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  1. Waitingindreams

    Short term disability question

    Thank you so much for your reply! I was just beginning to doubt myself...if I made a mistake by just accepting their...
  2. Waitingindreams

    Short term disability question

    Hi cyclinglady! It has been a long time. I had myself convinced I was managing my celiac disease with the SCD. It - did...
  3. (I wasn't sure what category was appropriate here) I am trying to keep this brief. Back last year, I was feeling...
  4. Waitingindreams

    Old Hag Syndrome / Sleep Paralysis

    I've experienced this more times than I can count. It's always really scary! The worst part is that sometimes I will...
  5. I make sure everything I use is gluten free, and my skin has improved so much! I also have a wheat allergy, though. Face...
  6. Waitingindreams

    Halitosis And Body Odor...feeling Embarrassed...please Help!

    I saw someone else already mentioned this - but I agree that the "halitosis" is most likely due to your hiatal hernia...
  7. Waitingindreams

    So Happy!

    Thanks everyone! Haha, yeah I kept them because I was always hoping I'd go back down. I kept trying to work at it...
  8. Waitingindreams

    So Happy!

    I have always struggled with my weight, since I was about 8 years old. I was always active in sports or dance...I never...
  9. Waitingindreams

    Possibly Contaminated Nutbag?

    The sink at my bf's house is metal, so I think I'll go with Stephanie's suggestion! I'll scrub it with the dish detergent...
  10. Waitingindreams

    Possibly Contaminated Nutbag?

    stephanie - Thanks for your response! I think after this we'll get into the habit of actually washing the sink. Anyone...
  11. Waitingindreams

    Possibly Contaminated Nutbag?

    I think the nut bags have to be washed by hand :\ Lol, there were no visible crumbs or anything. We keep the sink...
  12. Waitingindreams

    Possibly Contaminated Nutbag?

    We literally purchased nut bags from a health food store, rather than using cheese cloths. Here is the one we use: ...
  13. Hi everyone! Happy New Year! Okay so...I have been on a very strict diet since October. I have been cooking a lot...
  14. Waitingindreams

    Chef That Wants Your Feedback

    Ooh boy! I am excited for this. Gotta prepare. -runs in place, shakes out hands- OKAY! Here are my ideal situations...
  15. Waitingindreams

    Body Odor

    I can't really help you on the skin thing...I sometimes randomly have armpit odor (before applying deodorant) and sometimes...