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  1. It's weird that you suggest that I tell people that it's Celiac's regardless of the result because I was contemplating on doing the same thing! I am SO convinced that it is that I have even challenged people to bets, although they never took up the offer, lol. It's DEFINETELY got something to...
  2. If you can, try and go gluten free for as long as possible and see what happens to your OCD thoughts/actions. You may just be surprised! I'm kinda like your dad, I will always look for a natural treatment for health issues rather than manufactured medicines. I'm especially against being on...
  3. I won't get my blood test results until around Tuesday, but I was wondering if anybody had OCD like behaviors or thoughts? I have had scary thoughts for 15 years but ever since going gluten free last week they have almost completely vanished! I get the odd fleeting thought (more a flash than anything...