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  1. viviendoparajesus

    Liver Detox Plan

    I do not have any hard evidence or a reference to refer you to. I think gluten or something else your body stored got...
  2. viviendoparajesus

    Test Results Help Please!

    unfortunately it seems like your results are inconclusive. to my knowledge i do not think your increased levels would...
  3. viviendoparajesus

    Post Only In The Boulder Forum / Area

    i have heard good things about Integrated Health Systems at 3601 South Clarkson Street, Suite #420
  4. viviendoparajesus

    Wheat Belly By William Davis, Md

    sorry i have not read it. but your post captured my interest. from what i have seen it looks like it shares characteristics...
  5. viviendoparajesus

    What Am I Eating?!?

    just reading it makes me kind of feel sick. it sounds way to processed to me. it is also heavy on grains. some people...
  6. viviendoparajesus


    the doctor checked for h pylori and parasites. they were negative. we did a couple anti-parasite programs any way. i...
  7. viviendoparajesus


    I had a lot of health problems last year. Someone suggested gluten could be an issue so I started going gluten-free in...
  8. viviendoparajesus

    Did Someone Spike My Cookies?

    yes butter has casein. it makes a difference if the issue is casein or lactose or some other issue. careful with non...
  9. viviendoparajesus

    Outback Steakhouse

    I ate at Outback Steakhouse for the first time ever. I do not think I had been there even before being diagnosed and...
  10. viviendoparajesus

    How Long Till %100

    In my opinion no need to apologize, I have been wanting to ask something like this. I think you asked it in a different...
  11. viviendoparajesus

    Wife's Weird Reaction

    Lot of good points from those who already posted. In particular, I would suspect she has a problem with gluten regardless...
  12. viviendoparajesus

    Water Retention Vs. Gas...

    celiacs does not have to cause digestive symptoms. undiagnosed gluten intolerance wreaked havoc on my body. i have blood...
  13. celiacs does not have to cause digestive symptoms. undiagnosed gluten intolerance wreaked havoc on my body. i have blood...
  14. viviendoparajesus

    Celiac Daughter Looking For Pen Pal

    i am probably too old to be her pen pal. but i would like to share my experience with her . i was diagnosed last year...
  15. viviendoparajesus

    Cyrex Labs And Enterolabs

    I had the EnteroLabs stool testing. It is gross but then it is over and it gave me answers I had been searching for ...