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  1. without a doubt the scariest part of my gluten reaction is the perceptional disturbances that occur. It is a feeling...
  2. Well, I think it was a gluten reaction. Beware jagermeister.
  3. Anybody react to jagermeister? I bought some yesterday and tried it, and felt bad today, but I also had dairy 3 days...
  4. anybody else find themselves off of their food intolerances in daily life, but eating them in mass quantity in binges...
  5. revenant

    What's For Breakfast Today?

    Oof. I'm on a candida diet. I should not be reading all of these *drool* I had a salad for breakky
  6. Great thread idea Mushroom!! I went in to see my GP because I wanted to get my B12 levels tested as I was having neuropathy...
  7. I agree with Skylark, eliminate them completely for 2 weeks then eat a lot of them and see how you feel that day and...
  8. Good answer by mushroom but I want to also add that there is a type of celiac disease or gluten intolerance known as...
  9. Yes, that would be amazing. I think the documentary would be even more intruiging if it included self diagnosed and professionally...
  10. revenant


    Hello, anybody here with Ichythyosis, a disorder of the skin resulting in thick, cracked and scale-like skin? I have...
  11. revenant


    Yes, it could be. I suffer from GAD and social anxiety and it is unbearable and full of panic attacks if I am glutened...
  12. revenant


    Yes, I have that infection (angular chelitis) and also life interrupting anxiety and depression, fatigue, bloating/gas...
  13. revenant

    Weight Issues

    honestly gluten free didn't stop my weight gain because it didn't stop my overeating, just lessened the degree and the...
  14. Does anybody have any information or experience with cortical dysplasia, or just seizures in general being linked to...
  15. revenant


    glutenous grains are also one of the things that feed candida the most, candida is a yeast that lives in the digestive...