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  1. Thank you. I am glad to hear that. Quite happy to hear about the circles under the eyes going away too! As you can see in my photo, mine are pretty bad lol.
  2. I have struggled with my weight for a long time now. My doctor did not even consider Celiac Disease because I was not thin. Also, I don't think that he believed that I was vomiting on a daily basis because again, I was not thin. I would go through periods of time that I would throw up everything I ate, then, I did lose weight but it would come right back. I am curious, has anyone lost a significant amount of weight after starting the gluten free diet? Could my body's resistance to losing be in any way linked to the celiac disease?
  3. It is odd that I came across this. I have not given up dairy but was recently diagnosed with celiac disease. For seven years I vomited on nearly a daily basis. I cut out all gluten about a week and a half ago and the vomiting has gotten much better. The only time it has happened in the past few days was after I had a cup of coffee with coffeemate in it. I looked on the website and it is supposedly gluten free.
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