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  1. update; I have seen my PC and I have decided to start taking the once a week fosamax.
  2. My ( very limited ) understanding of this makes me wonder if the damage at T11 and T 12 is from the osteoporosis and the damage from L2 through S1 is from the osteoarthritis,, This is a conversation I will have with my PC .Something tells me it will be a long conversation , The Pain Management...
  3. I have not seen my PC yet ,, I see him the middle of March. My ortho read the report said the disc herniation is mild and not currently needing surgery . and asked if I would go to see a back surgeon about the herniated dics ( for a second opinion) , I said no it would be a waste of time since...
  4. I got a copy of the MRI report in the mail today While the DEXA scan results are not that bad , my MRI report is BAD. I need to decide which of the osteoporosis meds I am willing to take.
  5. I finally got my DEXA scan results AP spine L1-L4 -2.1 dual femur neck left -2.6 dual femur neck right -2.0 dual femur total left -2.0 dual femur total right -1.4 dual femur total mean -1.7 not to bad at all not bad enough to explain the compression fractures,,( I would not...
  6. good article , 2 years ago my FRAX was ok( I was not at risk for a fracture ) it will be interesting to see what my FRAX score is now .
  7. gilligan, I have been told basically the same thing ,, I honestly dont know what I am going to do . I am considering the daily dose instead of the 6 month shot. If I react to something I would rather it was out of my body in a day or so not 6 months
  8. This is a major concern especially since I need to have the other knee done .My understanding is it is medically necessary to give me the steroids during /after the procedure ( something about an autoimmune sh*t storm as my doc put it ,lol ) I am putting it off as long as I can but it will have...
  9. Cyclinglady you may have been on to something ; After doing some reading and research I have to wonder if the IV steroids that I had during /after my full knee replacement last August may have been enough to throw off the delicate balance I have been maintaining.
  10. Thank you Gemini I have a lot of reading and research to do before I see my doc. My DEXA scan is next week and I will be very interested in how the score compares to last time . edit to add; I should mention that I have broken many bones in my adult life,,, any fall or bump could...
  11. You did not sound flippant ,, you sound like you are trying to help and I appreciate that I am not sure if my diabetes ( controlled ) or my hashimoto's ( receiving treatment ) would play a part or not
  12. No I have not had a recent endoscopy. I am super sensitive so it still may be an issue but as I said my vitamins and minerals levels are pretty good . I do blame the combination of being undiagnosed (celiacs) for very long time ( probably my entire adult life )and being 33 years post menopausal...
  13. I am not sure of the rules about posting this information so mod's let me know if I need to delete it The following information is from a publication from the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculature and Skin Diseases ( link available on request ) The Link Between Celiac Disease...
  14. Thanks Cyclinglady I do appreciate your input and I agree it is best to stay off the meds as long as possible ,,I have truly fought to stay off the meds but it may be time I am hoping to get some input about meds that work and are tolerated by celiacs