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  1. Hi Sammykins. I have blood test and biopsy proven Coeliac disease - and I don't have either the DQ2 or DQ8 gene. So it is possible. But if you are off gluten and feeling better then you should stay off gluten. It's not worth making yourself sick again just for a definite diagnosis.
  2. http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/coeliac-disease-much-more-prevalent-than-thought-study-shows-20130828-2spel.html
  3. Australian Coeliac disease expert Dr Jason Tye-Din is interviewed in this radio show. His interview starts at about 24:25 mins. http://rrrfm.libsyn.com/einstein-a-go-go-21-april-2013
  4. Dr Jason Tye-Din (a world-leading Coeliac disease specialist) and Dr Sue Shepherd (a dietician who specialises in Coeliac disease) are interviewed on the Australian radio station 3AW. http://media.mytalk.com.au/3aw/audio/140112_talkinghealth.mp3 feed://www.3aw.f2.com.au/Podcast/Feeds/66.xml
  5. Mack the Knife

    Wheat In Nz And Australia Has No Affect On Me

    I'm from Australia too and I have no idea why you didn't react to the wheat here in Australia. We certainly have a high rate of Coeliac disease here. In fact our diagnosis rate is higher than the U.S.. Australia has a massive wheat industry, so you were probably eating wheat that was grown in Australia - not the usual GM patented wheat grain that you might be eating in the U.S.. But Australian wheat isn't anything special, and is certainly still chock full of gluten and may well be genetically modified as well.
  6. Mack the Knife

    How Many Of Us Assume A Gfd Will Fix It?

    It took me more than two and a half years on a very strict gluten free diet before I really started to feel better. Some people just take a while to heal. My specialist says it is not uncommon. The one thing I probably should have done differently was be a bit kinder to my intestines while they were healing. I should have ditched coffee and alcohol and stuck to things that were easy to digest. I think an SCD diet is probably not a bad idea for a while.
  7. Orgran bread mix can be made as vegan bread. I've tried it that way and it is quite nice. But it does taste better when you add the egg and milk powder. I think that Silly Yaks bread is vegan but you need to check that because I'm not certain.
  8. Mack the Knife

    The Latest In Coeliac Disease Research

    I'm not sure about the gene thing. Genes come in pairs so nobody has just the HLA DQ2 gene (except for a few people who are double DQ2). The researchers are saying that the vaccine will benefit 90+% of celiacs so I think this means that you just have to have the DQ2 gene and it may not matter what the other gene is. I am one of those rare celiacs who doesn't have either the DQ2 or DQ8 gene so I am not holding out a lot of hope that the vaccine will ever benefit me personally. It's still pretty exciting though!
  9. I have posted this link in the Publicity and Publications forum but I just realised that it probably belongs in this forum. Sorry for the double posting. This is an interesting video of a public lecture about the latest advances in coeliac disease research that was held in Melbourne Australia last month. Some of the world's leading experts on coeliac disease talk about their research.
  10. Mack the Knife

    Cereal Offender

    Article from The Age April 10 2012 Cereal Offender
  11. Mack the Knife

    No Gluten Free Food In The Entire Stadium.?

    The MCG in Melbourne has gluten free pies and the members area has gluten free beer. they also have a Spud Bar which has lots of gluten free options. Rod Laver Arena sells gluten free pies during the Australian Open.
  12. Mack the Knife

    First Time On Plane Celiac

    There used to be a few health food shops in Melbourne that carried a very limited range of Lara Bars. But they all seem to have stopped selling them recently. I wasn't a fan to be honest. They were very dense and sticky. I always need to drink a litre of water after eating one to wash it down. I eat Carman's Fruit Deluxe muesli bars which you can get at most supermarkets in the regular muesli bar aisle. They're labelled gluten free and are the same price as regular muesli bars. Plus they are delicious. I'm not a fan of Trio bars either. I tried one and it tasted like bubble gum which just seemed wrong.
  13. Mack the Knife

    Halloween Help

    Yeah. I think you should let your daughters go trick and treating - and then they can come home exchange their loot with you for an equal amount of gluten free candy. Then you can keep the candy they can't eat and give it away next Halloween. Maybe give you daughter some gluten free candy to take with her though so she's not tempted to cheat during the evening.
  14. Mack the Knife

    Burger Joint - Gluten Free Buns - Same Toaster?

    What about Deeks? That gluten free bakery in Canberra. Do they do burgers? I believe that Burger Fuel and Lord of the Fries both offer gluten free buns now. I don't know about their cc awareness though.
  15. Mack the Knife

    Burger Joint - Gluten Free Buns - Same Toaster?

    The bun is the most easily solved problem. Grill'd use a conveyer belt toaster (which is always COVERED in crumbs - so they just need to put your bun on a piece of baking paper when they put it through. I don't think the meats will be a problem there. Most of the veggie burgers contain gluten so maybe check that they don't cook them on the same grill as the meat. It's the toppings that are the big problem. Maybe talk to the manager at your local store and discuss the cc issue.