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  1. without a doubt the scariest part of my gluten reaction is the perceptional disturbances that occur. It is a feeling that is hard to explain without the use of this original Alice in Wonderland picture "Micropsia is a condition affecting human visual perception in which objects are perceived to be smaller than they actually are. Micropsia can be caused by either optical distortion of images in the eye (as by glasses or certain ocular conditions) or by a neurological dysfunction. The condition of micropsia can be caused by more factors than any other visual distortion.[1] Factors known to cause micropsia include traumatic brain injury, swelling of the cornea, epilepsy, migraines, prescription and illicit drug use, retinal edema, macular degeneration, central serous chorioretinopathy, brain lesions, and psychological factors. Dissociative phenomena are linked with micropsia, which may be the result of brain lateralization disturbance.[2] Related visual distortion conditions include macropsia, a less common condition with the reverse effect, and Alice in Wonderland Syndrome, a condition that has symptoms that can include both micropsia and macropsia." Macropsia is objects and your own body feel bigger than they actually are. One more "condition" (Aka, symptom) is a more combined form of perception distortion called Alice in Wonderland syndrome. " The Alice in Wonderland syndrome is a result of change in perception as opposed to the eyes themselves malfunctioning. The hallmark sign of AIWS is a migraine (AIWS may in part be caused by the migraine).AIWS affects the sufferer's sense of vision, sensation, touch, and hearing, as well as one's own body image. The most prominent and often most disturbing symptom is that of altered body image: the sufferer will find that he/she is confused as to the size and shape of parts of (or all of) his/her body. The eyes themselves are normal, but the sufferer 'sees' objects with the wrong size or shape or finds that perspective is incorrect. This can mean that people, cars, buildings, etc., look smaller or larger than they should be, or that distances look incorrect; for example a corridor may appear to be very long, or the ground may appear too close. Similar to the lack of spatial perspective, the sufferer also loses a sense of time. That is, time seems to pass very slowly, akin to an LSD experience. The lack of time, and space, perspective thus leads to a distorted sense of velocity, since one is missing the two most important parts of the equation. For example, one could be inching along ever so slowly in reality, yet it would seem as if one were sprinting uncontrollably along a moving walkway, leading to severe, overwhelming disorientation. This can then cause the sufferer to feel as if movement, even within their own home, is futile." I remember when I was a child I have have attacks of these. In general I had this feeling all of the time at a lower level and it would cause me to be what people call "clumsy" (running into walls, tripping, no balance, whatever), but the times when I would have attacks things would be greatly distorted and I would feel like that alice in wonderland pictures, and I would feel like I can't breath because my body is being pushed against the ceiling and time would seemingly just cease to move as well. There were other times when I would feel like I am running at full speed but going nowhere, while I'm perfectly still. Along with it comes a sense of panic, helplessness, being unable to escape. I find it extremely hard to look at that because it reminds me of those scary moments. How common is this, because I have found it to be directly related to gluten (I am guessing brain swelling) because my mom and I both have it only when we eat gluten, and sometimes other allergens. Whatever this is made me a very fearful child and my childhood seems kind of night-marish, I'm really glad that I'm able to look on it and see now that it's totally controllable and abnormal and that I don't have to live in "Warp World" ever again And most others don't either, i'm guessing!
  2. Well, I think it was a gluten reaction. Beware jagermeister.
  3. Anybody react to jagermeister? I bought some yesterday and tried it, and felt bad today, but I also had dairy 3 days ago so I don't know which it would have been. I'm scared to drink it again until It is verified that it is not made from gluten-containing ingredients. I have seen that people have emailed jagermeister and they reply that their product does not contain gluten, but then again, most people think that any distilled alcohol removes the gluten (which I do not believe). Anyways, anybody have a reaction ?
  4. anybody else find themselves off of their food intolerances in daily life, but eating them in mass quantity in binges? I have posted about this before even but it's still happening to me, especially when I'm under more stress, I'll use food like a drug and stuff my face with things that will mess up my body and mind for 3 days afterwards. Then comes immediate regret, knowing how depressed and messed up my mind will be over the next 3 days... So why do I keep doing it? I've been gluten free for 2 years and my binges vary on what and when, but currently I have been going every 3 days for the last week, before that it was every 2 weeks, and before that maybe every month or two. The thing is that the food intolerances make me stress about everything/just living in general is hard, so I go to them again, and get stuck in weeks of just eating food intolerance stuff in mass quantity... Anybody else? Plus where do I post this/section who knows.
  5. revenant

    What's For Breakfast Today?

    Oof. I'm on a candida diet. I should not be reading all of these *drool* I had a salad for breakky
  6. Great thread idea Mushroom!! I went in to see my GP because I wanted to get my B12 levels tested as I was having neuropathy... The doctor said "There's no point in doing that, there's tons of B12 in bananas!" and because of that wouldn't refer me. Not to mention I went to a different GP and wanted to see my B12 levels from the last time I had a blood test, and he said there was no point! I went in again, and he happened to have my papers so I asked to see them. Still he said "There's no point, it's in range!" but handed it over to me anyways. The range is 150-900 and I was 175! After I started taking B12 my neuropathy went away... I went in with my mother to see my GP for a reason I don't remember and she asked about a celiac blood test. I told my doctor that I hadn't eaten gluten in 6 months, there was no way I was going to get a positive because it measures the antibodies against gluten, and he replied "that's not true, it will show up positive if you're a celiac no matter what you're eating!" My mom forced me to have the test, my doctor was very firm that I should have no problem with gluten, I switched doctors. I used to have Dermatitis (a rash on my knees, back, chest, shoulders) and I went to see a dermatologist. At that time I asked him if it could possibly be some kind of allergic reaction and he said "Oh, nooo way it definitely could not be something as little as that". By the way, he didn't tell me it was dermatitis, he didn't know what it was, but now that it's gone I can see clearly that it was.
  7. I agree with Skylark, eliminate them completely for 2 weeks then eat a lot of them and see how you feel that day and the next 2 days. I read in a trusted online newsletter that all people react strongly in an inflammatory response to eggs, but I don't have any studies to prove it, but I'm wary of them. Either way, see how you react. I would still do the 2 week thing, but it's also worth keeping in mind that the yolk seems to draw out a response from the body more than the whites of eggs
  8. Good answer by mushroom but I want to also add that there is a type of celiac disease or gluten intolerance known as "silent" celiac, or gluten intolerance, this is where it does damage to your intestines/physical body, increases cancer risk, or other problems depending on the person, but the person does not feel a difference.
  9. Yes, that would be amazing. I think the documentary would be even more intruiging if it included self diagnosed and professionally diagnosed gluten intolerants rather than just celiacs. It could include so many healing stories and finally put into the public so many connections between diseases and medical studies that haven't gone noticed but are extremely important. Gluten free needs to be the next Vegetarian or Vegan, because it sure as hell is more effective and important !
  10. revenant


    Hello, anybody here with Ichythyosis, a disorder of the skin resulting in thick, cracked and scale-like skin? I have stumbled upon a few medical studies that have linked children with ichthyosis to having celiac disease, and am wondering about the possible connection to this "irreversible" inflammatory skin disease.
  11. revenant


    Yes, it could be. I suffer from GAD and social anxiety and it is unbearable and full of panic attacks if I am glutened (or if I have any of my other intolerant foods, dairy, corn, fructose). Anxiety is common with gluten intolerants
  12. revenant


    Yes, I have that infection (angular chelitis) and also life interrupting anxiety and depression, fatigue, bloating/gas, athlete's foot, thrush (white tongue coating), sugar cravings, no sex drive, irritability/anger, dry skin and dandruff, bad body odour, and some other little things. After reading the symptoms and suspecting it as the cause (link at the bottom), the best test is going on the candida diet (very low carb, basically only vegetables, meat, soaked nuts and seeds) and seeing if you have any "die off" symptoms in a week or two of doing that strictly. Die off is when the bacteria starve because there is no sugar in the blood stream to feed them and upon death they release the neurotoxins they are composed of, which are eliminated through your blood and hence you feel the effects of them. This lasts something around 1-8 weeks depending on how strict you are about your diet (closer to 2 weeks if you eat no high carb sources). Symptoms of die off are a temporary increase in your symptoms, things like cold sweats, hot flashes, insomnia, nauseau (sometimes vomiting), more intense thrush and yeast infections, intense cravings for sugar/alcohol, extreme weakness, sweating, insomnia, nightmares, body odour, anxiety, depression. It will feel like you have the flu basically. Once you're through that, you start to rebuild your healthy bacteria with probiotics, you begin to feel better than you did before (and normally as good as you did when you were 20, a teenager, or a child depending on how old you are now) You can then rest assured that a lot of your ailments may be due to candida and they could very realistically be resolved by sticking to the diet for around 3 months. I hope that wasn't more information than you wanted to know, I hope a lot of people who read this will take this into consideration, candida is a common underlying cause for anxiety, depression, mood swings, alcoholism, and some (including myself) suspect food intolerances. I couldn't find the questionnaire that my naturopath gave me, but here is a really good Candida questionnaire where you can see some of the symptoms of candida alibicans overgrowth:
  13. revenant

    Weight Issues

    honestly gluten free didn't stop my weight gain because it didn't stop my overeating, just lessened the degree and the types of foods I overate on. Personally I think weight gain has a lot less to do with gluten and more to do with sugar, emphasis on fructose especially. Fructose is a sugar that can't be used by the brain or muscles so it converts straight to fat when you eat enough of it, sucrose is 50% fructose and things like high fructose corn syrup, honey, and agave syrup contain a higher % of fructose to glucose which make them immediate fat packers. Basically you can assume that anything that tastes sweet contains fructose with the exception of some herbs and specialty concoctions, like stevia or artificial sweeteners. I'm a big believer of eating very low carb for weight loss. If you switch your dietary staple from carbs (aka sugars) to fats, your body will be put in a state of burning fat for energy rather than sugar, this state is called ketosis. Basically ketosis is when your glycogen stores in your liver are depleted and not replaced (this happens through not consuming carbs) and ketones are produced. Ketones repress appetite naturally so there is dramatically reduced hunger (especially false hunger). This also happens during fasting. I'm just starting to experiment with the paleo lifestyle for controlling weight gain and overeating (as well as depression and some other things) but it seems really promising, is a really great site
  14. Does anybody have any information or experience with cortical dysplasia, or just seizures in general being linked to gluten, or other food intolerances? I have a friend who has it and something tells me that there has to be something other than surgery that will help this kid. He also has anger problems (he has tried to kill people on multiple occasions). Anybody who has any first or second hand experience or informtion on possible links to causing factors like gluten or casein intolerances, I would love to hear about it
  15. revenant


    glutenous grains are also one of the things that feed candida the most, candida is a yeast that lives in the digestive tract especially the intestines, it lives by fermenting the sugars from your blood stream. If there are sugar imbalances in the blood then candida will overpopulate in the intestines and actually produce alcohol and acetaldehyde (by product of alcohol metabolism) making you very prone to alcohol addiction. When candida takes on it's fungal form, it forms little stringes that actually puncture your intestine and leave little holes into your blood stream, and some suspect that this is the cause of 'leaky gut syndrome'. I had a candida fungal infection on the sides of my lip and could see the actual strands of bacteria puncturing my skin so I totally believe this personally. It is pretty well proven that candida makes people suspectable to alcoholism and that alcoholics usually have candida or blood sugar issues (these two come together)because candida can feed off of alcohol and because people with candida have already been producing alcohol in their bodies for so long on a daily basis that it is already an addiction and they strongly crave it. It could be that people who are gluten intolerant are more at risk of having candida and thus more suspectable to alcoholism.