you get depressed!" I have a migraine now, even gluten free I still occasionally get them. I'd say I'm averaging one a month (a few days long) now which is a lot better than pre-gluten free when it was around 33% of the year. Had a lady complaining to me at work about how much she suffers with Migraine. One year she had 4 of them!!! And one was on her Birthday!!! I was not amused. Not one bit. She was not sympathizing with me she was trying to get sympathy. Sorry but if you're lucky enough that's all you suffer I'm really not the one to whine to. Any migraine is awful but really it's like someone whining to you they had 4 days last year they had diarrhea! PS my older brother can't stand for me to say, "my guts hurt". He says, "ladies don't have guts". He's not trying to be funny either.
  7. I have re-occurring nightmares like that. (((hugs))) Now, never do that again.
  8. Family Of Celiacs In Denial

    My mom got the blood panel and it was negative but I think it was wrong. Show me a list of symptoms and complications from Celiac and my mom can check off over half. My brother as well. But now mom tested Negative that is likely subject closed. She's 76 this month and rapidly declining which is more upsetting because we have pretty good longevity in this family. (I'm trying not to freak out right now.)
  9. Migraine, fatigue and a feeling of defeat.
  10. Advice?

    Okay I work retail and have actually worked as a grocery store cashier in years past. Now my first fear for you would be brain fog when dealing with money. Especially because the thieves will know you are "new" as a cashier and try to get you to make change. It's a very common scam. They trick you into giving them back more money than you actually owe them. (I think they even showed this in old Vauderville routines it's that old of scam) If you've got brain fog you are a super easy target. I have had such severe brain fog that on a couple occasions when a customer handed me money I had no idea what it was. I knew it was something I was supposed to do something with but I didn't know what. It took me a few seconds to realize what was going on and in that time the customer was giving me a dirty look. (Like he thought I had an IQ of 40 ) My second fear would be things like flour bags where product could be air born. I'm clueless how to handle that I really am. I'd love to work at my local healthy grocery store but I really wouldn't feel safe handling flour bags, as they do sometimes bust and leave flour all over the other bags. Next would be the cookies from the bakery and the customers who had gotten free samples. If they let you wear gloves that might help. Questions: How does it look to the customer if you are wearing gloves? Can you count change in gloves?
  11. November 2nd will mark my three years of being gluten free. Last November I went to my boyfriend's parent's home for Thanksgiving. I didn't eat much as my first gluten-free Thanksgiving had been an epic fail. I did eat though as 1) I really wanted to be polite and make a good impression as this was my 1st meeting with his parents. 2) As various family members had various food issues and I saw gluten-free cookbooks everywhere (bought just for me) I decided I had to have faith. To my knowledge it was fine. Since then I've gotten brave and appear to have successfully re-introduced dairy, egg, and soy. I've gone to several resturaunts and eaten at a few other folks homes and all seemingly without incident. That said if I unknowingly work in an area where a cookie or a dog biscuit has been placed I start getting a migraine in under an hour with other symptoms to follow. A tiny unseen crumb gives me reactions that last around 5 days. Now here is what I'm wondering: It took about a year gluten-free for the nausea to go away, then for a year it was gone, well it seems to have come back in the last two months. Have I been letting myself get CC'ed to the point I've created more damage? It's just the nausea that seems to be back. And no I'm not pregnant. Not actually vomiting either just sick to my stomach. PS I don't have any medical tests to back up being Celiac just a MD who figured it out. My mom had the Celiac panel done a couple weeks ago and it came back negative despite her having a slew of Celiac symptoms. She will be 76 at the end of the month, she is very ill and the Dr's are clueless. I've gotten her to agree that if the neurologist doesn't find anything wrong she will try gluten-free. Which makes it more important I know if I'm messing up because the last thing I want to do is make her sicker after she goes gluten-free.
  12. Dunkin Donuts gluten-free?!

    Used to have one in walking distance, closet ones now would be a special trip but still as soon as possible I'll give it a try and post my report. Just called they said they will not have them for at least another month.
  13. The The RN should be in deep trouble as well as the "Dietitian" or whoever was supposed to give your chart to the dietitian.
  14. Dreams

    I'm almost 3 years gluten-free. We have a 6am store meeting today where a buffet of gluten foods will be provided.This is what I just dreamed in the short time I slept knowing I had to get up at 4am. Sometime after 3:05, after I feel asleep, I dreamed about big thick fresh baking biscuits. We were making tons of them and some other pastry because it was Christmas time, we were also re-heating old VHS tapes and watching them one last time. Found one from my days at middle school and I was being played by Bruce Willis. It was comic gold. Funniest thing I've ever seen. It was briefly interrupted by a Christmas parade my older brother had recorded, then it came back on and I was hoping I would be able to find a way to preserve it. Bruce was totally hilarious, then the phone rang. Dad answered it and told me it was Tony (manager at work) and he sounded mad. So I took the phone and I was mad because he was interrupting Bruce. It was a sales rep that wanted me to give him a tour of my work when I got there. And I though "Oh well I have to be there at 6am anyway why not." Well actually he meant 1pm when I get there for my regular shift. Still fine but after I hung up I realized it wasn't my call but Ebony's (former Front In Supervisor at work). After all once I clocked in I was supposed to head straight to Homeroom (middle school).
  15. Really?!? *^&%$#@

    I used to Nair (or was it Neet) my legs. One day after many years of using it I put the stuff on, all over my legs up to about mid thigh and it started burning. I ran into the shower to wash it off and I pulled the knob out of the wall. Then I had to run to my mother's bathroom, get her out of it, and wash the Nair off. (I was not at this time or for ten years after diagnosed.) It burned and it itched bad. For 7 days I tried everything I could think of to stop the maddening itch. Day 7 I followed an online home remedy of packing my legs in wet oatmeal. I'd say about 2 hours passed before I went to the ER, where they laughed at me. I had to get a steroid shot and take a series of pills. I was itching so bad when I went to the ER I was thinking I'd be fine with them cutting the wretched things off if I wouldn't get phantom leg syndrome! My advice would be if you need to, go to the Dr sooner rather than later. I tried to tough it out and I lost a whole week and only made it worse.