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  1. Great thread idea Mushroom!! I went in to see my GP because I wanted to get my B12 levels tested as I was having neuropathy... The doctor said "There's no point in doing that, there's tons of B12 in bananas!" and because of that wouldn't refer me. Not to mention I went to a different GP...
  2. Thank you for sharing your story, it's very inspirational, and so special that you figured it out and stuck to it despite what the doctors said. Gluten caused be to be aggressive, paranoid and angry also. It never ceases to amaze me, what it does to the mind, not so much the body. I wonder what...
  3. It's almost hard to remember symptoms exactly, and it's been only about hmm 4 months since I've last ingested gluten. Physical -Bloating, eyelids, under my cheeks by my jawline, tongue, lips, neck, hands, legs, stomach mainly -Gas -body odour so badd - D - Clumsyness and poor muscle control...
  4. I am actually gaining weight/gained weight when I went gluten free... It's important to note that, while on gluten I was gaining far more rapidly, because while on gluten my binge eating was very very bad. Now I've found so many additional intolerances (corn, soy, eggs, dairy...) that my diet has...
  5. Thankyou! Rustycat, try not to focus on the time lost.. It is a miracle that we have been given time to feel so much better for the rest of our lives! I sympathize with you though, I often feel like I lost my entire childhood to this. Childhoods can't be relived, but one can acquire the mannerisms...
  6. Hi there, I have expressed this before on this forum, that my sister has been depressed almost her entire short-lived life (She is 16, now). These last few years she has become suicidal, has been diagnosed with "bipolar disorder" (intense anger to intense depression), anxiety, depression and psychosis...