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  1. precious831

    Nuts From Bin At Whole Foods

    LOL yup I call WF Whole Paycheck too...sheesh. Good news is that Trader Joe's is coming and it's going to be right in front of Whole Foods! How funny is that? I actually have a big freezer. I caved in and bought one last yr. It's filled with meats. DD is sensitive to a lot of meats so I stock up on game meats and meats for us too. I also bake stuff and freeze them. I freeze the nuts too and nut flours. I'm only allowed to use nut flours because I can't tolerate grains. I've been organic nuts from nutsonline, they're not bad but the shipping is expensive.
  2. precious831

    Nuts From Bin At Whole Foods

    That's a great idea, I'll call and talk to the manager about that. I have to be really careful because I'm not just gluten-free, I can't tolerate any grains. I was aware of the bins being used for different things. I did ask about that and the person that I spoke to said that if they were going to put something different in it, they wash the bins first(at Whole Foods). And yeah the scoops too was a concern for me.
  3. precious831

    Help With Grain Free Baking

    I'm paleo and also have celiac disease. You can use nut flours. Peanut is not a nut, it's a legume so I believe it's not paleo-approved(I'll have to check again). You can use almond, pecan, hazelnuts, chestnuts, any nut. I usually buy them raw, soak and dehydrate. To make it easy for you, you might just get almond flour. Also sugar is not paleo approved.
  4. precious831

    Help With Grain Free Baking

    Sorry, garbanzo and tapioca flours are not paleo-approved.
  5. I can't tolerate any grains at all so yes I do react to gluten-free oats.
  6. Normally I won't consider buying nuts from bins even at Whole Foods. They have some that are packaged but it's not better because it says "manufactured on the same equipment as wheat, milk, etc." Then I thought well I wash the nuts anyway and soak them, then dehydrate them. What do you think? Should I take a chance because I wash the nuts, soak for 12 hrs and then rinse and dehydrate them anyway? I was buying from an online website but it's getting really expensive buying plus the shipping fees. Thanks.
  7. precious831

    How Are The Grain-Free Folks Doing?

    Good luck and hope you feel better!
  8. Has he been tested for food allergies? About the stomach aches, any other symptoms? Diarrhea maybe? Backpain?
  9. If I try going grain free, how long would it take to see a result? I would be willing to try it for a few weeks if that was long enough to tell. Grain free sounds pretty difficult - I'm just finally getting the hang of cooking with gluten free flours!
  10. I'm sorry you're going through this. My sis and some family members think I made this whole thing up and don't really believe me and act like I am such an inconvenience to them and definitely a real party pooper! So feel free to rant away! I don't have an article in mind but I can tell you that he's not sick from being gluten-free, that is just absurd! There's probably some articles here on celiac.com that could be good for them to read. I don't know what's gonna do it though, you've already explained it, it's like beating a dead horse, who's to say they will believe what they read? I did this with my brother and he still didn't believe me! I think it will take time, sadly. My mom seems to be coming around so there is hope. I hope your husband feels better soon. My DH is grain-free like DD and I for the most part. I do believe he eats stuff with grains sparingly outside of the home. I cook/bake everything. It's an issue when traveling and going to people homes. I ignore the snide remarks but I realize after a while you just want to scream and just get mad. I know I do. Hugs to you!
  11. I was gluten-free/DF for a year and also was not improving much so after a lot of talk with the GI and my own personal research, I decided to avoid all grains all together. The difference was like night and day for me. Plus I'm no longer suffering from high blood pressure, not borderline diabetic anymore as well. I know this is drastic but if all else fails(I was very desperate) then you could try going grain-free. I also avoid soy, I'm intolerant to it. Also my 3 yr old is also grain-free. We live on a paleolithic diet pretty much. I hope this helps, again I'm not saying this is the answer but it might be worth a shot. Good luck. There's quite a few of us here(not a whole lot) who are grain-free celiacs.
  12. precious831

    At What Age Was Your Child/children Diagnosed Celiac?

    My daughter was diagnosed at 2 yrs old. She was negative on the celiac panel but was diagnosed through elimination diet. She had the typical celiac symptoms. The doctor and us were not willing for her to undergo the biopsy especially after he said it might be missed anyway. So we're happy the way it was handled. After about 1 yr on the gluten-free diet she kind of stopped growing so she went completely grain-free and she started gaining weight again.
  13. I think it's normal to worry. I do think of it. 2 years ago we got caught in a similar catastrophe. We had a severe ice storm that left much of the state in the dark. We had no water, heat, no electricity for a month. Thank God I was able to find a seedy hotel and we lived there for 3 weeks. My baby was only 15 months old, it was hard, really hard. We just tried to make do of what we had, thankfully the room had a small fridge and a small electric stove. I got so sick there because the room was a smoking room and I wasn't about the turn that down when there was no where else for us to go to. The temps dropped way low during that time and I'm not about to live with my baby in a house with no heat, water and electricity and couldn't even find gas to gas up the car. Nowadays when it starts snowing heavy I start thinking that that dreadful day. Just thankful we made it because some people froze to death in their homes.
  14. precious831

    Vanillqa Almond Milk!

    I like the Pacific brand but most of the time I just make my own almond milk. It's really not that hard.