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    Recovering Gluten eater

    DX'd June 17th 2013,
    Have Problems with Corn and High Fructose Corn Syrup. Figured that around out about Oct, 2013. What next?
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  1. w8in4dave

    Just venting.....

    I went thru the same thing. It usually happened when I went out. Not necessarily to eat but even going shopping. Come to find out it was corn that was bothering me. I would go shopping and decide to buy myself a soda. 15 mins later i'd be...
  2. My Dr. Put me on a Prenatal vitamin. 1 mil. of folic acid a day. I can tell if I don't take one for a couple of days. He said hed put me on the prenatal so I get more than just the Folic Acid.
  3. Even in this forum some people have a hard time with gluten-free oats. Have you had your vitamin levels checked? Just curious I was suffering from, no energy, hair loss, mouth sores, Nails coming loose, and low and behold it was Folate ...
  4. Well I think the law is 20PPM for labeling gluten-free, sometimes that is to much for certain people. Alot of people can eat gluten-free oats for example. Others cannot. I do not eat gluten-free boxed stuff, but once every so often. Like...
  5. I know what your saying, I was sick for a while before I had to fib to my Dr. To get him to do a Celiac panel. I was missed Dx'd with a rash they called Lichen Planus , it turned out after a couple years it was lack of Folic Acid. I say...
  6. notme, and Bartful, I make my own tea all the time!! My latest thing is making flavored water with either lemon and lime or cucumber. Cut it up, put it in water and let it set a day or two. Wow!! Very good!! Bartfull, I hope I can get corn...
  7. Because I have a corn intolerance I have a problem with bacon. Not sure it is corn or nitrates or what. I have only found one kind of bacon I can eat and it's up north. I eat alot of greens! Love to put them in eggs. I don't know why I am...
  8. I have lost almost 40 lbs since I have been gluten-free ... I was about 50 lbs over weight. I need 10 more lbs gone! Funny thing my daughters mom in law was DX'd a few months before I was, she was a skinny mini. She has gained the weight...
  9. Well its been two years since I was DX'd its going pretty good. I was still having problems with energy levels. I finally went to the Dr. and said you have got to do something about this, he did blood work, found out it was folic acid I...
  10. w8in4dave

    Curry Powder

    I found this master list... http://www.glutenfreeveganmom.com/2011/10/03/gluten-free-spices-master-list/
  11. So I had to put my 11 yo Shih Tzu down not long after new years. At first I didn't want another dog because my heart was so broken. You take your dog to the vet to get a pill for issues and find out he is so sick he has to be put down. It...
  12. w8in4dave

    Eating Is Exhausting!

    My face used to turn Bright red when I ate, no longer does. I had a Gluten free beer one day and Bam my face turned bright red. You may have other intolerances , I found I had Soy, corn, and also lactose intolerant, I can have some lactose...
  13. w8in4dave

    Top Bar Not Working Correctly

    I have a hard time with the whole new set up! Yesterday I finally got to get into my content. I hadn't been able to get into that for a few days.
  14. w8in4dave

    Hand Tremors

    Thanks for the info everyone! I will look that up Pegleg84. I guess I have a few things to look up! Thanks!