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  1. jddh

    Refractory 1

    Hi @moomoo5, I've had a long & winding story in & out of non-responsive celiac activity. Most recently, I have some cellular evidence suggestive of type II RCD, but it's not confirmed. Anyway, I've learned too much about this...
  2. @cyclinglady thanks for checking in Restricted diet didn't do much. Still had some VA last time they checked. Heath still otherwise fine, so RCD remains unlikely. My sxs kick in lockstep with life stress, so that kind of points to some...
  3. Something that's always weirded me out since I became somewhat non-responsive on repeat biopsies: I don't get colds anymore. Ever. I used to get maybe 5 a year — standard stuff. Nothing in the past 3 years. I get a lot of sleep these days, ...
  4. They didn't suggest any probiotic support. Ultimately the side-effects of this drug stabilized approaching the end of the course of treatment, though after it was finished, I was perhaps a bit improved, but no profound symptom resolution...
  5. Thanks for your thoughtful responses folks! I ended up transitioning to taking the antibiotics with food, instead of on an empty stomach. This helped with the side-effect symptoms. I hope it didn't compromise the treatment. Things did indeed...
  6. It's easy to assume that symptoms=gluten and no symptoms means it's ok! We've all done it. But you must avoid gluten at every meal if you have a confirmed diagnosis. Instead of waiting for symptoms, read up on labelling laws, ingredient...
  7. Hi friends, I know there’s other posts about Rifaxamin here. I’m writing mostly to share and vent, and wondering if anyone has updated experiences. Long story short: (long story here) somewhat unresponsive celiac disease after yea...
  8. Thanks @LauraTX, @squirmingitch had recommended them before, and finally I've just joined up. I'll see about collaborating with them.
  9. jddh

    "Pre-Celiac" & scared

    PPIs should not affect your digestion of gluten one way or another. Many folks with celiac disease may have villous damage without obvious symptoms. Others eventually get symptoms after the disease is "activated," but exactly how or why...
  10. @cyclinglady—so glad to hear you're on the mend!! That's encouraging.
  11. Considering doing a commercial test on some staples and medications as I contemplate continued inflammation after years of a strict diet. Has anyone sent away for this? Right now my top consideration is ELISA-TEK's gliadin test, which I...
  12. Yeah that's an odd one. I once had an utterly horrible reaction to plain steak and a salad topped with lots of commercial powdered parmesan cheese, at a restaurant. I always suspected a flour or barley-based anti-caking agent in the cheese...
  13. Well it might have affected my biopsy, in any case it wasn't squeaky clean... Updated my long story here if you're interested.
  14. So I got tested again, and bad news is I had some partial villous atrophy in December. Damn. However: (1) I had a big gluten mistake in October, about six weeks prior to the scope; and (2) they redid the full workup, and this time I DON...
  15. Right, it’s boilerplate legalese, but why would it necessarily follow that the product is safe for all us “non-mainstream” consumers? Particularly the above user who feels they had a reaction to it? It’s been suggested on this site and els...