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  1. Hi Sammykins. I have blood test and biopsy proven Coeliac disease - and I don't have either the DQ2 or DQ8 gene. So it is possible. But if you are off gluten and feeling better then you should stay off gluten. It's not worth making yourself sick again just for a definite diagnosis.
  2. Orgran bread mix can be made as vegan bread. I've tried it that way and it is quite nice. But it does taste better when you add the egg and milk powder. I think that Silly Yaks bread is vegan but you need to check that because I'm not certain.
  3. Don't forget that The Irresistible Gluten Free Fod Show is on next month. They always have a big range of products. http://www.glutenfreefoodshow.com.au/ I'm going to go and sample food until I make myself sick. Last year they had gluten free Wagon Wheels. Fantastic!!!!
  4. I went to NZ earlier this year for the Asia Pacific Outgames in Wellington and it was awesome. Australia is pretty good at gluten free but NZ is even better. I had no problems eating out gluten free. Most cafes had gluten free bread options (even in the small towns) and I was even able to get...
  5. I don't think the Freedom oats are anything special. It's just a marketing ploy to whack a label on something that's wheat free naturally. I don't think they actually have to test the oats to label them wheat free like they do with gluten. If that's the case then they're no better than regular...
  6. Are you sure? I've never seen them. Just because they are in the healthfood aisle doesn't mean they are gluten free. You can't legally label oats gluten free in Australia. How are these labelled?
  7. You should also try Hooked Healthy Seafood to Go in Prahran and Fitzroy if you feel like fish and chips. They have a gluten free menu and can do gluten free chips, and fish and calamari in glutne free batter. They have a dedicated gluten free fryer. They also have optional gluten free soy sauce...
  8. Have you discovered Mrs Parma's in Little Bourke St yet? http://www.mrsparmas.com.au/ They have a gluten free menu with 8 different kinds of chicken (and vegetarian) parmagianas on it. They also have gluten free beer. I eat there a lot and have never had a problem.
  9. Be really, really careful when eating at Grill'd because their cross contamination awareness and control is absolutely non-existent! They do have gluten free buns and the staff can tell you which toppings are gluten free..... However: 1) All the buns go through the same toaster thing and it...
  10. My girlfriend suffers from this. She blows up like a bullfrog if she eats too much fructose. A lot of the symptoms are similar to Coeliac disease so it may be hard to tell them apart. Fructose malabsorption is all to do with quantity and loading. So some days a certain food might be fine and other...
  11. You shouldn't have too many problems. Australia has a really high awareness of coeliac disease. It's pretty easy to be a coeliac in Australia. Lots of restaurants and cafes (especially in the inner city) cater for the gluten free diet. An awful lot of restaurants now mark menu items as gluten...
  12. Check out this company. They're based in Australia but they do tours all over the world. http://www.glutenfreetravel.com.au/
  13. For anyone out there who lives in Melbourne.... There is a new cafe called Code Red in Thornbury that just opened a few weeks ago - and they specialise in gluten free and allergy friendly foods. They do gluten free pancakes, french toast, big breakfasts, cakes, fish and chips, chicken parmas,...
  14. I have stolen my girlfriend's gloves. They are really helping - although I do feel like a bit of a nuff-nuff wearing gloves in Australia (even though it is winter at the moment). I need better socks though. I'm a cheap skate and don't like spending money on things like socks. Consequently all...
  15. Yes, all the time. And my girlfriend does have a tendency to shriek when I touch her. It's not the response I'm really looking for although it does have it's amusement value.