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For many years, I was misdiagnosed with eczema, TMJ, IBS, fibromialga, KP, bipolar. I was delighted and relieved to finally learn that I was gluten intolerant because I could fix my diet and I felt better. I was told to avoid soy and corn, but I have not noticed any difference from doing so. I was disappointed to find out I am casein intolerant (protein in dairy) and I have not noticed a difference from eliminating it. I found out I am cross reactive to yeast and buckwheat where my body acts like they are gluten. I am still looking for a yeast and dairy and casein free cheese, but going without buckwheat is not a big deal though I have to be careful that gluten free items do not have it.

Current diet: fruit, vegetables (except corn, nightshades, mushrooms), nuts (mainly almonds), meat (mostly poultry - chicken and turkey), beans (lima, kidney, pinto, but not soy)

Supplements: digestive enzymes, probiotics

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