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  1. Dear A. You've always been one of my favorite people on here. I admire your courage, humor, and great faith. I have always pictured you enjoying your guitar shop, your kitty, and your home because you always told me how much they gave...
  2. You should only test one food at a time. A mash up of several food items is too many food proteins and you'd have no control factor.
  3. I use this broth all the time and have never had a problem. Kind regards, IH
  4. Well, if you read the article, it states " new research suggests these folks may also react to non-gluten wheat proteins." So, it is also all the OTHER proteins in WHEAT that trigger our symptoms. It's not any additional foods, it...
  5. and now, consider me back on sabbatical
  6. Just letting you know that reports of my demise are greatly exaggerated.
  7. Now, That's freakin hilarious!!!
  8. I suggested using flour because most people already have G F flour in the house for baking pies and rolls. It probably won't be much of an added expense. A bit of flour and butter whisked into a roux is then added to the hot drippings...
  9. You bet. hon! Any recipes you have traditionally used can be converted. google away!
  10. I should note that we also made whipped potatoes and they were fabulous with the gravy I made from her pan drippings and my G F flour.
  11. Good. I am glad you recognize that fact because not everything that happens to us, our children and families is because of gluten. Having OTHER allergies/intolerances opens a door to so many other things that may have caused a "reaction...
  12. Who dragged out this old thread? I thought this one had died. Do parents of children with celiac disease really have to worry that their children’s retainers contain gluten? In a word: NO. BY : Amy Jones, MS, RD and Tricia Thompson, ...