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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. How long after you have been "glutened" and had a "bad" reaction, do you eat food/ have a meal? I seem to have been glutened with cross contaminated reeses peanut butter cups, only thing I have eaten thus far today and 20 minutes later the 911 call was almost a reality. I am so hungry right now and its been 2 hrs since the episode hit. Curious how long you all wait before you attempt to digest food again. I am starving at the moment. Incredibly tired, the headache is here too. As for the reeses, yes they do make mini ones (not the ones I ate), that have gluten in them.
  2. First Menstrual Period gluten-free, Feeling Aweful!

    I have been mostly gluten-free for over a year, had a glutting recently. My symptoms did increase for the worse however, in December I started taking Barleans fish oil liquid. It tastes like a smoothie. Well, the last 2 periods I had, I barely had symptoms both pre and during. Some, but no where as distressing. And I don't take it everyday. Maybe it will help.
  3. Eat N Park

    Yeah seriously. BF thinks it was the Vinagrette he added to something else that was on his plate and mingled with the bean I ate.
  4. Eat N Park

    Here is ENP"s response. A mystery what got to me. I have personally spoken to the Director of Menu Development, and he sent the following information: The three bean salad is a product of Hanover Foods and does not contain any wheat based products. It is simple beans, water vinegar, sugar, onions, red peppers, salt, turmeric, natural flavorings and garlic powder. The mashed potatoes are a product of Basic American Foods and are gluten friendly as well. It is made with potato, shortening, milk, salt, sugar, mono and diglycerides, phosphate, and sodium bisulfate. I hope that this is helpful, and if you have any other questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact me at comments@eatnpark.com or (412) 461-2000 x 1227. Thank you, and I hope that you enjoy the rest of your day J
  5. Yes...to a "T". Had it last night. I get nauseated but dont vomit. Last time a few months ago i almost ended in ER. It was coming out both ends, my body temp escalated to the point i had to take my clothes off, the pain was riveting, couldnt breath. I seriusly thought I was going to die. My chest hurt like nothing else as if i was in a full body vice being squeezed. This was after I ate a new product that states gluten free but is processed in a facility that also produces products with wheat...Thai Kitchen Rice.
  6. Eat N Park

    My salad was not from the salad bar. I ordered my 3 items separate. Only the string bean was from the salad bar. My 1st sentence in my post says..."i ordered from the celiac menu".....not the salad bar.
  7. Yes I has elevated lipase, ulrasound showed nothing wrong. DX was pancreatitis. year and half later i self diagnosed with gluten issues.celiac. showed work up to nutritionist and couldnt understand how i fell thru the cracks. elevated lipase is an indicator of potential celiac. Once i went gluten freee, i never had the pain again.
  8. Eat N Park

    I ordered from the celiac menu; chili, side salad w/ranch dressing and mashed potatoes w/out gravy. I snuck a green bean from my boyfriends plate. He had 3 bean salad. Do you think the pesky green bean got me? I thought he had said he put balsamic vinagrette on it himself but that wasnt what he said. It sits in a marinade. 3 bean salad isnt on the celiac menu nor is the salad bar. What are your thoughts. I never had 3 bean salad anywhere so i dont know whats in it. Like I said, I thought BF said he put his own dressing on it. He feels horrible right now.
  9. I was just wondering about cheese. Is it organic? I need to find dairy that does not have hormones injected into it. I hope this is the answer to my cheese/dairy prayers. Thanks!!!!
  10. I love tinkyada pasta. Always cook a bit longer than directed and it comes out fine. I have found it is the sauce that may not taste right. Muir Glenn makes great sauce. All organic.
  11. Thanks ladies.I forgot to ask also, Is there blood work involved or just pressing on the potential discomforting areas?
  12. For those of you with fibromyalgia, you diagnosed you? An family doc or a rheumatoid arthritic doc or someone else. I dont want to hop thru hoops to get this done. Just want the diagnoses and be done with wondering. I am pretty sure I have it bit i have no insurance, so straight to the right person would be cheapest.
  13. Hi. I had those exact symptoms the other night. If I could have screamed for help I would have been at the ER. Thought I was going to meet my maker the other night. For me, I had eaten for the first time Thai Kitchen Rice. Says gluten free. I sent a list of the ingredients to my clinical nutritionist/celiac specialist and he noticed that it was the sodium caseinate, a milk protein derivative. I am allergic to dairy. Makes sense since my dermatologist urged me to stay away from dairy, unless organic. I have been getting cysts injected with steroid since they dont go away. Dairy causes these. I have finally learned by way of extreme torture that I must keep dairy out of my diet. Since going gluten-free on a whole foods diet with minimally processed foods since March 2010, other allergies are popping up. Some celiacs eat the product I did and are fine, others get ill. Just wanted to share my ills with you. Hope your feeling better. JBaby
  14. Thank you everyone for the possibilites. I sent a picture of the ingredients to my clinical nutritionist/celiac specialist. It was the sodium casseinate (casein, a milk protein). I have been on antibiotics for 2 weeks now for a dairy allergy gone wacky. So that is the issue. No more Thai Kitchen products. Between he and the dermatologist telling me to quit consuming dairy and not listening and therefore almost meeting my maker last night.... is a lesson learned that wont be repeated. No more dairy.
  15. FYI, I was at the store to get some chocolate and I am grateful I looked at the new reeses products ingredient list. The Reeses shaped lights and I think the bells have wheat flour in the ingredient list.