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  1. Because I think the moral thing to do is inform the parents that quotes from their kids will be posted online. I include the option to message me because some parents prefer to not post about their children publicly. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t violate any self promotion since my blog’s name/my full name isn’t stated. Like if someone mentions they work at a restaurant. They aren’t promoting the restaurant, they are just giving context.
  2. I'm not religious at all, but I was really upset when the pope totally rejected gluten free wafers. I love what is written above - God/Jesus would not want anyone to get sick. I hope more churches offer totally gluten free options for those who need it.
  3. Hi! I want to make sure I don't break any self promotion rules. Is this an acceptable post since I do not mention my blog's name and do not include any links? I've been a member of this forum for years. "Hey parents - I'd like to put together a list of positive quotes from kids with Celiac. Quotes will be posted on my blog anonymously (I'm not including my blog's name/link because I don't want to break and self promotion rules - just looking to do something inspiring and positive for the community). Please feel free to comment or message me directly 1. What's the best part about having Celiac Disease? 2. What is better now that you eat gluten free? 3. What would you want to tell other kids your age who just got diagnosed?"
  4. WinterSong

    possible gllutened at work

    I don't think there is anything to stop an autoimmune reaction. However, I would try meditating. The stress of knowing when we are going to get sick does not help us.
  5. WinterSong

    possible gllutened at work

    What are your symptoms? Do you know your reaction time? Unfortunately, I don't think there is a way to immediately stop a gluten reaction. Drink lots of water, rest, and be kind to yourself. Sorry to hear that you got glutened!
  6. WinterSong

    Dry skin around jawline

    Thank you so much for your advice! I'll try some of your suggestions. Unfortunately, I think I'll be skipping the dermatologist if I can manage. Super high deducible means i'd be paying out of pocket
  7. This is the second time this has happened over the past 2 months. I've developed some very dry skin that starts at the base of one ear and wraps down/under/around my entire jawline. It's not my entire neck - it mostly wraps in a line around my face. My makeup/brushes never touch that area and I haven't changed facial products recently, so I'm totally puzzled as to what I could be doing that caused this. I'm wondering if anyone has ever gotten a similar reaction due to food intolerances/allergies? (Background: I've been diagnosed with Celiac Disease for several years and am very strict about the diet. Sensitive to soy. No other known food allergies/intolerances)
  8. WinterSong

    Question on posting

    I made an informative video for Celiac Awareness Month that demonstrates how small 20ppm is. Am I allowed to post a vimeo link? Thanks!
  9. This was on last Tuesday. So happy that a popular national news program is spreading good information!
  10. I am so angry. I am all about universal screening for Celiac Disease. It is a tricky disease to diagnose. Your only symptoms may be joint pain, depression, or weak nails, which people will try to cure with medication or a good manicure. With roughly 80% of the Celiac population remaining undiagnosed, universal screening could save thousands of lives. This article popped up in my twitter feed regarding US physicians who are unsure whether universal screening would provide “health benefits” for those who exhibit no symptoms ( First of all, no symptom is a symptom! There is something called “Silent Celiac Disease”, and I personally know several people who have it. They experience no outward symptoms caused by gluten consumption, but their insides are being torn apart. If they eat gluten, they may not feel it, but they are highly at risk for long term complications such as cancer, miscarriages, and osteoporosis, just to name a few. Also, let’s consider the non-GI related symptoms of Celiac. Doctors, how many times does someone walk into your office and say, “Gee, Doc, could you test me for Celiac Disease? I have (insert one of the following)”: asthma bladder infections dental problems dandruff high blood pressure headaches blurred vision leg cramps back pain pale skin brittle nails acne bad bread mood swings ADD Anxiety Depression a short temper night terrors panic attacks irrational anger sinus pressure Those are just a few of the symptoms that people don’t think to associate with Celiac Disease, and I’m sure that you, Mr. Doctor, will not test someone with Celiac Disease if they have dandruff. This is why so many people are undiagnosed! People do not recognize the symptoms and doctors won’t think to give them a blood test. This is why I always say – You cannot know that you do not have Celiac Disease until you get tested. “One concern with widespread screening is that biopsies aren’t risk-free and may confirm cases of celiac disease that weren’t causing problems for patients and didn’t necessarily require treatment, Krist noted.” WHAT?????? First of all, most Celiac screening starts with a gene test or a blood test. That aside, ALL confirmed cases of Celiac Disease require treatment!! Untreated Celiac Disease can cause many problems in the future. “Guidelines for gastroenterologists recommend celiac screening for people with a close relative with celiac and for diabetics who are at increased risk for the disease, Murray said by email.” I was the first person in my family to be diagnosed. 80% of Celiacs don’t know they have it. I would have never been diagnosed if my gastroenterologist said, “Well you don’t have diabetes and no one in your family has it….” No one in my family had heard about Celiac Disease, let alone had been tested for it. And we have all of the tradition GI symptoms. This is not a rare disease. About 1% of the population has Celiac Disease. Take a look at your facebook friends list – have 500 friends? Odds are that you know four or five friends with Celiac. MAYBE one of them will be diagnosed. Maybe. The others will be suffering in silence. “The USPSTF, a government-backed independent organization that reviews medical evidence, issues recommendations that are closely watched by doctors and insurers. This is the first time the USPSTF has weighed in on screening for celiac disease, and the task force will accept public comments until May 30 before releasing final guidelines.” This brought me to the USPSTF website. In their draft, here is what is listed as “Potential Harms” of screening in asymptomatic populations. I’ve included my response: False positive – there are rarely false positives Unnecessary serologic tests and biopsies – umm…only do a biopsy if you have a positive blood test. And what’s so bad about a blood test? Anxiety of complications from testing – I had much more anxiety in my pre-Celiac days, not knowing if I would poop my pants at work. “Some patients with positive serology who do not undergo histologic confirmation may embark on efforts to avoid dietary gluten, which can increase costs and burdens and may result in decreased quality of life” “– I’m glad that you think my life is so terrible. “Limited evidence from long-term followup studies have shown that some persons with biopsy-confirmed celiac disease may never develop symptoms or complications” – I’m not going to risk getting cancer, are you??? The USPSTF is taking public responses to their draft, all of which must be submitted by May 30th. I highly urge you to write in and explain why universal screening is important. My Celiac diagnosis saved my life. If universal screening can do the same for a huge portion of the population – I am all for it. This could be the most important thing you do for Celiac Awareness Month. Read the draft and write to the USPSTF here.
  11. Well, that is just wheat. Their bars/squares might be wheat free, as well, but the culprit there is barley. Also I just got this reply: For legal reasons the information that has been provided is the only information we are authorized to provide you with. To reiterate, our products are not certified as being gluten free. FDA requires products to be tested to confirm that gluten level is below 20ppm. Currently, Ghirardelli products have not been tested to this requirement and therefore, we do not make any gluten free claims for our products. Sincerely, Ghirardelli Consumer Services
  12. Hey guys, I emailed Ghirardelli to ask about their updated allergen information because I had heard that people stopped recommending most of their products. I was specifically asking about their chocolate chips because my understanding is that they are free of gluten and not made on the same lines as that one bar/square that contains barley. This is what I received back: "Thank you for contacting Ghirardelli Chocolate Company. We appreciate your interest in finding out about the ingredients in our products and your interest in a gluten free product. At this time we do not offer any "gluten free" products, but appreciate your interest in seeing whether Ghirardelli offers one. Our products are not certified as being gluten free. FDA requires products to be tested to confirm that gluten level is below 20ppm. Currently, Ghirardelli products have not been tested to this requirement and therefore, we do not make any gluten free claims for our products. Please reference the ingredient information, on our packaging for any Ghirardelli product that you are interested in, to determine if it is suitable for you. Please know you are a valued consumer and we do appreciate your interest in our products. Sincerely, Consumer Affairs Response Team" I asked them to please clarify - are your products testing over 20ppm? Or you don't test them at all? I also asked about the lines that the chocolate chips are made on because the ingredients do not indicated any problems. The customer service rep sent me the exact same message back with one of the lines underlined. I emailed again, and they don't seem to want to disclose any more information. Has anyone else had any luck talking with them lately? Insights on the chocolate chips?
  13. From Mom (she doesn't have a computer at the moment, so thank you for being patient as I post for her): Gemini, Do you take the chewable product as recommended. It appears to only have 300mg of calcium per day? That seems to be to little for someone with osteoporosis? I also saw a product they sell that is extra strength but not chewable which has more calcium per serving ?
  14. From the mom: Dear Gemini, thank you for your response. I have been to a bone specialist and he said I was loosing bone due to medication I was on. 2 years later with out the medication, following a strict diet, weight training and walking and taking supplements I lost more bone than with out the big push to stop the loss of bone. I would be happy to just stop loosing bone but in search of the answer. I thank you for sharing your solutions with me. I have been on plant based Calicum raw and organic but I will do tea search on HCHC. Also I have read that it is important to get k2 from Natto instead of synthetic K2 because of absorption. I have also read you need 100grams of K2 for each 1000 vitamin D you take. I don t know if this is true but I was directed to info in a book called vitamin k and the Calicum paradox. I wish you much luck in preserving your bones and hope I find a solution over the next 2 years.
  15. And yes, she is very strictly gluten free