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  1. txplowgirl

    I'm back After Being Gone For Awhile

    Back in 2012, I had an endoscopy and they found slight villi blunting as well as severe chronic gastritis. Gastro dr told me he didn't think I had Celiac but in his mind I had a sensitivity at least and suggested I go gluten free. But I...
  2. txplowgirl

    I'm back After Being Gone For Awhile

    Hi Notme, I no longer drive truck, wish I could. I intend to go back to gluten free. I have been thinking about it for several months and I just needed something to give me the motivation to do it. The diagnosis, of Hashimoto's Thyroiditis...
  3. I am supposed to have a check up in another 2 weeks to see how it's working. Dr. started me on a low dose of 25, then she will up to 75 and so on. Thanks for that link StephanieL, I will definitely check that out. And Molly...
  4. I was put on Levothyroxin around Thanksgiving due to finding out I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. I read somewhere that Levo has gluten in it. Does anyone know if that's correct. I have actually felt worse ever since taking it.
  5. txplowgirl

    I'm back After Being Gone For Awhile

    Thanks Peter, appreciate it. I hope so.
  6. Hi everyone, well, I guess i'm back with my tail between my legs. I left back several years ago because of several problems. Mainly I quit working because I got really sick. I nearly died. I was hospitalized with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus...
  7. Grrr, Kareng, That just kind irritated me just a bit more. The first 1 seemed to go a good way towards being Celiac and the second just blew it out of the water because it could be something else. But the 1 thing that sticks out is...
  8. Hi everyone, I use to be on here almost everday for a long time but the crazyness of not knowing if I had Celiac or not and my SO not believing it I went back to eating gluten after being gluten free for several years, loosing weight and...
  9. Hi Kristen, I have had Chronic anemia all my life and I have been taking 325 mgs of iron 3 times a day and told to eat liver every night but I kept getting worse and worse. Finally went to a Nuerologist and she said I have Lupus on top of...
  10. My Neuro diagnosed me after she checked to make sure I don't have Epilepsy and MS. She checked me for almost everything else.But it is Lupus for sure. But she said something that i'm confused about. She said I had a low positive ANA. ...
  11. txplowgirl

    Brief Depression

    Not just gluten but soy and dairy also causes me to have depression anywhere from 12 to 48 hours.
  12. It could be withdrawal or it could be an intolerance. A lot of secondary intolerances pop up when going gluten free. Dairy causes my sinus's to act up so bad my sinus's swell as well as the roof of my mouth swells and blisters pop up...
  13. I have a cousin who has a son who has all the signs of Celiac and is so allergic to MSG he has to carry an epipen with him. H'e like 12 now, and she would rather him have his epipen than try to avoid MSG let alone gluten.
  14. I have never been able to drink coffee. Always made me sick to my stomach, headaches and put me to sleep even the smell would nauseate me. What was interesting is cigarettes did the same thing. Found out a few years ago it was due to the...
  15. Justaguy, I'm sorry to say but some people don't see an improvement until about 3 months in and for others not until a year or more. All you can do is just give it time and try not to rush.