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  1. Mindala

    Corn sensitivity

    Hi there. I'm in the same boat here. I've been Gluten Free for 6 years now and recently started having a lot of symptoms...
  2. I just thought I'd add that I also use Dessert Organics for Shampoo, and Zuzu and Ecco Bella Make-up.
  3. Mindala

    Thinking Of Going Vegetarian

    Thank you so much, your post makes me feel more at ease about this. I'm sorry you couldn't regain corn. I strongly suspect...
  4. Mindala

    Thinking Of Going Vegetarian

    Thank you. I plan to gently test eggs by one day eating a piece of Udi's bread. If that goes well 2 pieces, and if that...
  5. Quoting Bartfull "If it was just an elevated risk of lymphoma, well, it would be up to you. But there are so many other...
  6. Mindala

    Cat Advice

    Congratulations on the new Furbaby! Cats are love wrapped in fur.
  7. Mindala

    Thinking Of Going Vegetarian

    Hi, this is Fire Fairy. I can't seem to get back into my old account. This thread looks like a good spot to update everyone...