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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. update; I have seen my PC and I have decided to start taking the once a week fosamax.
  2. New And Saying "hi"

    Hi , welcome to the forums.
  3. Bizarre Brain Symptoms?

    Gluten can affect the brain ,,, gluten ataxia I also have neurological symptoms when ingesting soy DH ( Dermatitis Herpetiformis) is a skin rash that only celiacs get. Welcome to the forums
  4. My ( very limited ) understanding of this makes me wonder if the damage at T11 and T 12 is from the osteoporosis and the damage from L2 through S1 is from the osteoarthritis,, This is a conversation I will have with my PC .Something tells me it will be a long conversation , The Pain Management Clinic I am going to does acupuncture and I am hoping it is something that can be included in my treatment plan. I am also hoping that swimming is something we can work into my exercise plan I see my PC on the 16th and go back to Pain Management on the 23rd so I have much research to do before then. I am considering Fosamax as an osteoporosis med.Fosamax has been on the market the longest, seems to have the least side effects and is proven to strengthen bone in the spine But I am also wondering if a shot may be better tolerated than a pill because of my digestive issues .. Lots to think about
  5. I have not seen my PC yet ,, I see him the middle of March. My ortho read the report said the disc herniation is mild and not currently needing surgery . and asked if I would go to see a back surgeon about the herniated dics ( for a second opinion) , I said no it would be a waste of time since I will not currently consider surgery . I was sent to the Pain Management Clinic , the doc there referred to it as Degenerative joint disease .He asked if my PC and I have discussed osteoporosis meds I said he has mentioned it and I see him again in March he said "good plan". I thought Degenerative joint disease was associated with osteoarthritis ?? What the report said :: ""There is old anterior wedging of T11 and T 12 , with focal central compression. A few Schomorl's nodes are incidentally noted . There are degenerative change with endplate change,particularly L5-S1. There is degenerative signal with in the T11-12 and L2-3 through L5-S1 intervertebral discs. The visualized spinal cord appears unremarkable , with the conus medullaris ending at about the T12-L1 level. There appears to be bilteral foraminal narrowing at L2-3 through L5-S1. at L2-3 there is mild disc bulge and hypertrophic changes posteriorly with narrowing of the spinal canal. At L3-4 there is mild disc bulge and hypertrophic changess posteriorly with narrowing of the spinal canal At L4-5 there is mild disc bulge and hypertrophic changes posteriorly with narrowing of the spinal canal At L5-S1there is mild disc bulge , a smal broad-based left lateral disc herniation into the neural foramina on the left, as well as hypertrophic change posteriorly, with narrowing of the spinal canal Impression . Mulitlevel disease L2-3 through L5-S1, including small broad -based left lateral disc herniation into the neural foramina on the left at L5-S1 and narrowing of the spinal canal at L2-3 through L5-S1 Apparent biateral neural foraminal narrowing at L2-3 through L5-S1 Mild old anterior wedging T11 and T12 with focal central compression Degenerative changes""
  6. I am in the US Any doctor can order the test ,,, but chances are a GP is not going to ,nor will they know the correct test to order. TG AB & TPO AB are the testing for thyroid autoantibodies that my endocrinologist did when she diagnosed my hashmotos . Mine were so high it made my ANA come back with a moderate positive .
  7. I got a copy of the MRI report in the mail today While the DEXA scan results are not that bad , my MRI report is BAD. I need to decide which of the osteoporosis meds I am willing to take.
  8. Most medications use corn/corn starch . To totally eliminate corn is nearly imposable but doable if you are extremely strict .When I eliminated corn I did not eliminate my medications and was lucky enough that I did not have to . Bartfull is correct that soy is one of the big 8 allergens so listed on packaging EXCEPT soy oil . There is a loophole in the law that does not require that soy oil be listed as an allergen on packaging
  9. I finally got my DEXA scan results AP spine L1-L4 -2.1 dual femur neck left -2.6 dual femur neck right -2.0 dual femur total left -2.0 dual femur total right -1.4 dual femur total mean -1.7 not to bad at all not bad enough to explain the compression fractures,,( I would not think any way ). I see my doc in March I am still waiting for a copy of the MRI report ,, it will be interesting to see what that says .
  10. to answer your original question ,, yes you can go from hypo to hyper . I have hashmotos and I bounce around . My endo thinks I may be going into graves ,, always something I would question the xamthum gum
  11. My ( limited ) understanding of lichen sclerosus is autoimmune with a possible connection to thyroid disease where as Dermatitis Herpetiformis ( DH) is an autoimmune disease associated with celiac disease . It would be possible to have both lichen sclerosus and dermatitis herpetifomis at the same time And yes it is very possible to have DH ( celics) with a neg blood work and endoscopy
  12. Dh Testing

    antibodies can stay active under the skin for up to 2 years after going gluten free , this is why the slightest bit of cross contamination can cause a flair in DH. The trickiest part of getting a diagnosis by skin biopsy is finding a dermatologist that has even a clue about DH. A diagnosis of DH is a diagnosis of Celiacs I would suggest thoroughly researching .dapsone before you consider taking it . Welcome to the forums edited to add: I forgot to mention , you must have active lesions to be tested for DH, the doc needs to take the biopsys from the skin NEXT to the lesions not of the lesions them selves .
  13. good article , 2 years ago my FRAX was ok( I was not at risk for a fracture ) it will be interesting to see what my FRAX score is now .
  14. gilligan, I have been told basically the same thing ,, I honestly dont know what I am going to do . I am considering the daily dose instead of the 6 month shot. If I react to something I would rather it was out of my body in a day or so not 6 months
  15. I have Hashimotos .I have been on thryoid meds for about the last 20 + years. I have been on name brand Synthroid since 2002 with no problems .I cannot take the generic ( I bounce around like a rubber ball ) it has to be name brand