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  1. conniebky

    Happy Celiac Day

  2. conniebky

    I Just Had A Awful Meal At Outback

    I don't like the Outback. They bring way too much food and that {special) steak is always tough. By the time you eat that bread (well, nevermind that part) and the salad and appetizers, you're stuffed and even their forks and knives are giant sized and it just gives me the creeps, it's just all too much. But they have a great drink there called a WallaBeDarned, it's delicious.
  3. Hi everyone! Well, it's been one month since I've been to my doctor and went on hormones. I CAN eat gluten, I've been a little apprehensive to post this..... It turns out my hormones were so screwy that it was giving me panic - not attacks, but panic syndrome. I've lost 23 pounds. It was ME who searched the net and found that my symptoms equaled gluten intolerance. Well, the hormones have helped except I'm still goofy.... well, my glasses broke so I was trying to super glue the frame back together but it was hard because I had to put my left hand on the frame and the right side on my knee to put the super glue in there .... so the glasses got stuck to my knee and you know how when you can't use your hands it makes your nose itch? So my nose started itching so I scratched my nose, but there was super glue on my finger, now there's my finger stuck on my nose and the glasses got stuck to my knee and Lord or Lord, I was a big ol' mess with all that but it all worked out. I know you all said my doctor doesn't know what he's talking about, but I am better, only I can't take caffeine or sugar anymore.
  4. conniebky

    She Told Me I Was "weird"

    you all dont' know each other that well yet and are still in the 'best behavior' and 'polite ' stage. she sounds like a cool girl, she probably just couldn't think of anything else to say. Little by little you will feel more comfortable explaining it to her and little by little, she'll understand it. Don't fret so about it. It's all good. Have FUN!
  5. conniebky


    I haven't started the xanax yet. I forgot to take it last night.
  6. conniebky

    Stupid Lady At Work

    Really? She's going to eat a ton of wheat and worry about trace amounts in a sauce? She's fulla beans if ya ask me.
  7. conniebky


    It's that BETA BLOCKER pill! I was F I N E fine before I took that pill, and then remembered that that's what I had taken before I left work in an ambulance in February. Sorry I'm posting so much, I'm feeling better though a bit and I'm having lunch. Sorry about all my posts, but my baby girl got her heart broke and I'd rather have 10 broken hearts at once than to have to watch her go through it. ....ain't it the truth......
  8. conniebky


    These medicines have me ALL hopped up, worse than before. I forgot to take the xanax before I went to bed. I am having a terrible hot flash like every 20 minutes now. I'm nervous as a cat. I thought this was going to make it better....... think maybe it's just the adjustment or something? I feel like I'm going to jump out right outta my skin. I haven't had gluten, so it's not that. OMG! I don't know how I'm going to work all day and keep my cool feeling like this. My momma said it's just like me to expect immediate results. I think I'll get an early lunch, maybe food will help. I didn't get supper last night.
  9. conniebky

    Go Ask Connie

    I'm not going to start eating gluten again, even the thought of it makes me feel funny. I'm just going to take these pills and see what happens. I think my thing is a whole lot of things rolled into one titanic thing. No, he didn't say start eating gluten, and I'm not going to. I'm staying on my gluten-free diet, but he does want me to eat more of -something- he doesn't like my weight loss. I'm staying gluten-free. I've seen this doctor, well, when this guy went hiking and pulled his calf muscle, this doctor came out and told me to call 911 and get him to the hospital stat. I was like, "huh?" he had a blood clot in his leg that actually 'jumped' at the hospital and they barely saved his life. My own momma was going through menopause and was on HRT from another doctor, she went to my doctor and he didn't like the way her eyes looked. Sent her to the hospital. She had uterine cancer. My doctor is an amazing doctor. He didn't tell me to start eating gluten again, he just said to eat more and try this regimen and see what happens, if it makes me feel any better. LOL at "quit vacuuming - it sucks" LOL - was that intentional?
  10. conniebky

    Go Ask Connie

    Whoa, that's weird.....I remember him telling me back in January that it's also used for stage fright, which made me disregard it.
  11. conniebky

    I Lost My Favorite Kitty Today

    Oh Sweetie, I feel just awful. I had a cat named Mandy (after the Barry Manilow song) that was almost 17 when she quit eating and passed..... Well, I'm just a ball of tears for you. (((((((((((((((((((((((HUGE HUGS))))))))))))))))))))))))) Remember this, you gave her as great of a life as she gave you. Remember that. Lots of animals don't get that, only those that are so fortunate to fall into the life of a wonderful human like you.
  12. conniebky

    Go Ask Connie

    LOL! I was wondering how to word that! I came home feeling like the queen of all drugs! That song started playing in my head, so I used it for the title. That is exactly what I meant, which, BTW, is one of my favorite all time songs cuz her voice is just ..... it is what it is and no one can do it like her.
  13. conniebky

    Go Ask Connie

    This Inderal bottle says Propranolol. He said it was a beta blocker, but I don't know what that means. I should, but I don't remember. We had a person here in Kentucky that was taking Prozac when it first came out and he went up in Louisville and shot and killed everyone at the building where they printed the newspaper, so that has always stuck with me about crazy people. Plus, it's always used as a "joke " in movies and tv, I guess that's why I think that. I've taken paxil, zoloft, heck, I don't know, lots of things along the way, but not prozac. Just when he said that, I was like, "oh no, he thinks I'm crazy"... My heart never beats fast and I never get short of breath, I just panic and sweat, which I thought was not indicative of a panic attack, but he said mine's more like a panic syndrome. What's a beta blocker?
  14. conniebky

    Go Ask Connie

    Well, I've never even seen a pit bull around here. It's an irrational fear I have, like the ceiling caving in at the grocery. I love all the animals. Although, there are some "tough guys" around here who like to walk their pits with no leash because these guys are so "tough" their dog will always listen to them...but I've not encountered that. And that fool michael vic, OMG! I never did watch any of that footage. disgusting and he got off just about scot free.
  15. conniebky

    Go Ask Connie

    Well, that's two good things! My doctor doesn't charge me a dime and all those prescriptions were a total of $8.61 with my insurance. Things are lookin up already! I really do that with my vacuum, most every single night. kareng, I can't take Midnight walking because I think a pit bull will come out of nowhere and attack him........well, that's embarrassing to admit, but that's just the plain jane truth.