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  1. I haven't had a cracker that even comes close to a saltine. I learned a long time ago not to compare gluten free items with a gluten counterpart. It was a big disappointment. My family likes the Schar table cracker, Glutino crackers, Nut Thins/Nut Thin Artisan, and Nabisco gluten free crackers.
  2. Kraft, Unilever and ConAgra are all full disclosure companies, meaning if there is gluten as an ingredient it will be on the label. As for the specific products: Kraft BBQ you would need to read the label. Again as a full disclosure company they will list gluten ingredients. I buy lots of Kraft products and feel confident with the company. I have ate plain Kraft BBQ, but don't know about the specific flavors you mentioned. I also eat A1 steak sauce without incident. I haven't encountered a bacon I can't eat. Meats are required to label any grain. As for the rotisserie chicken, the sausage patty from McDonalds, and the ham from Bojangles, I personally wouldn't take the chance. To much risk for me with cross contamination. I have been known to eat McDonalds FF and hash browns on occasion since they cook them in a dedicated fryer and the chili and baked potatoes from Wendy's. Again it's still a risk from cross contamination and I have gotten some before. Here are a few links for you. I hope these links are correct, since I wasn't able to copy/paste the links this morning.
  3. I try my best to stick with potato or non grain vodka. My husband and I like Vikingfjord(potato). We tried Ciroc that is made from grapes and we didn't like it and it upset both our stomachs. I have drank Absolut (distilled from winter wheat) and did not have any issues with it at all. So I guess you just have to find one that works for you.
  4. Yes my oldest sometimes has insight well beyond his years. There is a girl in his class that he is crushing on and he recently found out she is gluten intolerant too. I thought it was cute, so I said to him that they could go on a gluten free date. He wasn't amused. IMHO if I was going to go through all the trouble to do a gluten challenge, I would ask for the whole celiac panel to include: total IgA, IgA tTg, IgA/IgG DPG. The labs that we have used in the past few years have changed to doing the DPG instead of the older tests. Hopefully you can get it straightened out and I haven't left any test out. It's been awhile since we have had to have any of those tests.
  5. The only other intolerance my youngest son and I have is to gluten free oats.
  6. Made chicken parmesan, side salad and steamed asparagus.
  7. Roda

    3 Years And Counting!

    Congrats to your new found health! I've been gluten free now for almost 5 1/2 years and am doing well also.
  8. Both my kids were eating gluten free meals at home but still ate plenty of gluten snacks and food outside of the home. Both tested negative on blood work after my diagnosis(age 3/7). Two years later my youngest still was having issues so had him tested again and blood test positive(age 5). We opted out of a biopsy since I had a solid diagnosis and his blood work was positive. Oldest son still had symptoms I was concerned about so he was tested every year and still had negative blood work. 2.5 years ago I had him scoped in the thought maybe he had false negative blood work. His biopsy was normal also. I had already decided to trial gluten free diet for him regardless since he had a lot of issues. The results were amazing. He is much happier and healthier and he decided to stick with it on his own. So I guess he is considered non celiac gluten intolerant. Since you are pursuing testing follow it through. That way you know you did all you could testing wise before you trial the diet.
  9. Roda

    Can I Just Say....

    I'm glad this has made it easier for you. My kitchen is mostly gluten free. My husband is the only gluten eater in the house. He has snacks, his own toaster and dedicated space on the counter. The rest is gluten free. He is good about not double dipping and gets everything he needs first then makes his sandwiches. He doesn't bake any gluten foods because I won't let regular flour in the house. He eats gluten free baked goods etc. and if he wants something different he goes to the bakery. I don't have to worry about the kids cc anything because they both are gluten free too. It sounds like it will be a big weight off your shoulders!
  10. At the time I was diagnosed I had asked my children's pediatrician to order the tests for them. He refused and I was mad as can be. They both were seeing an allergist at the time so I called and explained the situation and no problem, tests ordered. Both were negative then, but two years later my youngest son tested positive on his IgA tTg. Oldest son has always been negative on blood work and had a negative biopsy. He went gluten free a few years ago because of issues and they cleared up. He is diagnosed as non celiac gluten intolerant. Good luck in your journey.
  11. My kids eat them all the time! Taste wise, I like them much better than other gluten free brands. We have not had any issues with them at all.
  12. I can't vouch for the product, but personally wouldn't use it. I won't even consume anything with wheat grass in it. I know that it is the grain that we react to but, I just can't bring myself to do it. Hopefully you won't have any reaction or if you do it's mild. My reactions to things can be hit or miss. I've reacted badly from cross contamination , but recently when I accidently age a few bites of a rice dish that had wheat vermicelli in it I didn't react that bad. I had a stomach ache for a few days.
  13. My youngest son and I don't eat Kind bars because of the cc from gluten free oats. My oldest son is fine with them.
  14. We use the daily in this brand. It is non-dairy, non-gmo, gluten free, soy free, preservative free and vegan. I don't know if it is corn free. You could contact them and ask.