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  1. I can't tolerate any grains at all so yes I do react to gluten-free oats.
  2. I was told that sometimes wheat starch is used to seal the bag, so I'd be careful with bagged teas. I stick with loose tea.
  3. We used to get those Mexican Cokes too in a bottle, they're pricey. But I can't remember if I reacted to that, I'll have to try it again. Funny thing, I don't react to Sprite. I'm fine with it. Thanks for all the ideas everyone! I'll look for the suggestions. I mostly drink water and roibois...
  4. Thanks everyone! I don't think I'm sensitive to corn but yeah perhaps that's it. I was thinking of caramel color. My symptoms were sort of similar to glutening(but milder). Except no swelling of the joints, so far that's all I noticed. But the same familiar bloating, cramping, headache etc...
  5. I don't drink much soda but I admit I do like a Coke every now and then. Well it seems I'm reacting to this as well. I tried one over a week ago and tried again today just to see. Anyone else reacting to Coke like they've been glutened? Please no posts telling me I shouldn't be drinking this...