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    DX'd June 17th 2013,
    Have Problems with Corn and High Fructose Corn Syrup. Figured that around out about Oct, 2013. What next?
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  1. I have lost almost 40 lbs since I have been gluten-free ... I was about 50 lbs over weight. I need 10 more lbs gone! Funny thing my daughters mom in law was DX'd a few months before I was, she was a skinny mini. She has gained the weight I have lost it. The only thing I can think of is I cannot eat...
  2. I also use a Cpap and am Celiac. Hmm Not sure it's because of Celiac, but I have it none the less.
  3. Is it just the Lindt Truffles that have Malt in it?? Or is it all the chocolates????? Every once in a while I treat myself to lindt chocolate bar. I guess thats a nono huh??
  4. What eles you can do to while waiting for for test and appointments? Take up a hobby! Start crocheting or knitting, painting, reading good books. Don't scare yourself into anything. The net can be a scary place. Let the Drs. do their job. Give them your ideas and such and tell them you have read...
  5. My thought is, when they say something is Gluten Free it is not truly " Free" it can have trace amounts. So you may be cannot tolerate those trace amounts. Like some people can tolerate gluten-free Oatmeal and some cannot. Everyone reacts to different stuff. You may have some other intolerance,...
  6. Ha ya all having a party? Ohhh my! Yes those Sammy's sound delish! I am going up north this weekend , going to go buy some gluten-free bread prob. Udi's and some gluten-free burger buns and hot dog buns! My daughter and 1 grandson are gluten-free so it's not like they won't get used up!
  7. I think some of those also! Sometimes I just want to reach into that cracker box and eat one! It is a ride but it gets easier as time goes on! So very sorry your going thru so much! It is tiring just to have that much stress of your everyday life let alone your diet. Prayers sent your way sweetie...
  8. Who knew? Where did you find this out? Learn something new every day! When I thought I was having a problem with Rice this never came up. I will have to do a search on the subject. Thanks
  9. This is my Fish soup I made the other day It was soooooooo yummy! And I just kinda winged it Hubbs loved it! I loved it!
  10. What a beautiful cake! I have about 6 sewing machines kareng I love to sew but I have to take them in! Not a 1 works! Right anyway! LOL I want to make fish soup tonight. Not sure I have everything tho so maby just some Salmon and baked potato and some spinach or something? Ohh I have some pretty...
  11. I have switched to Lundburg rice even tho I don't have a problem with rice, I usually do rinse rice. But I have heard so many say how good Lundburg is, I decided to just be safe
  12. This looks awesome! I am gunna give it a try! Thanks!
  13. No prob! I had another lil recipe for bread. It had Almond Flour, egg and a sweetner or garlic, and water. You put it in a cup and microwave it. Reminded me of the 3-2-1 cake. Anyhow do you think I can find the recipe?? Nope! I loved that bread.